Because the PS3 is Region Free

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by embraceuk1, 5 January 2006.

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    Means Konami will have no excusses to make 4 versions of the same game.
    It will surely mean they have to add international langauges to their Winning Eleven games.
    If not we will have been proven right about our thoughts on the many releases.

    Xbox 360 is already semi Region free some games are and all region DVD movies play on it.

    With the HD-DVD games it makes Region coding useless and HDTV's dont use them.
    Xbox 360 will never play HD-DVD games tho just movies, but the PS3 is rumored to be region free.
  2. saladdin100

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    New Blu-Ray region-coding puts the US and Japan in the same basket, Europe picnics on its own

    11:22 If you're a gaming connosieur, chances are you'll have bemoaned the games industry's policy of region locking titles many times over. Indeed, with most of the - let's say unique - offerings on consoles coming from the East, practically the only way to get a slice of that traditional Japanese bonkersness is to import or (illegally) chip your machine. However, stories fresh off the internet wire are suggesting we could be one step closer to our dream of a multi-region console. Sort of.
    Currently, all consoles restrict gamers from playing titles released for regions other than the machine's home territory. However, reports from Japan show the first buds of hope for relaxed region-encoding restrictions in the form of the Playstation 3's new Blu-Ray format. Apparently, Japan and the rest of Asia will now be bracketed in the same region as North and South America, whilst leaving us poor Europeans as the regional outcasts along with Africa.

    If there's any truth to these reports then at the very least those lucky Americans will be able to import bizarre Japanese anime movies (and filth) and play them on their Playstation 3 consoles without any internal tinkering whatsoever.
    Whether this convenience will extend to actual game software remains a mystery, but we'd bet money that Sony isn't quite ready to swing open the regional flood gates just yet.

    Andy Robinson
  3. itaintrite

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    10 January 2003
    PS3 isn't region-free. Hell, Blu-ray isn't even region-free. Just that JPN and US will share the same region for Blu-ray. It doesn't mean anything for the PS3. It does give us hopes though.
  4. johan

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    Nothing is official YET.
  5. TikTikTikTikTik

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    They dont use it as an excuss. Hell the versions arent based on dvd/cd region ( except the usa/euro versions) but on market region. Thats why they release a version over here with the euro leagues and a version over in asia with the asian leagues. Offcourse it would be best to make one version with all the teams but i dont think they will as, correct me if im wrong, the licensingtarifs is region based so making a global game will only increase costs of licensing when most of us arent waiting to be able to play teams from the asian league, we would rather they spend their money on licensing our own leagues first.

    As for the ps3 being region free im hoping with the choice of using a standard sony mmc that you can plug in to pc's cardreaders they will be able to hack the ps3 like they have with the psp and be able to bypass the region coding so patching will be a lot easier. The main problem will be media(blu-ray) however with the cost atm and available size im not expecting many games to be released using this media, atleast not in the beginning. Konami only use 1,8gb for we and 2,1 for pes anyway. So the other 2+ gb can be used before they start blu-ray. The only possitive atm for the use of blu-ray instead of dvd is security and data capacity however im sure within a year of release blu-ray burners will be released and hopefully a region bypass made that can be uploaded via the mmc.
    Would make the whole import/patching process a bit easier, evenmore so if they release it with hdd.
  6. embraceuk1

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    30 December 2001
    Indiana USA (Scottish)
    Nottingham Forest

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