CanI play PES 6 ISS patch online

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by goalsies, 12 February 2010.

  1. goalsies

    goalsies Banned

    18 July 2009
    Can I and how?

    ANyone up for games?

    Or is there a league?
  2. jammiedodger

    jammiedodger Premiership

    26 February 2009
    Only with people using the same patch which kind of restricts you. If you sign up at
    we all use it and play thru either goalserver or pes6j. Theysetup leagues competitions and allsorts come join and enter the chat.
  3. Lizarazu77

    Lizarazu77 Eagles fly high

    25 March 2008
    i have iss patch too,09\10 and do i have to install something more to be able to play the game online,or just sing up this page is enough? would u pls explain better..
  4. jammiedodger

    jammiedodger Premiership

    26 February 2009
    You can play online but only against people with the same patch as the online databases have to be the same.
  5. TheR9

    TheR9 Non-League

    16 February 2010
    Sorry for bumping this thread because I cna't make my own thread.

    I'm thinking if buying PES6 for PC, but I live in the US. Will I be able to play online against people who have the UK version. For PES2010, you can only play against your own region, so if I buy US I can only play against people with the US copy.

    Also, where can I find PES6 for pc, because I couldn't find it at Gamestop, or Ebay.
  6. goalsies

    goalsies Banned

    18 July 2009
    I think I played someone in US and AUS before in PES 4-6. Cant remember if laggy or not.

    We should get a thread set up for members to play PES6 online.

    (I would buy PES 2010 but I still prefer PES6 for gameplay)

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