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Computer cheats

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by rogerooni, 30 April 2006.

  1. rogerooni

    rogerooni Non-League

    27 April 2006
    Hi guys i'm a new member of the forums and its been very interesting reading up on everything. Does anybody else feel that the computer cheats in this new version. By that i mean it almost impossible to get the ball from them when chasing? Either the ridiculous refs call something or they have ESP and know when i'm going to tackle. Sometimes I tackle the ball and the know where the ball is going to end up and keep going! Conversely they will always get a clean tackle on you when they are chasing. It doesn't matter if you are running a guy with 97 pace and 95 acceleration. whoever the defender is he will come in from the side and always tackle the ball perfectly to a teammate. This is driving me insane. I love WE and i've play ed 8 on the Xbox( so sad that that version wasn't online) and now i've sold my xbox so i'm left with the PC version. Anybody play the PC version online? how is the lag? Anyways thanks for responding!
  2. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    Yes, many people agree that the game cheats with a small monority who refuse to accept this fact. You just have to try to cope with it.

    I've heard that the lag on the PC version is less than the other formats.
  3. xinzhitan14

    xinzhitan14 Retired Kit Maker

    30 April 2006
    The Outback - Australia!
    go go go gunners!
    mmm i always hear people saying that the computer cheats and all but the computer cant really go forward very well.. they never seem to have a shot on goal. the computer seems pretty crap on 5/6 stars imo. but yeh i get your point that they do perfectly timed tackles and they cant be outran. but the real life you would run slower when you have the ball at your feet going forward.
  4. RuneEdge

    RuneEdge Silent Assassin

    1 October 2003
    Turn around, I'm right behind you...
    Manchester United
    I agree with what rogerooni is saying. The game does cheat in that sense. They let decisions go their way like when two players collide, the CPU would probably make your player fall over and his one stay standing, or let itself get away from bookings and get you red carded.
    What I dont agree with is what ClassicD was saying which was that the CPU would actually take full control of your players and make you score own goals or move in directions that you dont want to or slow you down when running. Blaming the game for cheating is one thing but that just takes it too far.
  5. rogerooni

    rogerooni Non-League

    27 April 2006
    anybody also notice that the red card is almost never shown? I've tackled the striker from behind when he is through on goal and i get a yellow. I also do three fouls in 2 minutes with the same player and no card. This seems strange to me.
  6. SXFuzz

    SXFuzz Super Moderator Staff

    17 November 2001
    I haven't noticed it as much in WE10 but, in WE9, this was really evident. The player would do a specific 'sprinting-yet-can't-run-properly' style jog (whilst you're holding R1). The players doing their silly curved runs is still there, although yet again it is toned down slightly (but not enough). 360 control would eliminate this, meaning our players' runs would be down to us, not the A.I.
  7. RuneEdge

    RuneEdge Silent Assassin

    1 October 2003
    Turn around, I'm right behind you...
    Manchester United
    That isnt cheating. The game only ever does that when the ball is loose and when the ball is loose, its harder for the CPU to determine who the attacker and who the defender is. Naturally the attacker is faster cuz they get the "assisted" dash towards the ball like when you hold the run button and they seem to run to their target as if they're on a train track without full control of the direction they run in. Defenders on the other hand run towards the player, not the ball.
    So really thats a AI flaw, not cheating.
    Last edited: 2 May 2006
  8. Nick Cave

    Nick Cave Wrexham fan for my sins...

    10 July 2004
    Non football league waste land...
    Wrexham AFC
    Can of worms again me thinks!!
  9. RuneEdge

    RuneEdge Silent Assassin

    1 October 2003
    Turn around, I'm right behind you...
    Manchester United
    Its comments like these that usually start it.
  10. Blanco

    Blanco Championship

    31 October 2005
    I won't say the players cheat, it's that D*@!m referee!

    I love PES5 for the dribbling, animations, the actions, the soccer-feel in general, etc.. but I really hate the refering. For me the ref ruins PES5, it has the worst refering I've ever seen. Sometimes he even whisles when I slide without touching a thing. Why does he stops the game when I steel a mid-air ball without touching the man?
    I've checked it, the CPU got 1 yellow card in a whole season! Don't tell me that's realistic.

    If PES6 has the same S*@!tty referees, I won't buy it.
    KONAMI, give us adjustable referees!
    Last edited: 6 May 2006
  11. Kuja

    Kuja Was it circle or square?

    8 August 2003
    Florence, AL - Istanbul, TR
    Galatasaray SK
    Here is my story, happened several times.

    Extra time, I am 2-1 ahead.

    The AI have...changed. I could not get the ball out of my half. They won EVERY aerial battle (at this point, I said to myself "here we go again, they will score.). Their 1.86 meter tall defender started dribbling like Ronaldinho, and my Deco/Zambrota (who came in in the first half of extra time, STILL VERY fresh) could not reach his speed. Their passes became EX-TRE-MELY accurate, like a god, dropping ball in front of players the way they desire. Same with crosses, I did everything, special tactics, marking their best player...

    Still no good, they were passing like all their players had 99 in every pass statistic you can imagine. Their crosses from 3/4 into midfield were landing on Chevanton's head like a training match. I did my best, and sent the ball to the corner. (I was like, AHA! Corner kick! Now they are scoring 100%).

    Cross...Chevanton rises above everyone like an angel with wings, header...hits the bar!! But of course, 3 other opponent player flies and header....goal. 2-2, they won with away goals.It wasnt surprising because no matter what I did, I could not get the ball from them. They were like magnets.

    I recall similar events happening in the past, a LOT of time. It seems like Konami had to add these....tricks to create harder difficulties, but it is certainly annoying. Especially when my team sucks even more when I fall behind in score. I can understand, teams can put extra efford if they fall behind but playing godly? That isn't something we see everyday. A young defender with no significant abilities shouldn't be able to dribble like Ronaldinho and pass like Beckham :/
  12. winston

    winston Champions League

    7 August 2005
    When the laws of physics are altered to favour the cpu team, when the cpu team are given a stats boost whenever "Konami's scripted idea of how every football match should flow" requires it, when the cpu team always speed up rather than suffer fatigue towards the end of each half, when the referees clearly favour the cpu team, then that is cpu cheating.

    It's there for a reason, to make the game challenging, but because they basically alter the rules whenver the scripted match requires it, you're not playing on a level playing field....ie. cheating.

    It's like these god-awful arcade racing games when, if you're winning towards the end of the race, the cpu cars suddenly get a physics-defying speed boost and you, yet again, get that mysterious mechanical problem, all in order to make the last lap of every race "exciting".
  13. illogic95

    illogic95 1/2 Man, 1/2 Amazing

    28 March 2006
    South County
    i couldnt agree with you more kuja...i concede the majority of my goals from corner kicks. my players are in perfect position but when i try to head it in the air they miss the ball intirely or it will clip their shoulder and go to the CPUs head. i dont know if its just me but it seems that sometimes my players will automatically clear the ball w/out me touching any buttons as well. Most the time my defenders will do this to give the CPU a corner kick (instant goal)
  14. 98284

    98284 Non-League

    8 November 2006
    Congratulations, youre the first noob whining about cheating AI again since PES 5.
  15. Bing

    Bing AFC North Chumps 2007/8

    5 May 2003
    Watford, England
    Manchester City
    It's pretty obvious that the AI reads your button presses when tackling, particularly when sliding in, the computer changes direction before your player has even started his tackle.

    Still it makes hanging on to a 1 goal lead for half an hour of dodgy bounces, silly free kicks and missed clearances even sweeter!
  16. 98284

    98284 Non-League

    8 November 2006
    lol another 1. You guys know you have to use your brains when playin? I wish the comp scored some more goals against me, would make the game much more exciting 2 play.
  17. 98284

    98284 Non-League

    8 November 2006
    reads your button press..LOL
  18. Scouseman

    Scouseman Conference

    12 September 2005
    Congratulations, youre the first noob who responded to a thread started MONTHS AGO presuming it was started today and he was talking about PES6.
  19. 98284

    98284 Non-League

    8 November 2006
    LOL. Doesnt matter shouldn whine about comp cheatin in pes5 either. Comp abilitys s*ck bigtime in all pes versions. If you do some proper passing and tackling comp doenst even have shot on goal and you have >65% posession.
    The AI attacking abilitys are really a joke. Its probably 2 difficult to program it right, defence is obviously more easy 2 program --> just let them give pressure so noobs dont have enough time to do something good with ball.
    Last edited: 21 November 2006
  20. bleki2006

    bleki2006 Non-League

    13 November 2006
    it doesnt matter to win the match or to score.. game play is more important for me instead of winning and I'm very happy with pes6.. and I changed the chants of liverpool with real chants so I feel like I'm playing in ANFIELD :)
  21. futsito

    futsito Conference

    10 July 2006
    Sniff sniff, comuter just keps scoring goals :P

    I need to learn that Zidane headbutt to get that referee settled down
  22. ever

    ever Non-League

    14 November 2006
    I also agree IA cheats, so we have 2 options here:
    1.- Tell Konami to make a patch to level IA to not to cheat and just play as "their stats", not "their stats"x100.
    2.- Join we all to study the files of the game and try to discover how to edit this paramenters of game, and much more stuff involving physics, movements and that kind of stuff we are able to edit in FIFA series.
  23. mrmeee17

    mrmeee17 Non-League

    20 November 2006
    When will KONAMI realise that a higher difficulty level does not equate to faster AI players?
  24. xinzhitan14

    xinzhitan14 Retired Kit Maker

    30 April 2006
    The Outback - Australia!
    go go go gunners!
    way to bump a thread.. so what if the computer scores against you in dying minutes of the game. isnt that what the game is about? playing to win. you dont have to win everygame. even the best players lose now and then. all depends on how good you can defend and how good you can hold the ball off the opposition.
  25. whyidie

    whyidie Non-League

    20 September 2006
    If you believe these are problems use PESEditor.

    Tone down the CPU teams balance, speed, and reaction. I'd recommend increasing their shooting technique and accuracy in accordance.

    If the games too easy for you use the editor to increase the skills you think are lacking.

    I've had PES6 for a couple of weeks now sitting unopened on my desk. All because the editor made PES5 play like a totally different game.
  26. Venomas

    Venomas Conference

    30 July 2005
    São Paulo, Brazil
    Hahahaha. I fully agree with you. I always have the same impression: "here we go again."
  27. kertiek

    kertiek Non-League

    9 November 2005
    just stop crying like a baby .... have you ever ear about psychological goal?... the fact that the game is more realistic ...and some goals can make one team to boost their habilities or make them play like crap .. is something that happens in REAL LIFE ... and have that in to the game .. i realy love it ....

    so stop crying ... y learn how to defense .. if you are in extra team ... wining for 2 - 1 .... defend with the ALL TEAM .. because is OBVIUS that the other team will go WITH EVERYTHING TO WIN
  28. illogic95

    illogic95 1/2 Man, 1/2 Amazing

    28 March 2006
    South County
    i dont think anyone is "crying like a baby" complaining about the crap AI...this is a problem that has been discussed and beaten to death and for many gens of PES. this game is as good as it gets with realism but konami comprimises elements of gameplay to adjust for this realism. in reality players dont pass as slow, turn as sluggish, or balloon shots over the goal in the box. its a great game but it just lacks a little balance. i too notice a difference in how the game feels and how my team actually plays. i think konami has a little too much control on how the AI as well the human interact. im all for comeback victories and momentum for each team (whether it be mine or the computers) but i just want the balance. i think its cool that the AI will push with everything they have to equalize, but likewise, my defense should do everything they can to preserve their precious lead (especially if its 2-1 in extra time). just my two cents
    - ill95
  29. djdoc

    djdoc Guest

    Yes but we arent talking about 1 event, we are talking about loads of bullshit events like slow defenders STILL catching fast strikers because for some reason their stats have been uprated due to the harder level (which just doesnt cut it!) Also the tackling, I too have noticed the CPU putting in the most perfect tackles and when you try to do the same to them they suddenly change direction (something which you seem to never be able to do)

  30. 98284

    98284 Non-League

    8 November 2006
    This is called timing... if you cant time your tackles youre problably also suck in shootin the ball in the top corner

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