What Forwards legends do you want to see in PES 2017 ?

It's a mix between best and iconic players of PES series
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What Midfields legends do you want to see in PES 2017 ?

It's a mix between best and iconic players of PES series
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What Defenders legends do you want to see in PES 2017 ?

It's a mix between best and iconic players of PES series
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What Goalkeepers legends do you want to see in PES 2017 ?

It's a mix between best and iconic players of PES series
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I mean why does bayern munchen have to be so overpowered in this game. Look at the ratings of their defense 89 86 89 89 for alaba benatia boateng lahm respectively and look at barcelona s 84 88 81 84, the liability their is that barcelona defense dont have physical prowess and that makes them so bad vs levandovski and muller in the air especially, why so much love for the ratings of bayern???
Not to mention claudio bravo 81 " are you freakin serious!!!!! 81 only???
PES 2017: Interview with onlyproevolutions.com

Interviewer: @PES_Russia
Reviewer: @PES_DNA (Moderator of onlyproevolutions.com)
Source: http://bit.ly/1Y3G65x

@PES_Russia: "We apologize for any imperfections considering our English!"

Your impression

Physical game/Collisions
There is a new stat this year called ďBody BalanceĒ. Players like Alexis Sanchez have high body balance so they are difficult to knock off the ball. This stat is different to strength so heís not going to be able to overpower players in tackles like Paul Pogba could. PES2017 really focuses on bringing out the individuality of players using their stats. Take Giroud for example. If you play a long ball to him, heís more than likely to win the header, especially if heís up against a weaker defender. In PES2016, sometimes it felt like it was 50/50, like the player stats were irrelevant. The animations are also improved so all in all the Collisions feel a lot better this year. Itís almost like you feel the physical connection between Control Pad and Player.

Stamina system (changes)
Personally, I didn't feel like the stamina system has changed dramatically. Although, this isn't an easy thing to notice because the gameplay is a lot different this year. PES2017 is a lot slower and realistic compared to PES2016 so you wonít have games where it is completely end to end. I did find that the stamina bar would deplete in a more calculated rate. An aggressive pressuring midfielder would be out of stamina quicker than a Centre Back but once the player was out of stamina I didn't notice a massive impact to the players performance. Sorry that this is not a definitive answer. I would need more time with the game to experiment.

Cons referees
There are times where the Ref should give a Red Card but he gives a Yellow. Also sometimes the Ref is a bit too quick to give a foul and he should maybe play advantage. I would currently rate the Refs 8/10. These are the best Refs we have had in PES for years! If the game is released with these Refs then you wouldnít be disappointed!

Cons AI
When the AI is losing the game they still donít really sense that they are losing. Even on Superstar difficultly, you can play the ball around the Defence and only the Striker seems to press hard, where you would expect 3 or 4 players to be hard pressing. (This one of my main points in my Feedback to Konami). Other than that, I didnít really have any complaints with how the AI played. They played different styles of football depending on the team and what players they had. For example, France and Arsenal would cross the ball for Giroud as they recognize him as a target man. I only played 5 or 6 matches against the AI though, so itís hard to really identify any major or reoccurring faults. Plus the AIís performance always alters between Exhibition matches and Competition modes.

Cons GK
It was really hard to fault the GKs. Seriously, they were amazing. Adam Bhatti told us that the Development Team spent months working on GKs. Every aspect of the GKs was built from scratch this year. There is nothing from the PES2016 GKs in PES2017. They are 10/10!

Influence of body position on the success of actions with the ball ("scuffed" shots and passes from difficult situation)
The player position now really matters when it comes to shooting. If your player is off balance or stretching, then he will not shoot with much power or accuracy. Also shots can go a lot wider off target. Your player will now miss the target by some distance if his positioning isnít good. Adam Bhatti also spoke how Konami have completed reworked the relationship between the ball and the player. You can see this when it comes to shooting. I noticed my player would often cut through the ball when shooting, rather than just striking with his laces or inside/outside of his boot.
Passing Ė If the ball is in a difficult position for the player, he will take the ball under control first. This slows the game down which is for the best. You can no longer ping pong the ball up the pitch at great speed.

Differences with the system replays FIFA
The replays really look fantastic now. I actually enjoyed watching all the replays because it makes you appreciate the quality of PES2017. The replays are now very similar to the FIFA replay style.

The density of the game/positioning AI (while defence)
I never once found my defenders out of position unless I moved them out. They man mark better and the follow the runners better. They react better to all situations. They were never stood still when your opponent is playing a through ball.

Dribbling and shooting using R2
Dribbling felt better because the players feel heavier and no longer feel floaty. You wonít have much success if you try to dribble around players using Coquelin. PES2017 is very stat based, which is absolutely excellent. The R2 shooting feels better and looks more natural. Also R2 shooting is less OP because the GKs react better to these shots.

New animation
GKs have had 100% new animations. There are loads and loads of new player animations too. I mainly noticed little flicks and touches when the ball is awkward positions.

Match broadcast
The default camera angle is similar to PES2016. I am afraid I didnít try any other angle. The tactics screens have changed a little, but not dramatically.

7 reasons why the play has become more difficult and interesting
1 . Game speed, itís more realistic
2. Precise passing, no longer constant super-fast passes.
3. Shot variation
4. passing/crossing variation
5. Player Individuality. Players are now limited to their stats ability. You wont dribble past players with Coquelin or sprint past players with Mertesacker.
6. The defence has more success dealing with through balls and long balls over the defence.
7. Gks, they are excellent. Youíll see a lot of 0-0 scores or low scoring games thanks to the improved GKs.

5 things that need improvement
1. AI needs to realise they are losing and pressure you more.
2. Refs Ė They really are good but need a little tuning.
3. Pass Assist Ė I felt Bar 1 is still a bit too Assisted. But that might be me being really accurate with my passing. I am used to using manual controls so naturally I might be pushing the direction perfectly
4. Penalty system Ė Itís the same as PES2016. We all fed back at the end of the day that we wanted this changed. Konami are taking the feedback seriously.
5. Free Kick System Ė Itís the same as PES2016. We all fed back at the end of the day that we wanted this changed. Konami are taking the feedback seriously.

@PES_Russia:"We do understand what you fans are interested in, trust us..all the previous articles are posted on official Pro evolution Soccer forum pesfan.com under "Feedback & Support: Have Your Say - Submitted Suggestions":https://forums.pesfan.com/forumdispl...d-Suggestions"

Has it been fixed?

You can feel the ball glued (as if magnetized) to the leading foot when dribbling (itís impossible to lose the ball without impacts)
Not Fixed Ė But that is me answering the question you have asked. You canít lose control of the ball while dribbling unless you run into a player, get tackled, or run the ball out of play. I explained above that there is a new relationship between ball and player so the dribbling and animations feel and look a lot better.

Sharp transitions between animations (players regroup too quickly)
Not Fixed Ė I think you are asking if players regroup quickly if the ball goes for a Goal Kick? There are no quick goal kicks so the players return to standard formation positions.

Maximum speed of the ball after shot and passes is too fast
Fixed Ė Shot Power felt good and passing is at times a lot slower due to ďprecise passingĒ. You can no longer play the zig-zag passes quickly up the pitch. Passing can be slower if the player isnít in a good position.

Itís too easy for players to take the ball under control after strong pass.
Fixed Ė The better the player, the better the touch. But it even takes good players longer to control the ball if they receive it at awkward heights.

Stupor of the players (especially after collisions)
Unsure Ė I think you are asking if the players react slowly after collisions? To be honest, I didnít really notice. If I didnít notice then I guess there isnít an issue with it.

No variability shots (СOM)
Fixed Ė The COM will now take long range shots if they get the chance.

AI acts very confident and almost with no mistakes
Unsure Ė I only played on Superstar. They didnít give the ball away too often but if you play in the hardest level then youíd expect that.

Unrealistic (fantastic) coordination of players. They manage to keep the balance in difficult situations.
Fixed Ė The players still sometimes might get their shot on target but it will hardly ever go in.

Inability to hit the ball into a striker when throwing the ball by GK
Unsure (9) Ė I didnít try any massive throws with the GK. GK throwing did feel better though, Especially with manual controls.

No left-off replays of side episodes, there are only key episodes on the replay
Fixed Ė In the post-game highlights youíll see tackles and other little things like player reactions.

Terrible animation of GK falling, terrible jumping (manual control).
Fixed Ė GKs feel and look amazing.

No intentional fouls (com).
No Fixed Ė I donít think I saw an intentional foul, like when the defender fouls your striker when heís through on goal. They do foul though and sometimes they make slide tackles when they arenít going to win the ball. I wouldnít call them fouls intentional though.

Players easily adjust to the ball/the ball finds the player himself (especially evident at corner, input ball). The need to use super cancel, as soon as you have the marker over your player is should be in control of him, not the AI continuing to run him along a rail.
Unsure Ė I canít answer this definitively I am afraid. I think they might have been on rails if you didnít manually control the player using the L1 player select from the corner.

After the transition between episodes players teleport to their default positions instead of staying at the same place
Not Fixed Ė The players reset unless you are able to take a quick throw in.

Inability to hit the ball into a striker when throwing the ball by GK.
Same as Question (9) above.

AI doesn't always try to play ahead (moving towards the ball)
Fixed Ė Some teams use Tika-Taka style but they will look to move the ball forwards if the space is there.

3 formation/tactics save slots
Unsure Ė The tactics/Formations were very limited in this build of the game.

The ball is unbelievably fast and smooth after low crosses, passes (passing has an unrealistically low trajectory (the ball never leaves the ground)
Unsure Ė I didnít test a lot of low crosses. If I had to guess then Iíd say this is Fixed because there is generally more variation of passes due to the players position and improved ball physics.

Сontact between cleats and turf is not felt (the players move as if they run on the clouds)
Fixed Ė I never once felt the players were floaty or on ice skates. The players feel a lot more weighted.

High efficiency of the wall game
Unsure Ė I am afraid I do not understand the question

Thus was born an interview..


Slow-mo effect should be used in the key moments of the episode?
I canít remember if the speed changed during the replays. The camera angles do though which makes it feel a proper TV broadcast. The replays are excellent. Many more camera angles have been added.

Does COM control prevents the goalkeeper?
I donít understand the question I am afraid.

How many fouls per game makes com?
On average Iíd say 4 or 5. The COM even had a player sent off against me for 2 yellow cards.

Player shots (pass) by pressing a key, or when it sees fit (later)?
If the ball is at an awkward height the player will control the ball first. Otherwise the player will shoot as soon as his feet are in reasonable distance to the ball.

Anthropometric data play a role in physical contact?
Yes Ė The individual stats make all the difference in PES2017.

Pace of the game is reduced: reduced speed of the ball, or the speed of movement of players?
The speed has been reduced everywhere. It feels excellent.

Animation tackles the same clumsy (bad) or changed?
I remember spotting one tackle that looked clumsy other than that they all looked ok.

COM reacts to your actions in the attack. And on your game in defense, he also responds?
You can see the COM making tactical changes in the HUD at the bottom of the screen.

COM game is still too perfect?
I was only playing on Superstar level so itís hard to answer. The COMís general passing is very accurate but you can intercept their through ball attempts or long balls.

HEART system from PES 2014 is active? The condition of footballers should depend on the footballers successful or unsuccessful actions. This would make players to approach to the game more responsibly.
I donít think it is called ďHeartĒ anymore. Player ďEmotionsĒ can be switched on or off in the settings. I think this has replaced ďHeartĒ. I might be wrong though.

Is it always possible to resume the game quickly after a pause?
Not sure what you mean? You can occasionally take a quick throw in, but not a quick goal kick when all the players are still out of position.

Jogging animation has changed?
Loads and Loads of new animations have been added. I donít know if the Jogging animation has changed. I have never had a problem with how this looked so I wouldnít necessarily notice it.

The referee gives a fight?
I donít understand the question.

Head-shots has changed?
Headers are improved. They are less floaty. Players who are good with their head like Giroud are dangerous.

Now a green lawn, or in PES 2016 (dim)?
We only had one Stadium to use but the grass looked greener and the shadows were reduced.

Contact with the ball/shots/pass feels better?
Yes Ė you feel connected when you shoot or pass.

Do the players stand up quickly after physical contacts or do they spend a lot of time lying down on the ground?
I didnít really notice this. It certainly didnít frustrate me so I think the answer is no.

Do the strikers (СOM) press the goalkeeper?
I fed this back to Konami. I didnít feel the COM pressured enough especially when they are losing.

Does the goalkeeper (COM) insure the defenders outside the box?
This might be down to the individual GK. GKs like Neuer are very commanding and are always quick off the line.

How often does the AI make long-range shots?
If the COM has the right player and has space, they will shoot.

Pressing (through partners) all as hyperactive?
I think this is better.
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