A while back I asked the same question about Fifa on a Fifa forum. There the answer was "When it is moving the ball around outside the box."
Who do you think is Konami's Audience Target Market for PES 2015, particularly for next-gen consoles?
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I know i'm a little bit late. PES is out for 2 months. I'm gonna buy it next week but i need to know few things first.

1.Pes 2014 was great. Is 2015 similar when it comes to online gaming?
2.Can we still play with D-Pad?
3.Master League better than last year?
4.Is competition strong since game is out for 2 months?

Please, tell me what you think. When i see what you guys think then it will be easier for me to decide.

Is it possible , say not to include Arsenal in PES 2015 master league?
I just want run poll for PES 2015 master league.

Do you play PES 2015 master league:
  • As is (no mods & no OF), with Konami Original Players
  • With OF & mods - with Konami Original Players
  • As is (no mods & no OF), with Real Players
  • With OF & mods - with Real Players

And for those that opted for no mods & no OF, is the reason mainly because you're in next-gen platforms?

And for those that opted for Konami Original Players, it is interesting to understand the reason why you opted for it?

PS: This poll is not about "how do you want your Master League PES 2015 to be" ... but more to "how do you currently play your Master League PES 2015".
Hello everyone ..
I want to ask .. how does it import the stadium to PES 2013 on PS3 Patch
I had a homemade stadium and successful in PES 2013 PC ..

I edited this stadium with Blender 2.67 and BSE 1.5 from Master Suat

There are forums or tutorial how to import it into the PS3 stadium where I can learn ..

Thanks sorry my bad english


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