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Adboards are blank

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by calvin1980, 22 November 2006.

  1. calvin1980

    calvin1980 Non-League

    7 April 2006
    Hi I just installed kitserver and have the 156 stadiums or something like that copied into the GB file. I dun understand why the adboards at Nou Camp are blank and any one kws where to get balls? thanks I haveent check the other stadiums though.
  2. foxer114

    foxer114 EPT

    20 November 2006
    maybe your stadiums are from PES5
    the adboards from PES5 can't be used by PES6
  3. Bi0

    Bi0 Superliga

    6 July 2004
    not shure but has something to do with default.bin

    try to delete it (backup it first) and them see if it works
  4. bointus

    bointus Banned

    13 February 2006
    Göteborg, Sweden
    IFK Göteborg
    This is how you do ( it's in every stadium/adboards related thread in the editing thread )

    Download new ad-boards, for pes6. You may download some different ones, example for EPL and put them in the premiership-arenas and so on. You download the adboard-bin file, rename it to default.bin and put it into the adboards_tex folder in each stadium.
    It's a lot of work :)

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