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Cup site needs players

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by stevechubb76, 5 March 2006.

  1. stevechubb76

    stevechubb76 Non-League

    15 February 2005
    ireland. from holland
    alright guys i aplogise in advance if this isnt allowed but
    A few like minded others have set up a new website dedicated for the fun in PES !!!

    Its called SpotKick

    The site is aiming to provide quality cup competition rather than the already crowded market for leagues dominated by PEN, BOTN and ProEvoSoccer all of who are huge in size and well we are not looking to compete with them and could'nt as my technical knowledge is about enough to fill a small post it !

    Instead we are offering cups with a difference that last a short time and vary week to week with the hope we can get loads of user input into the site and create something original and different and build a community that enjoys its PES and make it the site to come for short pes fixes and if you like it stick around !!!!

    So if this sounds good to you and you would be interested in joining go to the link above or www.spotkick.net and get signed up on the forums post your ideas etc the first cup is starting this week !!!

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