Best LIVE Game Ever?

Discussion in 'Online Gaming' started by CW, 17 June 2005.

Best LIVE Game

  1. PGR2

  2. Halo 2

  3. TimeSplitters 3

  4. Rainbow 6: Any incarnation

  5. Links

  6. Splinter Cell

  7. Burnout 3

  8. FlatOut

  9. PES4

  10. Summat I have missed

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  1. CW

    CW C Dub Founding Member

    6 October 2001
    In a vain hope of getting some interest back into this forum, what is your fave Live game. The one game that you would drop everything for in order to get on and play. Maybe we can have a Monday night on it in the near future, or maybe we should bury it and move on.

    You can also pick more than one game, wouldnt want to have to make you choose one out of that list
    Last edited: 17 June 2005
  2. LemonJelly

    LemonJelly Bungie's Bitch Staff

    28 August 2002
    PGR2, Halo2 and Links are my choices from that list. I'd also add Forza to the list as well. I'd like a Halo2 evening one Monday night, I imagine its a laugh with people you know.
  3. Carl

    Carl Ban Master Staff

    27 December 2001
    West Ham United FC
    I've voted for a lot of the games above, other games I'd say should of had a go were Return to Castle Wolfenstein, TOCA2, ESPN NFL2K4 and maybe Ghost Recon 2. I'm sure I have a few other titles too. In theory though I'm with ReActor, I'll play anything if it gets a response on here, as he said it's a laugh when it's with people you know as such.
  4. SilverSpider

    SilverSpider League 2

    7 April 2003
    I haven't voted for any ...

    As I am not really qualified to say due to the fact I have a bit of a weird Relationship with "Xbox Live" ..... erm, let me try to explain that strange comment I've just made.

    Basically I've now had it for 7 Months or so and I honestly thought I'd be on it all the Time when I first wanted it but the Reality is I have hardly used it and I still don't really know why ?

    I mean don't get me wrong its got plenty of good Games across a few genres, but there has still not been a single Title that I have played on it that has MADE me want to play it EVERY day, or that has even got me in any way addicted ?

    I still don't really understand why I haven't fallen in Love with Live! the way that I thought I would ? ... I mean the whole thought of Online Gaming with Real Life Friends and Microphones seemed like all my wishes come true ... but the Reality has been a bit ... I dont know .... Underwhelming maybe.

    A Quick "Time Played" Breakdown of some Live Titles I've Owned :

    Halo 2 - 1 Hour with a Mate from Work

    PGR2 - 2 Hours Last November

    PES4 - 25 Matches or so over 3 Days Last November

    Ghost Recon 2 - About 6 Hours over a period of 2 Weeks after Launch

    Splinter Cell CT - 2 Hours on Co-Op with a Mate

    Forza - 3 Hours or so some of that with you Guys on here

    Burnout 3 - About an Hour with a Pal

    FlatOut - Never even put it in the Machine Yet (Scandalous ...I Know)
  5. FlawlessCowboy

    FlawlessCowboy Stunted

    5 July 2004
    Coventry, UK
    Gotta be Forza or Halo 2, and considering I play Halo 2 more I voted for that. Plus, we have 5 more new maps coming out on July 5th
  6. kevano22

    kevano22 TDWFYU

    2 August 2003
    yeah i play halo 2 amlost every night for an hour or so. its fun but my god do i get pissed when im angry. its fun :)
  7. Ike

    Ike permaninizated

    18 March 2003
    Forza not even on the list, come on.
  8. FlawlessCowboy

    FlawlessCowboy Stunted

    5 July 2004
    Coventry, UK
    We all know what Chris thinks of Forza ;)
  9. CW

    CW C Dub Founding Member

    6 October 2001
    For those that dont here is an update, I think its shite!
  10. Glavisted

    Glavisted Premiership

    20 July 2005
    Lima, Perú
    Halo 2.
  11. ClassicD

    ClassicD Galáctico

    11 November 2001
    Burnout 3 and PGR2. I got the Xbox solely for PES4 which turned out to be a steaming pile, online anyway. Played Burnout 3 rather a lot but against folk here it's been mostly PG2.

    Have to agree with Dave and Carl that as long as it's with folk you know a bit it's always crackin' (gentleman driver, honest).
  12. Carl

    Carl Ban Master Staff

    27 December 2001
    West Ham United FC
    Welcome back Mr ClassicD lad, thought you'd vanished up your own ...... I mean just left us here.
  13. ClassicD

    ClassicD Galáctico

    11 November 2001
    I was in your neck of the woods the past couple of weeks, well, on the same island anyway ;).
  14. Grayperview

    Grayperview Streamer

    13 December 2002
    Everton fc
    Ghost reacon 2 is quality online, halo 2 is dull repeatative pish!
  15. Slobber

    Slobber boycotting PES

    3 August 2003
    Merseyside, England
    Liverpool FC
    GR2 is good if you can be bothered to put in the hours.
  16. ninjabreakz

    ninjabreakz Guest

    PGR2 gave me the most pleasure on Live - superb.
  17. Technotic

    Technotic Guest

    Return to Castle Wolfenstein, xbox live

    no doubt about it
  18. kevano22

    kevano22 TDWFYU

    2 August 2003
    i put most hours in on halo 2

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