Watch the video and then compare it to Pes 2015/FIFA 15

I went to play word cup with my friend. We always use our own players are play as them only.

We cannot select individual players, only role control? Am I missing something or have they removed this feature? The select player is greyed out on everything. But it makes no sense to have it on the menu if you can't use it.




1 Intro

Many football leagues are basically over for this season, but fortunately Copa América 2015 is soon upon us. In this challenge you have a chance to play through Copa América 2015 in PES 2015 against the CPU (offline).

The challenge is adaptive so that the difficulty level changes according to whether you are winning or losing. If you are winning, the matches get harder; if you are losing, they become easier. You should therefore expect to experience the entire range of feelings associated with competitive sports. You will also learn a lot about the teams taking part in the Copa. If you would like to, a challenge score will be calculated for you at the end of the challenge.

I ran a similar World Cup 2014 challenge last year (with Fifa 14), and enjoyed it a lot.

2 So who will I be competing against in this challenge?
================================================== =====

Basically yourself. Although a challenge score will be calculated for you at the end, if you so wish, the scores are not comparable, as no particular gameplay settings are enforced.

3 How to play

3.1 Gameplay settings

The challenge consists of a series of exhibition matches. The gameplay setting are up to you to decide. Personally I will be playing 20 minute matches with following settings: full manual, game speed -1, advanced through ball, all visual aids off, random condition, and player emotions off.

3.2 The difficulty level of the first match

The difficulty level of the first match is TS: top player, stronger team. That is, you will play the first match at PES difficulty level top player, with the stronger of the two teams.

3.3 Play your first match

Play the topmost match in the table below at the initial difficulty level TS. That is, play CHI-ECU controlling the stronger team CHI, with difficulty level top player.

The 'rank' in the table is the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) rank of each country, and is used to determine which team is stronger.

3.4 Choose the difficulty level of the next match

Each match is played at one of the following ten difficulty levels, which have been ordered from top to bottom from the hardest to the easiest.

The difficulty level of the next match is determined by the difficulty level of your previous match and the result of your previous match.
- If you played a draw, your difficulty level stays the same.
- If you won, your difficulty level moves up by one in the table of difficulty levels; for example, from TS (top player, stronger team) to TW (top player, weaker team).
- If you lost, your difficulty drops down by one; for example, from TS (top player, stronger team) to PW (professional, weaker team).

If you lose a match at the lowest level AS, you will remain there. If you win at the highest level SW, you will remain there, but you need to play the next match unassisted if you were playing assisted in the previous match.

The difficulty level numbers in the table are used to determine your challenge score.

3.5 Report your result

If you would like a challenge score at the end of the challenge, report the result of your match by sending a message to this thread. In the message please report, for each match
- the match played; example CHI-ECU
- your difficulty level in this match; example TS
- your team in the match; example CHI
- the result; example lost 2-3
- your difficulty level in next match; example PW.

A template is provided here for you to fill in the information:


You can naturally combine the results of multiple matches in a single message.

3.6 Proceed to the next match

Now play the next match in the table, at the difficulty level of the next match you found above. Pay attention to which team is stronger. The result of this second match will determine the difficulty level of your third match etc.

4 Copa schedule

The schedule of this challenge is not tied to the schedule of the actual Copa, but I will update this opening post when info on playoff rounds is available.

The group stage of Copa begins and ends . The schedule of each round in the second (playoff) stage of the Copa is as follows:

The matches of each of these rounds will be provided for you in this opening post before each round begins. The opponents of each match in the playoff rounds will be based on results from the actual Copa.

5 The challenge score

Only if you so wish, at the end of this challenge a score will be reported for you. This score will be the mean of your next match difficulty levels.

Let me give an example with a challenge of only four matches. I start at initial difficulty level TS, with level no 10. I then play the four matches with following results:

My tournament score would then be the average of 12, 12, 10 and 9, that is, 10.75.

6 What next?

If you want to play through this challenge, just start playing, and keep an eye on this opening post for possible updates. There is even no need to respond to this thread unless you want to have a challenge score at the end. Most up-to-date info will always be available in this first post.

Let the games begin!
hi and sorry for my long post

hope some will help me

just need to know some tricks , or lets say skills which i tried to learn myself but did not know how :

- how to steal a ball from the opponent ? i mean when the ball with me, the other player just take it very easy , very slight push and that's it, almost there is no push either, some time the player just run next to me and take the ball i thought maybe this happen when i run fast, but even when run slow i loose the ball this way, how to do this??

i try to tackle to slide which makes the move very predictable and slow to move again to retain the ball

i lose many matches cuz of this, so easy to loose the ball , and i have hell to win it back

- sometimes , player against me pass my players as the r ghosts, i stand in front of them to stop them from going forward but they keep running not even a hit . my player is exactly on the same line they r running , whats this?

- one of the most annoying thing when my player just stop watching the ball while the other player run to it fast and take it, some time even when i pass to my player , they r just sanding waiting like idiots while the opponent move and take the ball. some time even when i pass through ball , instead of running fast my player move veeery slow which let the opponent steal the ball before i get it.
Dear sxsxsx

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I am more than their hex code, every four sets of numbers in reverse order, I found this rule, but will not batch conversion.


Not sure if it's worth a new thread but it's the first bit of PES 2016 info. More expected in June

Konami are hopeful that they can add to the list of licenses the yet to be revealed, PES 2016.

That is according to Erik Bladinieres, Global Director of Konami’s Football Division in an interview that he did with the folks at PESaurios.

He stated that new deals for even more licenses for PES 2016 were set to be signed soon. taking the overall official team and league numbers to greater heights in this year’s PES installment.

Mr Bladinieres had also stated that some of the new license announcements would be set to come in June, where it is also expected that we will hear the very first news for PES 2016.
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