PES 2014 had some of the most awful, most inconsistent player ratings I've seen in a football game. There were players from Thai teams that could have slotted into top teams in the top European leagues.

Admittedly, 2015 has an improved rating system but there are some very bizarre, downright puzzling overal ratings. I am not talking about the superstars of the game. You have youth players who have not established themselves as first team players rated several points higher than players who have.

See Montell Moore (71) & Andre Gray (56) at Brentford. Then you have Argentine wonderkid Sebastian Driussi at 44... Almost the lowest in the game! I highly doubt he is worse than most Saudi, Qatari & Uzbek club reserves.

The overall ratings of teams look suspect too...
HJK Helsinki have an attack and midfield comparable to UCL regulars Olympiacos
Uzbekistan is 3 stars. Lebanon is 2.5 stars, yet Iran is 2!
Ecuador is 2.5 stars. China and New Zealand are also 2.5 stars. Is there no gulf in class there?

FIFA has had a generally decent database since they started doing weekly updates. Hopefully Konami can follow.
So can anyone help complete this so far ill put what i have found.

-EPL and Championship teams need correct team names and kits

-Italian Seria B team names. Not sure about player names myself.

-Portugal league team names (barre big 3). Again not sure about player names? I think maybe the player names incorrect also?

Brazil league- Player names

International teams- Bosnia, Croatia, Nigeria< turkey, ukraine, wales, Czech rep.- PLayer names. No doubt more teams but im not 100% montenegro etc..(anyone know why they dont have real names for players for these teams?)

Anything missed?

Also any links to corrected stuff or good website to find correct info?
The more settings they put in, the harder it is to find the best ones. Let's get together and post our settings to try to figure this stuff out.

Cursor Change - Semi-Assist
Cursor Type - Off
Pass Support - 0
Through Ball - Basic
Shot Type - Basic
Fre Kick Controls - Normal
Directional Guide - On
Target Guide - Off
Positioning Guide - On
Auto Feint - Off
Auto Sliding - Off
Teammate Controls - Assisted

Game Speed -1

Camera Custom
zoom 4
Height 6
Angle 3
Hi boys and girls, this is my first forum thread, i am so nervous, and hands are shaking and I am sweating like a prostitute in church.

Anyways, there's one thing I must tell you guys about Myclub signing players, I see a lot of people hold their thumbs and got nervous just like me at this point of time and finally press the X button hoping for a black ball, then you get a white ball or gold ball with a top agent. Others have different stories and theories they say there's a way to get a better chance with black balls (when you see a blackball under your balls and press X? I would like to say"LOL" to all those theories,

The fact is:

1)when you enter the random draw, the player is already decided, no matter when you press the X button, the player is SET, it WON'T change.

2)Now this is crucial: The player is always the 6th one from where the ball starts. Now you may try it...

3)For some editions the player is always set to be the 5th one(Winning eleven), can someone please confirm this? I use the PES EU edition and can confirm the 6th one is always what you get.

4)So peeps, there's no need to like me and hold your hands and squeeze your balls, just count, the 6th ball it is(if you have the PES EU dition).

Thanks for reading my bullcrp Engrish
Ok Ive been playing the demo intensivelly and though I still prefer some things in Fifa, I cant get my hands out of this!

Now my problem is in what mode is best? I would like to understand whats the main purpose of manual. Ive been using it lately on shooting, to make it more challenging, but Im thinking, how does this bring up player individuality in shooting? After all Im the one that controls shot power and direction. Power I can still understand that with some players I will get more out of it, but what about accuracy? Do stats only matter for basic shooting?

I find basic shooting... well, too basic and easy to score.
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