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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by SaintScott, 17 September 2007.

  1. SaintScott

    SaintScott League 1

    17 December 2002
    Southampton, finally.
    I've just been looking at one of the Leipzig match videos on the WENB site, seeing Ronaldo and Quaresma racking up the bookings for diving

    and I've been sitting here thinking about a potential problem with the diving feature.

    Firstly, I think it's great that we have the option to do it, and it's good that you seem to get punished almost all of the time, but...

    ...can defenders "dive" just like attackers in PES2008 ? Can players dive when the ball is NEAR or do they actually have to be dribbling with the ball ?

    I've just got this horrible feeling that people are going to start sacrificing yellow cards by diving their defenders to concede deliberate fouls when their opponent has certain goals (eg a player is has gone around the keeper for a tap in).

    Of course the defender will get booked for the dive, but it will nevertheless avoid a certain goal being scored.

    The game then restarts with an indirect free kick after the yellow card (which makes things worse, it's not even a penalty). I wonder if Konami has dealt with this, or if anyone has seen evidence that only a player in possession of the ball can dive or otherwise ?
  2. Wlionheart

    Wlionheart Non-League

    27 March 2006
    Good point mate.
    Hopefully they find a good balance. Perhaps it will also be influenced by which ref is on the field.
  3. sideshowbob

    sideshowbob Non-League

    7 January 2004
    I'm sure you'll only be able to dive when you've got the ball, in the same way you can't do a slide tackle when you're in possesion.
  4. ooh_harry

    ooh_harry League 1

    8 July 2005
    Fosters home for imaginary friends
    Arsenal, Juventus
    It sounds so absurd that someone can pratice how to effectively dive and become untouchable almost
  5. goonerjunglist

    goonerjunglist Conference

    10 September 2005
    so if a defender dives in his own box and gets caught cheating would the ref have to give a penalty to the attacking team by the letter of the law? or would it be an indirect kick? im not too sure about the rules in this situation in real life.
  6. lazylen

    lazylen Conference

    14 October 2004
    Im thinking that you will only be able to dive when you are on the half of your opponent and have the ball at your feet...

    would be a major setback if you could dive as a defender
  7. Derfil

    Derfil Big Boss

    6 July 2004
    A.C. Milan
    I agree! It make more sense!

    So I can dribble the keeper, set an open goal and dive just like Gilardino did against Celtic?? :D xD that would be fun!!
    Last edited: 18 September 2007
  8. sindii

    sindii League 2

    11 April 2002
    lets hope konami have thought of things like this. handballs sucked when they were put in.
  9. SaintScott

    SaintScott League 1

    17 December 2002
    Southampton, finally.
    The laws of the game AND the PES2008 Leipzig video I've seen both restart after dives with an indirect free-kick.

    There's the usual goal icon with a cross through it to illustrate indirect on the in-game video.

    I hope they've sorted it too.
    Last edited: 18 September 2007
  10. Seraphs21

    Seraphs21 Skillz That Killz

    20 August 2003
    Southampton FC
    Well you can only dive on the ball that makes sense, who cares where on the pitch though, it can be done anyway on the pitch in real life...
  11. tobi

    tobi "Pull up from 30!"

    5 August 2005
    Teaching the PHX Suns the 2 min drill...
    Spurs, Suns and Cowboys

    That was the worst dive ever! Plus he had an open goal!
  12. broonalegeordie

    broonalegeordie Geordie Boot Boy

    29 September 2003
    on the 360 demo ive had my keeper sent off for diving. its a bit silly!

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