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Can I Play with JLeague 2007CC on my European PS3 and my HDTV????

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by romeking, 1 July 2007.

  1. romeking

    romeking Non-League

    14 August 2003
    A question for you:

    Can I Play With JLeague2007CC on my european Ps3 linked with my HDTV?????
  2. jord@n

    jord@n Championship

    21 October 2006
    Im not an expert on this but i know all PS3's are region free and i think if its a HDTV (recent) it might be fine. Im not 100 % sure on this thoe.
  3. ThomasGOAL

    ThomasGOAL Retired Footballer

    15 March 2003
    No, only on a Japanese PS3, only the PS3 games are free zone
  4. jumbo

    jumbo Premiership

    30 May 2003
    WE Heaven
    no you can't.

    looks like you've been here awhile so you should have a modded ps2 don't you?
  5. pepper63

    pepper63 Nice N Sleazy

    19 May 2005
    Your Sisters Bedroom
    Only One Man Utd.
    jap-ps3-jap ps2 games/euro-ps3-euro ps2 games. i'm playing it on my jap ps3 with HDTV and the shit is kicking..looks great..
  6. On The Edge of Insanity

    On The Edge of Insanity Conference

    26 November 2006
    Its not really too difficult a concept, can't believe the amount of similar topics we've had recently.
  7. Junka

    Junka i hail from ISS time

    9 November 2004
    yah...i wish i could play this game alsow on my PAL PS3 :(
  8. jokerevo

    jokerevo Non-League

    5 March 2006
    hey do you know if there's a translation patch out yet? (english) or can point me to a translation of any kind lol!
  9. bravia26s

    bravia26s Non-League

    1 August 2007
    ya i want to know too...cant understand japanese at all :(
  10. nicop

    nicop Non-League

    16 February 2005
    i do not think that a translation patch would do much good on a ps3 as it does not run copied games as of now

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