I've tried a few games online but i've noticed such a dramatic difference to offline.

Firstly why are player stats donkey and you need to level players up? I just don't get that. My goalkeeper tried to save a goal (which WAS NOT going in) he deflected it in. Goalkeepers are naturally bad, but seem like a complete donkey online.

I didn't play online last year and i feel I won't this year. Buying coins is extremely expensive for what you get, 1 ball per whatever the cost is is ridiculous.

Any shot on goal just seems a 100% goal.
Getting players is expensive

I will always play Pro as i do not like Fifa gameplay, but FUT is light years better than Pro Online. I know Pro can't copy the exact layout as fifa, but surely do better than what it currently is?

Sorry for the rant, but its rather frustrating that it plays like this.
If you want the option to choose random form for online matches (online friendlies and/or online divisions) make your voice heard by retweeting this to bhatti and official pes, or just reply saying you want it to. Probably wont make a difference but who knows, especially if many of us tell them its what we want.

If you are unsure why we want this option theres a few positives.
1. Adds more tactical depth since you cant just rely on the same 11 players every game
2. More variety, right now we play vs the same three teams with the same 11 players, at least on random they would have to mix the players up a little.
3. Currently big teams always get the positive arrows since they win most weeks while teams like Wolfsburg are now unusable online this week, since they are on negative arrows, that gives even less choice for those of us who dont want to play as the big three teams.
4. Random is just more fun, its that simple really, and if you dont like random form you dont have to use it, as we just want the option to be there.

We should have the random form option for at least online friendlies and maybe online divisions, i dont play myclub and i understand they want the weekly updates to make more money off people so sure, keep random form off that mode if need be, but no excuse removing it from other online modes.
Some people have suggested the idea of making a thread exclusively for complaints and I thought it was a good idea since it would leave the official discussion thread for sharing info, tactics etc.

If you're having some personal frustration with CPU cheating etc. post it here. This is the place where all the negativity thoughts on the game must be concentrated.
to all pc full manual gamers..visit my steam Group "PES Full Manual"


This group is dedicated to all pes gamer, who dont like to play ping pong all the day, and wont let the game makes the decision for you.

Pass-support: off
shot type: manual

let appoint us, to make some games in lobby, onlinelegue, myclub ect.

i hope to see you online!!
Playing Master League and I thought I had edited all the names of the 'fake teams' and even have put in Bundesliga names to cover the PEU League....

However even though the Bundesliga renames are in the game, I have a whopping great list of these scrub teams filling up my Euro competitions.

I take it the fake names are stuck for good, I cant do anything about them all?

Edit: Theres bloody hundreds of them ffs, what the hell

Double Edit: 7 in the Champions League, 12 more in the Europa.
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