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Best Ever Player??

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by YoungFraz, 5 June 2006.

  1. YoungFraz

    YoungFraz Guest

    Mine = Strindberg (Pes 2)

    He's a rasing star in it.. and even with stats starting very low scored an amazin 74 goals on 5 stars in his first season.. and had high stats

    I bought him again on PES 3 but he didnt look the same so i made the 1 from PES 2 .. gave him the stats he finished with on PES 2 .. still my best player....

    Made him on PES 4 .. Same stats he had, and he once again remains the most reliable player

    PES 5 .. Not my overall best scorer as he falls second to "Caracciolo".. but has been the top assist and scores enough to still be great

    I age him 1 year every game

    You know that player your attached to?, the player you buy on ever game?, even though hes not a real player i'll make him until i stop playing or he gets to the max age

    Also : Carboni is one of my favs
  2. Prentom

    Prentom Guest

    I like Eubesio, or maybe he's name is Eusebio, Pro Evo have used both. Anyway, he is my best ever player. On PES 5 I like Adriano too, he's such a good striker, and can shoot and score from 35 yards and closer. GREAT 8)
  3. Shogo

    Shogo OldĀ³

    2 May 2006
    S. C. Internacional
    Johan Cruyff. He simply steals the show.
  4. YoungFraz

    YoungFraz Guest

    Eusebio is his real name.. portugese legend lol

    no more?

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