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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Harvy2001, 14 April 2008.

  1. Harvy2001

    Harvy2001 League 2

    3 December 2001

    I have been playing PES2008 on PS3 last two months or so and I only just put my PS3 into 720P mode on the XMB and the bloody game runs smooth now!!

    This is ridiculous with the TV set to 1080p thier is consistent slowdown.

    How many others run the PS3 in 1080p on the XMB (main screen) ????

    Are people aware of this?
  2. roigafni

    roigafni Non-League

    11 November 2007
    hey mate..
    i'm happy for u that the game run smootly now.
    I tought about it also and changed my tv to 720p but i didnt noticed any diffrence. by the way i'm playing pes 2008 with 1.20 offical konami patch. what about you? do you playing with the patch or without it?
  3. jayz123

    jayz123 Premiership

    8 January 2005
    Man Utd
    I use 720p as i personally think is better than 1080i. I used to have a SD tv set, but i purchased an 32" HDTV and the stutter/slowdown is gone. Plays just as good as 360 version if not better. I own both versions:)

    I have not install any official konami updates, but i do have it installed to the PS3 HDD.
  4. Androctonvs

    Androctonvs Discovered The FK Bug

    30 November 2003
    SL Benfica
  5. roigafni

    roigafni Non-League

    11 November 2007
    i also think that konami's patch are bad to the graphic gameplay. i guess my tv set is shit cause i have also 32" hdtv (Gratez) and playing with hdmi cable and i still got little slowdown.
  6. GraGra

    GraGra aka... Indeedilidoodily

    5 August 2005
    Queensland, Australia
    Unless the game actually states 1080p on the back of the box, it's likely you were playing it in 1080i, and your TV was de-interlacing it.

    There are not too many games on PS3 that are 1080 native you know...
  7. simonhibsey

    simonhibsey League 2

    13 November 2004
    UK, Midlands
    Aston Villa, Celtic,

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