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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Loopy, 25 January 2019.

  1. Loopy

    Loopy ForcaBarca

    14 November 2018
    FC Barcelona
    Hello everyone. I have made this thread because I have a couple of ideas for Master League and Become A Legend that while they are not patches (the user does them), really help make those game modes better in my opinion. I will post my two ideas in the next two posts. If anyone has any similar ideas please post them as well.
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  2. Loopy

    Loopy ForcaBarca

    14 November 2018
    FC Barcelona
    First Idea - Become A Legend Only:
    So PES really does not have something in Become A Legend that mirrors sponsorships, so I came up with an idea. First you will need to download the latest boot pack by Hawke (V5): . Then I made a list of what you need to do in order to be able to wear certain boots. Of course in reality you can wear any boot, but just keep a list of the boots that you have unlocked and don't choose ones in game that you haven't "unlocked".

    -This List is Mostly Geared Towards An Attacking Player Starting In A Low League

    *Transfer Value is the amount that a club pays for you when you get transferred

    Here is the list:

    • Gavic/Diadora/UHL Sport/Concave - Unlocked from the beginning
    • Rebook - Achieve 5 million or more in transfer value
    • Lotto - Score 20+ goals in South America
    • Under Armor - If you start in a region other than Europe, these cleats get unlocked once you get transferred to an European team. Otherwise it's when you get transferred to the EPL, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, or La Liga. If you start on one of the big five leagues these are unlocked from the beginning.
    • Umbro - Achieve 15 million or more in transfer value
    • Diadora Italy Edition- Play With or Against an Serie A club or Italy National Team
    • Cleats With Brazil in Their Name - Play with or against a Brazil Club or the Brazil National Team
    • Pirma - Play With or Against an Liga MX club or Mexico National Team
    • Rebula and Mizuno - Play with or against J1 or J2 League Club or Japan National Team
    • Asics - Play with or against an team in J1, J2, Chinese Super League, Thai League, Asian Clubs Others, or an Asia Region National Team
    • New Balance - Achieve 15 million or more in transfer value
    • Puma - Achieve 40 million or more in transfer value OR Achieve 35 million or more in transfer value and be on a club which has Puma make their kits
    • Nike - Achieve 65 million or more in transfer value OR Achieve 60 million or more in transfer value and be on a club which has Nike make their kits
    • Adidas - Achieve 60 million or more in transfer value OR Achieve 55 million or more in transfer value and be on a club which has Adidas make their kits
    • CR7 Cleats - Play with or against CR7
    • Nike Total 90 Cleats - Only On The Year When You Retire In Become A Legend
    • Copa Cleats - Make World Cup Debut
    • Pogba Cleats - Play with or versus Pogba
    • Messi Cleats - Play with or versus Messi
    • Neymar JR Cleats - Play with or versus Neymar JR
    • David Beckham Cleats - Score 10 or more Freekicks
    - I may also release something similar soon for Goalkeepers and goalkeeper gloves
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  3. Loopy

    Loopy ForcaBarca

    14 November 2018
    FC Barcelona
    Second Idea: Both Become A Legend and Master League
    So PES does not have something where they announce the venue of the Champions League, Europa League, or UEFA Super Cup. Therefore using Stadium Server: all the stadiums from the Stadiums Thread:★-pes-2019-stadiums-thread.79879/ and research that I have done I found a pretty good way to do this.

    Uefa Champions League
    2019 - Chose Wanda Metropolitano
    2020 - Chose Allianz Arena (One of the two in bidding and only one of the two that is right now in PES19)
    2021 and afterwards - No bids yet. However all of the Champions League final venues recently have had a capacity of 60,000 or more. Using this information, put into a program that chooses a random item from a list the following stadiums - all the ones in PES19 with more than or equal to 60,000 capacity (each an object of the list):
    Camp Nou
    Signal Iduna
    Stade De France
    Estadio Da Luz
    San Siro
    Giupse Mezza
    Allianz Arena
    Old Trafford
    Stadio Olimpico
    Wanda Metropolitano
    Stade Velodrome
    Veltins Arena
    Celtic Park (Soon)
    San Paolo
    London Stadium

    Uefa Europa League:

    2019 and 2020 final: The venues of the final are not in the game. However, recently Europa League final stadiums have always had a capcity of 35,000 or more. Knowing this randomly choose from the following list of qualifying stadiums:

    Johan Cruyff Arena
    St James Park
    Turk Telecom
    De Kuip
    Commzerback Arena
    Ibrox (Soon)
    Stade Pierre-Mauroy
    Estádio José Alvalade
    Estádio do Dragão (Soon)
    Stadium of Light
    Parc des Princes
    Stadio Artemio Franchi
    Red Bull Arena
    Villa Park
    Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán
    Vodafone Stadium (Soon)
    Juventus Stadium
    Stamford Bridge
    Goodison Park
    Elland Road (Soon)
    St. Jakob-Park
    Riverside Stadium

    2021 and Later: Same as 2019 and 2020

    Uefa Super Cup: Randomly Choose Between All the European Stadiums that you have in the game

    -In the future I may add a similar post for other continental tournaments (such as AFC and Copa Libertadors)
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  4. Andò12345

    Andò12345 Championship

    10 October 2018
    My opinion is that the Uefa Supercup must be random stadiums of Europa League and Champions League, not all european stadium because a Supercup final is impossibile that is played in (for example) a stadium of 8000 seat
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  5. Loopy

    Loopy ForcaBarca

    14 November 2018
    FC Barcelona
    Yes, that's I good idea I like it. Maybe add a few more stadiums that are just below the 35000
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  6. baguettos

    baguettos Championship

    19 November 2016
    I made a Gascoigne in my databse two days ago, and restarted my ML to have him in. To get his stats I mixed original stats from pesmaster and then pestats and decided to put his body control/unwavering to 96, physical contact to 85, attack to 97, since he was quite strong, great dribbler and attacker.

    What I noticed is when I played few games that by only increasing these stats he was far better then other great players (I have a test team with classic players while making some faces from time to time). Amazing dribbles and positioning, scored a hat trick in one match.

    So I decide to bump up all of the big names of the past like Pele, Maradona, Zico, Rivaldo and so on, that were star players - for my gameplay ML. I still did not have a chance to try this new ML but if the effect is the same as it was on Gascoigne then I will be very satisfied.

    Try to increase only those three stats on some random player and see the magic for yourself:D

    edit: I checked some default stats for example Maradona had physical contact under 80 and I don't think he was easy to push around on the field. And many many others has under 80 stat for contact.....I think Recoba was super low for all those three stats I changed.
  7. Loopy

    Loopy ForcaBarca

    14 November 2018
    FC Barcelona
    That's an awesome idea mate! Do you have these legends in the two classic teams in the game? If yes which patch did you use for it?
  8. baguettos

    baguettos Championship

    19 November 2016
    No patch, they are in my test AC Ajaccio from 2nd French league :) That team is never seen anywhere, at lest in my case. I've been using them since 2017 to test kits and faces. I overwrite the team with new test players(no face or work in progress) there because there are five and six digit player ids I can use when modifying bits and pieces. Then swap them into real teams on rare occasions when I restart the master league :D

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