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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Michalis, 20 January 2010.

  1. Michalis

    Michalis Non-League

    7 June 2002
    Good morning from Greece my friends
    I want to know your opinion about the best formation vs human oppoment for pes2010.I play 4-3-3 with 2SB 2CB in line 2DMF 1AMF 2SS 1CF and 3-5-2 like old 3-5-2 B1 with 3CB 2DMF 2SMF 1AMF 2CF.
    Tell me about sliders and tactics.
    Sorry fot my English.
    Friendly Michael
  2. Fitiello

    Fitiello League 1

    2 September 2006
    4-3-3 is the best setting...Then it depends of the team you use...
  3. theCRO

    theCRO Championship

    6 April 2003
    you are here ->
    I play a tight 4-4-2 because of sprinter messi/ronaldo faggots
  4. Aqua

    Aqua Banned

    26 September 2009
    i played it too whit italy, but then stop play this game....

    days ago tested some formations whit 2 SS but they just stay on the outside matter what i do, i miss the arrows in the tactics menu..

    tested vs real n barca offline and what i can say ?
    EVRY..EVRY goal cpu scored was cheap and cheated...

    just makes me sick
  5. Kyomaster

    Kyomaster Non-League

    25 November 2005
    Just try 4-3-3 for a balanced gameplay.
    If u like counter attacks this is the best system I've ever seen.


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