brazilian homekit with white shorts???

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by petet pegler, 25 June 2005.

  1. petet pegler

    petet pegler Guest

    does any one know where I get a brazilian homekit with white shorts?

  2. suatcagdas

    suatcagdas Guest

    do u have any pics about it ?
  3. gergerger

    gergerger Banned

    14 March 2005
    If you don't have any program like Photoshop, you can try copying/pasting the white shorts from the 2nd kit into the 1st kit, using MS Paint. Just remember shorts textures are divided in two, so paste both parts of the short if you don't want it to have a different colour between the legs.

    I hope I have helped you with this.
  4. Doping

    Doping Facemaker

    20 September 2004
    Almada, Portugal
    SL Benfica

    The originals were from X-Group Patch for the XBOX, dunno who made them

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