patch 1.054th Feb 16
Does this do much to improve the game? I see its fixed a couple of minor bugs, but the 'general minor fixes# could mean anything!
I'm bored with PES15 and 16 and FIFA 16 online as in my opinion they aren't fun for a bunch of reasons. I'm sure many of you agree.

My solution is to play online on the PES6 PC server here:

And play ISS Pro Evolution Soccer 1/2 online using a PS1 emulator for PC.

I've posted this here as I want more English speaking guys to join the PES6 server. So I can play with less lag, more skilled players and team up with decent players who love PES6 and 2v2, like me.

Also, my fave mode of PES/ISS is co-op Master League. Unfortunately, It's impossible to do Master League online & co-op with any of the newer PES games on PC.

So I need a decent player online to co-op with on ISS Pro Evolution for PS1. This can be done easily using a PS1 emulator for PC, I've done it before and I'll send you it, if needed.

Anyone interested?

I'll appriciate some tips on how to get first to the ball.....espcially high balls.
it's seems that my players are stuck in place while my opponent moves freely and manage to come first to the ball

I tried R2 but didnt worked for it just a matter of timing??

Hi guys!
As you all know, the FIFA community is much bigger than the PES one. There are plenty of reason for why this happened, but the rise of FIFA also came with the rise of the FIFA youtubers. Or the opposite. You know, the guys who bought themselves Lamborghini's, Ferrari's and so on by what is called "YouTube money". In any case, this is not really the point of what I want to say.
The thing is, I, for instance, know 3 PES youtubers: TheTrueBrits(also doing FIFA), Beatson87PES (also does FIFA) and PESEP. They are very active and they provide good content. And that's it. This while there are over 20 FIFA youtubers who provide what is, really, nothing original besides screaming and yelling. There are exceptions, of course.
In any case, I thought I can contribute somehow to what it seems to be "a revitalized PES community", that's because PES 16 has seen a lot of FIFA players who decided to give PES a try(something that it didn't happen the previous editions).
So, what I want is to present you my initiative: I started a Master League season. On YouTube. I uploaded today the first video. If this post isn't annoying you, by making me look like someone who is simply asking for views, you can click the link to the first episode. And, in the same time, if you know other PES youtubers, don't forget to mention them.
The link is here:

P.S: Feedback is always welcomed.
Hello, I installed PES2016 but requires 512MB VRAM, and cannot run.
I saw online some tricks to increase VRAM size using shared memory via dxcpl. But the result is my VRAM goes 0 and its 256MB are added to shared. Any help to make it work, please?

My system: Acer Aspire 7520G
AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Processor TK-57 1.9 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 7000M/nForce 610M (256MB dedicated, 1919MB total)
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
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