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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by peter tosh, 13 September 2008.

  1. peter tosh

    peter tosh Non-League

    23 November 2006
    Hi guys ,
    i`m looking to buy a graphics card on my P5B-VM SE , INTEL CORE 2 QUAD CORE Q6600 , 2gb RAM. The slot is PCI-E

    i'm looking for something powerfull to play PES on HD and other DX10 and next gen. games .

    would anyone please help me , until 200€ :-pp

  2. BURNA


    26 April 2006
    There are loads of cards you could get for that money. GTX 8800 for example to name just one.
  3. BlaZiNgSPEED

    BlaZiNgSPEED League 1

    25 August 2007
    London, UK
    Manchester United
    I also have Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 with 3 GB RAM.
    I would recommended the 8600GT, which I use it runs highest resolution all high details plays call of duty 4 on 1440x900 resolution all maxed out and supports HD graphics and is DirectX 10 compatible!:EASY:
    And gameplay is very smooth. 8800GT/GTS/GTX/ULTRA etc are very strong but if you want to spend less and still have all the benifits in the world then get the 8600! Or the ATI radeon 3850 which is equivalent to the 8800.
  4. peter tosh

    peter tosh Non-League

    23 November 2006
    thank you guys
  5. deso2007

    deso2007 option file maker

    3 July 2007
    man u
    here guys wuld my graphic card wrk well with pes intel core 2 processor t5750(2.0ghz,667mhz fsb 2mb... ati hd 3650 nd 3 gb of ram
  6. LawzE

    LawzE Non-League

    12 October 2003
    I have a Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 with 3 GB RAM as well and I have the 768MB 8800GTX card which is amazing. :)
  7. peter tosh

    peter tosh Non-League

    23 November 2006
    What is your opinion about :

    1. ASUS HD3850 512MB

    2. ASUS EN 9600GT 512MB
  8. cefos

    cefos League 1

    7 November 2006
    Agrigento, Italy
    FC Internazionale Milano
    I've bought a new nb with NVIDIA GeForce 9800M it ok?
  9. Damo7

    Damo7 Mersey Red Boy

    26 April 2005
    Liverpool FC
    Ive still got my old Nvidia 6600GT AGP card and could still play PES 2008 on high quality 1240/768. Hoping that is still the case with PES 2009.
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  10. gturner04

    gturner04 League 2

    17 August 2005
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  11. peter tosh

    peter tosh Non-League

    23 November 2006
    thank you gturner04
  12. bsmaff

    bsmaff International

    11 August 2003
    Welwyn Garden
    Exeter City
    get a 8800GTX you can pick them up now for about £80-£90 so are prob the best bang per buck you can get at the moment.
    Someone recommended the 8600 I would not recommend one of these as they will struggle in the future so I would get the 8800GTX at this moment in time.
  13. Nick Cave

    Nick Cave Wrexham fan for my sins...

    10 July 2004
    Non football league waste land...
    Wrexham AFC
    It's a no brainer really as with anything to do with PCs you get the best and fastest you can afford...
  14. BlaZiNgSPEED

    BlaZiNgSPEED League 1

    25 August 2007
    London, UK
    Manchester United
    Yes I recommended the 8600GT:LOL: It might struggle in the future to play high. But so far PES 2008 plays on high quality all maxed out with 1280x1024 resolution therefore in the future if it struggles I guess it will only struggle to run the game at highest resolutions on the high quality settings.
    But who knows if PES doesn't develop too much in near future then it might be ok for a quite a long time. This card runs 100% of all the PC games at the moment. It runs Crysis, Crysis Warhead and Farcry 2 Call of duty 4!! It runs all of the games not just these when testing on it passes all the games!

    If it can run these top games then it can run the newer games for years. So buying a cheap 8600GT can be wiser in some cases because then after a few years time you can then get a card more power than the 8800GTX for exactly the same price!!! God knows maybe you will get the GTX 280 for 80-100 pounds.:EASY:
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  15. timo the owl

    timo the owl Coming Back Home

    27 June 2005
    Sheffield, England
    The Mighty Owls
  16. 89JayJay

    89JayJay Banned

    20 February 2008
    Far Far Away
    Manchester United
  17. peter tosh

    peter tosh Non-League

    23 November 2006
    thank you guys
  18. Bendit

    Bendit Champions League

    12 November 2005
    The 8600GT was superceded by the 9600GT wasn`t it, like ages ago. I have a 9600GT and it is fantastic, almost up to par with 8800GT (~10% slower) but a fair bit cheaper.
  19. BlaZiNgSPEED

    BlaZiNgSPEED League 1

    25 August 2007
    London, UK
    Manchester United
    Yes I know because technology is constantly being improved plus new graphics card come every month so its very easy to find a graphics more powerful than the previous one. But for PES an 8600GT is perfect because you can play on highest resolution at high quality without a single bit of lag!
    a 9600 is only like 3 times faster than an 8600GT but so much more expensive for just a card that is 3 times faster! So expensive over £100. an 8600GT can be bought for 30-50 quid. An 8600GT is better value for money.
  20. oFifa09o

    oFifa09o Banned

    16 September 2008
  21. BlaZiNgSPEED

    BlaZiNgSPEED League 1

    25 August 2007
    London, UK
    Manchester United
  22. oFifa09o

    oFifa09o Banned

    16 September 2008 73.9 free delivery....hmmm
  23. chamijr

    chamijr Guest

    Ati HD 4870
  24. Mamboto

    Mamboto What ?

    19 November 2007
    Sporting CP
    From a Ati user.
    Bang for buck : Ati 3870, 3850, 4850.
    A little more expensive: 3870 x2 , 4870, 4870 x2..
    But all the 8800 from nvidia and the 9800 are good Gpu's also, however, there's a user in this forum that is having problems running pes 2009 with a 9800 GTX from nvidia. Peace
  25. evo21

    evo21 Non-League

    27 December 2007
    Any midrange card handles PES2009 really well. I run it at 1280x720 at High completely smooth in Windows Vista x64 with a Geforce 8600M GS 256MB GDR3 (Laptop). The 8600GT is old and overpriced. For lower than 100€ get an HD3870 or even the HD3850 (wich is much better than the 8600GT), for ~150€ get an HD4850 (Best bang for the buck).

    Check here a review of the most recent cards:

    By the way, check the HD4600, they are good at a cheap price.
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