Is it possible , say not to include Arsenal in PES 2015 master league?
I just want run poll for PES 2015 master league.

Do you play PES 2015 master league:
  • As is (no mods & no OF), with Konami Original Players
  • With OF & mods - with Konami Original Players
  • As is (no mods & no OF), with Real Players
  • With OF & mods - with Real Players

And for those that opted for no mods & no OF, is the reason mainly because you're in next-gen platforms?

And for those that opted for Konami Original Players, it is interesting to understand the reason why you opted for it?

PS: This poll is not about "how do you want your Master League PES 2015 to be" ... but more to "how do you currently play your Master League PES 2015".
Hello everyone ..
I want to ask .. how does it import the stadium to PES 2013 on PS3 Patch
I had a homemade stadium and successful in PES 2013 PC ..

I edited this stadium with Blender 2.67 and BSE 1.5 from Master Suat

There are forums or tutorial how to import it into the PS3 stadium where I can learn ..

Thanks sorry my bad english

As above, £22.49 in the PlayStation Store.
PES 2014 had some of the most awful, most inconsistent player ratings I've seen in a football game. There were players from Thai teams that could have slotted into top teams in the top European leagues.

Admittedly, 2015 has an improved rating system but there are some very bizarre, downright puzzling overal ratings. I am not talking about the superstars of the game. You have youth players who have not established themselves as first team players rated several points higher than players who have.

See Montell Moore (71) & Andre Gray (56) at Brentford. Then you have Argentine wonderkid Sebastian Driussi at 44... Almost the lowest in the game! I highly doubt he is worse than most Saudi, Qatari & Uzbek club reserves.

The overall ratings of teams look suspect too...
HJK Helsinki have an attack and midfield comparable to UCL regulars Olympiacos
Uzbekistan is 3 stars. Lebanon is 2.5 stars, yet Iran is 2!
Ecuador is 2.5 stars. China and New Zealand are also 2.5 stars. Is there no gulf in class there?

FIFA has had a generally decent database since they started doing weekly updates. Hopefully Konami can follow.
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