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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by MOM!NHO, 4 September 2010.

  1. MOM!NHO

    MOM!NHO Conference

    Hey everybody,

    is there anybody who knows about programming, so he could make a PES 2010 PSP Editor? The players Database ist in the unZlib files of unnamed_33.bin of 0_text.afs, the Team Names are in over.afs, the Kits and Chants relink ist in EBOOT.bin and the Kit params are in unnamed_39.bin unzlib files.
    Can anyone do this?
  2. gaetademus

    gaetademus Non-League

    12 December 2009
    I would willingly help you, my friend, but I'm not a programmer.
    Of course, I hope someone will be able to make a PES 2010 PSP Editor for pes_PSP too. Anyway, you're doing a good work in Hex and you're paving the way to reach that goal.
    P.S.: As to the EBOOT in Multi5 you were right: it was a matter of decryption...thanks again
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  3. Backspace

    Backspace International

    4 May 2010
    how can i edit Database in PC ?

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