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Couple of questions

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by ch8rt, 30 October 2006.

  1. ch8rt

    ch8rt Guest

    1. Do you think Konami have put a block on joining friends in ranked matchs? I had a friend on chat whilst looking for his game to join, I found it but it said the game no longer exsisted? He was still waiting for an opponent?

    2. If you edit player names, do these go online with you or are you back to defaults?

    3. As the online match joining improved over the last 24 hours, I've still not been able to join a game, only set one up and wait for someone else to join? Could this be NAT settings? If so where do I look for these?
  2. Rich04

    Rich04 Non-League

    30 December 2004
    Castleford, West Yorkshire
    Super Leeds!!!
    1. Not sure. Maybe they have to stop people cheating, as apparently people on PES 5 were letting their mates beat them and vica versa to earn more points.

    2. Everything goes back to defaul online as far as im aware.

    3. On your dashboard go to system and test connection.
  3. ch8rt

    ch8rt Guest

    I'm thinking I'm going to remove a friend from my list and try again. See how that goes.

    Thanks for your answers.
  4. ChrisLFC

    ChrisLFC Guest

    I've played Ranked games with people on my friends list a few times.

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