This material was presented to the developers and numerous fans of the PES series (on Twitter). It is important for us that developers found useful material in the article and use it in the development of the game! It would be the best reward for our work! We urge those who agree with the statements of the article, not to remain indifferent and to let the developers know about it! We are proud that we do everything that depends on us in order to popularize the game. In this article we’ve dwelt only on the gameplay, we’ve indicated its possible shortcomings and made suggestions for its improvement. This is not our first article, which we address to the developers, and not the last. Enjoy reading!

Dear developers! We kindly ask you to take your precious time and read this article! We all realize that release of PES 2016 is coming soon, so this material is more likely to be relevant to the release of the official patches for PES 2016 and the development of PES 2017. If something from the list below will be fixed before PES 2016 release - we will be happy!
This article is based on analysis of gameplay video from E3, comparrison between real football and PES 2016 and other materials. All notes are given only on gameplay. We are aware that we can be wrong at some point. But who makes no mistakes makes nothing, isn’t it ?! Even if only 50 from the following 200 items are helpful, we will be glad! Items can be repeated, but this only means that you have to pay attention on them! Please draw your attention to the fact that every year we analyze the pre-release video and then play the game. And there are a lot of fans who do the same things and not only in Russia! Considering this we believe that we can judge the gameplay by video. Of course we can’t judge such thing as feedback, because we did not play the game. But we can’t remain silent about some aspects of gameplay! We have to admit that our opinion on gameplay largely coincides with the opinion of the foreign fans. Isn’t it an indication of the fact that you should pay attention to some things of the gameplay?
We want you to understand one simple thing – when we point out the flaws of the gameplay (in this article), we're not trying to blame you! Nothing is perfect in the world! There’s always something to aspire! This also concerns the gameplay of our game! We just want to help you and inform you that the gameplay has always been the dignity of PES series, and it would be foolish to stop its evolution! And it would be nice to know what we are doing is not in vain! On this cheerful note, we invite you to plunge into the article! Let us know if our article was very helpful to you! Thank you for understanding! Enjoy reading!

It is not a secret that many fans want to be involved in the development process of their favorite game!

● Introduction, appeal to developers
● An overview of PES 2016 gameplay shortcomings, based on reviews of playtesters at E3
● Disadvantages of PES 2016 gameplay in comparison with Copa America finals!
● Direct appeal of multimillion army fans to the developers
● Our review of the shortcomings of PES 2016 gameplay (including the flaws of PES gameplay occuring from year to year)
● The opinions of fans from around the world!
● Why do the fans love the gameplay of the retro-versions of the game??
● What are the features of FIFA gameplay?
● What worth borrowing from Football Manager?
● Innovative suggestions for the PES 2017 gameplay
● Epilogue
● Conclusion, appeal to developers

Introduction, appeal to developers
Dear developers!
We understand that you are faced with a huge number of pitfalls that are not always possible to get around when you develop a game. Some of previous features are ejected because of new ones, some features you actually can’t implement, and some of them implemented fairly. But fans want all at once. We want you to know, that this article is written to give you an idea of what kind of gameplay we want to see! We have no right to demand something. We are just consumers as you think. But it is not so. Many of the fans are devoted to the series and some of them would like to join your team, to make our favorite game even better! We really appreciate that you release the game annually and don’t give up despite numerous negative reviews, and not so massive sales in some regions!
We have to admit that PES is very popular among the real football fans in Russia. We appreciate the fact that the gameplay is always in the foreground of the game. The first sites of PES series in Russia were founded in 2003/2004. At the moment Russia has more than 10 major sites of the PES. They are - (it was the first site about PES series in Russia),,,,,,,,,,, and others! Not all of them are very active today, but believe us - they have done a lot to popularise Pro Evolution Soccer series in Russia! Our community Pro Evolution Soccer Russia ( was created in the largest social network Vkontakte in 2007. Considering this, we would like the developers to devote more time to the feedback from the fans. We are ready to help you, and to collect the necessary information. And this article is a visual confirmation of this.

There are a lot of positive and negative feelings every year after the game is released.

An overview of PES 2016 gameplay shortcomings, based on reviews of playtesters at E3
This is the case when a number of reviews are close to a number of spotted flaws of the gameplay. This is good news, but..We really hope list of bugs or flaws of the gameplay and other shortcomings playtesters handed to developers directly without advertising the shortcomings of the gameplay to the public. Otherwise, PES 2016 could be considered as a contender for Game of the year award.

The following materials were used while writing this section:
'Pro Evolution Soccer 2016' is worth playing over 'FIFA',
PES 2016 Is ‘Going For A Triple-A Title This Year’,
PES 2016 Preview – Even Better Than Last Year,
E3 2015: PES 2016 - Standing on the Shoulders of Last Year’s Giant,
Refined Gameplay and Improved Graphics Give ‘PES 2016’ a Bit of an Edge Over ‘FIFA 16’,
PES 2016 Preview - E3 2015,
E3 2015: Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Hands-On Impressions,
E3 2015 preview,
PES 2016: a generational leap for football games,
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Hands-On Preview [E3 2015],
Winning Eleven Blog – E3 Preview,
Worth Playing – Pro Evolution Soccer 2016,
E3 2015: PES 2016 Hands-on Preview – Reliving Past Glories,

● Slide tackles, although nowhere near as bad as they have been in years gone by, still don't feel quite right with regards to timing and were the reason I ended up giving away a penalty. (
● Defensive AI has been tightened too, with players closing in on the opposition with more determination, especially if you hold down X to pressure whomever has the ball. It's not a guarantee you'll make the tackle – precise timing is still required to steal possession. (
● There are some issues to iron out: finesse shooting is weak, and some defender movement when fronting up attackers can be a little crab-like. (
● While PES 2016 is looking like it could be another sensational football game, there were some problems we encountered during the several matches we played. First of all, AI players seem reluctant to make runs into space on attack, making cutting a forward through ball past your opponent's defence and on goal incredibly difficult. It's possible, and when it does come off, it's a moment of air-punching triumph, but when those other 90 percent of attempts fail, it can be frustrating. (
● On more than one occasion, we also found a player in prime position to score, only for the nearby AI to remain riveted to the spot, as we desperately tried to hit the player select button and get the ball into the net. By the time we'd assumed control, the defence had shut the attack down, and the opportunity was long gone. We're sure this kind of thing will be rare in the full version of PES 2016, but at present, it's something of an annoyance. (
● A few other issues/concerns include the R2 shooting that is horribly underpowered and the rubbish penalty system. Not even joking, it's horrid. The penalty systems is so random, it makes no sense whatsoever. Yeah, that should not be the case. Yeah, that should not be the case. Having not played any of the modes, those would be my main points of feedback at the moment. (
● I did feel playing against the AI needed to feel a bit more realistic and varied, but player and team stats are still being worked on at the moment so that might be me being too harsh and jumping the gun a little. (
Other flaws:
● Unfortunately, Pro Evolution Soccer couldn't keep up with EA's perpetual resources, starting with the exclusive licensing deals for major leagues from across the world. (

Yes, we can't judge the game without playing it. But we can compare PES gameplay with real football TV- broadcasting.

Disadvantages of PES 2016 gameplay in comparison with Copa America finals
We probably can't objectively judge the game without playing it. But we can compare the coverage of the PES match with the broadcast of a real match watching them at the same time! PES should look like a real match, isn’t it ?! So what are the disadvantages of PES 2016 gameplay which strike the eye while watching a real match?! Read about it futher! Please take note of this material when release the official patches for PES 2016, as well as in the development of PES 2017.

The following materials were used while writing this section
Stage Demo: PES 2016 - E3 2015, GameSpot:
PES 2016 New PS4 Gameplay, PlayStation Access:
Chile vs Argentina 0-0 (4-1) 1ST HALF TIME, COPA AMERICA FINAL 2015:

● The goalkeepers. They easily secure the ball after cannon shots! They have slow reflexes! Goalkeepers slowly jump for the ball, their movements are often inert! Clumsy actions of the keepers (even with the ball in their hands)! Silly actions of goalkeepers when rushing out: the goalkeeper runs for the ball on a strange, wrong direction, when offensive player breaks in for the goal at the angle. In real football they are more agile (in particular, when rushing out). Sometimes players regroup too quickly.
For example. GameSpot - 91:10, 92:40 (Match time)

● The movement of the players. When the whistle blows, a crazy mess starts on the field. There is not an organic team or individual movement. There is a lot of fuss and unnecessary moves in the players’ actions. The players move too quickly across the field.
● The pace of the game. There are much more speed rates than two. As a consequence pace of the game looks monotonous.
● Fatigue. Fatigue affects only running ability of players. An exhausted player in a real match may make a bad pass, bad tackle, bad shot.
● The actions of the players. Sometimes players behave very passively, act with lack of initiative.Sometimes they just pretend they fight for the ball.

● The density of the game/positioning. Attacking players are constantly open. The defenders don't mark offensive players well. Forwards easily receive the ball and turn around. Huge spaces in midfield. No compactness and density of the game. The positional attacks have no sense.
Whom does the German left defender mark? Why is there only one German defender against two Brazilians?

Attacking players in midfield are always open.

Brazilian midfielders jogging back. They don’t help their defense.

Germany attacks to the left. There are free zones in midfield; it’s not clear where the halfbacks are.

Where is the density? Where are the halfbacks? Do we play arcade or simulator?

German national Team tries to make the artificial strike judging by the actions of the defenders, two strikers Brazil ran to the gate actively interfering with each other more than the defenders of the German national team. Goalkeeper behaves completely passive and unrealistic. But as soon as the ball flies into the goal, everything seems to be changing. Appears smooth and realistic movements of the players. Goalkeeper as though I just crawled out of the TV. General impression that this is generally a different engine. But the subsequent play the ball with the midfield players will return to the usual twitching and confusion. On the replay, by the way, clearly shows that Germany midfielder just got dead center field!

Players’ positioning is different in real football. See the image below.


● Shots. The maximum power of shots and passes is too high. They are very fast. Shots are very precise.
For example. PlayStation Access, 1st match - 19:00

● Ball physics. It’s too easy for players to take the ball under control after strong pass. The ball behaves very predictably; it bounces at a convenient distance. There are almost no mistakes while dribbling (as well as while making feints).
For example. PlayStation Access, 1st match - 47:05, 71:50
● Fouls. No aerial fouls; no handling, missing some other violations of the rules, there is no complete fair play. Even the slightest impact in the box is a clear foul, while outside the box the situation is opposite. In real football the referees are more careful with the penalty kicks, even if it was a contact. In PES 3 the referee had assessed the degree of violation of the rules!

● Team. There is no verbal interaction between players on the field, there is no team spirit, the spirit of competition. Each player acts by himself. Small amount of emotions (except of the emotions that are in the cutscenes).
● The stands. No applause for successful actions!
● Broadcasting. Very few close-ups during the match. In addition, there are only key episodes on the replay (such episodes as dramatic dribble, hitting the post and a number of other situations are not shown). There is no complete interactive environment around the field (warming-up players, ballboys, etc.). As a consequence the broadcast of the match looks glued (with black screens and freezing frames). This leads to the loss of atmosphere and pace of the game! Slow playback speed of the replays. The slow-mo effect should be used only in the key moments of the episode.

● Important point. Teams don't try to use intentionally the strengths of some of their players, such as advantages in height, speed, and so on.

Fans of the game are not ordinary consumers or game reviewers! They are people who criticize the game because they want to make the game as best as possible. They are people who care about the future of the game!

Direct appeal of multimillion army fans to the developers
We don't need a template cutscenes. We don't need AI that makes no mistakes. We don't need fast pace of the game which obtained by constantly sprinting footballers. We don't need fatigue that means nothing. We don’t need the skills of players that mean nothing. We don't need AI that plays by the script and not on the situation. We don't need weak tackling attempts. We don't need super powerful shots and passes. We don't want the ball that is glued to the leading leg of the players, the ball that rolling across the field like a ping pong ball. We don't need feints with no mistakes. Atmosphere on the stadium is far more important than graphics. We don’t need intermittent gameplay that knock down the pace of the game and return players on default positions after each pause. We don't need inert goalies, which often act in their own time dimension. We don't need high precision (Futsal) dribbling using R2 and crazy dangerous shots using R2. We don't need scripted, terrible free kicks. We don't need an AI that artificially creates the scenario for the game. We don't need goalkeepers which jump for the ball not even fully straightening their arms. We don't need a delayed response in control that knocks down the pace of the game. We don't need multiple load screens that make us tired. We are not interested in playing against AI-team, which has a coach for the sake of appearance.

All of these and many other questions are written below. Everything is spelt out.
But before that we would like to ask some questions that are really important for the fans, and we would like to get correct answers! All the questions are below! Thank you in advance for the answers!
1. Why the fans’ favourite features disappear from the game and then reappear in next parts of the series? Why don't you go the way of EA, who don’t waste their experience?
2. Why don't you create an official game forum for feedback from the fans?
3. Why the PC version differs from the nextgen consoles version?
4. Are there enough capabilities of this engine to create a seamless gameplay (with no black screens and freezes)?
5. Why don't you create fake leagues of other countries, such as Germany, Russia, Turkey, Holland and others? EA has exclusive EPL rights, but the league is in your game!
6. Why don't you co-operate with PESEdit team to resolve the issue with the unauthorized leagues in different countries? They are so good at patch-making that fans thought that PESEdit team acted in conjunction with developers.
7. Do you co-operate with real coaches to make game plan menu?
8. You signed a several years contract for possession of European tournaments rights. Does this mean that the Pro Evolution Soccer series is not going to derail, as happened with the Silent Hill series?
9. Why the online gameplay is such non-optimized?
10. Do you check the PES fan forums with all that useful and interesting ideas for the development of PES? Probably not. That's why we collected all the information here for your convenience. The article presents the opinions and wishes of thousands of PES fans from around the world! We really hope that the article will be very helpful to you, and you take this information into account in the development of the official patches for PES 2016, as well as in the development of PES 2017!

To be continued.
Does anyone know how can the entrance scene on PES 2015 (PS3) be unlocked?
I am playing PES with original game disk.
Hi to everyone,

Recently i bought PES 2009 for PS3 (love to sometime play older PES).
I cannot find anywhere on the net any working link with option file for PES 2009 (I just want to patch unlicensed stuff).
Does anyone have stored any option file for PES 2009 (PS3), or any working link for such file?

Help much appreciated



1 Intro

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the new season and PES 2016, but fortunately there is also memory lane. In this challenge you have a chance to play through some of the classics of the 2014-2015 football season against the CPU (offline).

The challenge is adaptive so that the difficulty level changes according to whether you are winning or losing. If you are winning, the matches get harder; if you are losing, they become easier. You should therefore expect to experience the entire range of feelings associated with competitive sports. If you would like to, a challenge score will be calculated for you at the end of the challenge.

2 So who will I be competing against in this challenge?
================================================== =====

Basically yourself. Although a challenge score will be calculated for you at the end, if you so wish, the scores are not comparable, as no particular gameplay settings are enforced.

3 How to play

3.1 Gameplay settings

The challenge consists of a series of exhibition matches. The gameplay setting are up to you to decide. Personally I will be playing 15 minute matches with following settings: full manual, game speed 0, advanced through ball, all visual aids off, random condition, and player emotions off.

3.2 The difficulty level of the first match

The difficulty level of the first match is TW: top player, winning team. That is, you will play the first match "San Lorenzo - Nacional" at PES difficulty level top player, controlling team "San Lorenzo" that won the classic.

3.3 Play your first match

Play the topmost match in the table below at the initial difficulty level.

Notice that in many browsers, you need to scroll the code window below horizontally to see all of the columns in the table. In the table, HG refers to "home team goals" and AG to "away team goals". In order for every match to have a winner, if the match has been a tie, the away team is the designated "winner" of the match. Some of the matches designated as "final" were actually the deciding leg of a two-part final.

For players with vanilla PES 2015, mapping from PES English league names to real Premier league team names can be found at

The Brazilian team CR Flamengo is available in PES 2015 under Copa Libertadores 2014, and its opponent Vasco da Gama is available in section "Other teams (Latin America)".

3.4 Choose the difficulty level of the next match

Each match is played at one of the following ten difficulty levels, which have been ordered from top to bottom from the hardest to the easiest.

The difficulty level of the next match is determined by the difficulty level of your previous match and the result of your previous match.
- If you played a draw, your difficulty level stays the same.
- If you won, your difficulty level moves up by one in the table of difficulty levels; for example, from TW (top player, winning team) to TL (top player, losing team).
- If you lost, your difficulty drops down by one; for example, from TW (top player, winning team) to PL (professional, losing team).

If you do not wish to move beyond a given level, you may determine your own highest level. For example, if you do not want to play against superstar, you may decide that your highest level is TL.

If you lose a match at the lowest level AW, you will remain there. If you win at the highest level SW, you will remain there, but we recommend that you play the next match unassisted if you were playing assisted in the previous match.

The difficulty level numbers in the table are used to determine your challenge score.

3.5 Report your result

If you would like a challenge score at the end of the challenge, report the result of your match by sending a message to this thread. In the message please report, for each match

- the match played; example San Lorenzo - Nacional
- your difficulty level in this match; example TW
- your team in the match; example San Lorenzo
- the result; example lost 2-3
- your difficulty level in next match; example PL.

A template is provided here for you to fill in the information:


You can naturally combine the results of multiple matches in a single message.

3.6 Proceed to the next match

Now play the next match in the table, at the difficulty level of the next match you found above. Pay attention to which team is the winner of the next match. The result of this second match will determine the difficulty level of your third match etc.

4 The challenge score

Only if you so wish, at the end of this challenge a score will be reported for you. This score will be the mean of your next match difficulty levels.

Let me give an example with a challenge of only four matches. I start at initial difficulty level TW, with level no 10. I then play the four matches with following results:

My tournament score would then be the average of 12, 12, 10 and 9, that is, 10.75.

5 What next?

If you want to play through this challenge, just start playing, and keep an eye on this opening post for possible updates. There is even no need to respond to this thread unless you want to have a challenge score at the end. Most up-to-date info will always be available in this first post.

Let the games begin!

This article will be sent to the developers.

Dear users of!

Innovations of PES 2016 are announced and known to everybody. In order not to waste any time we have started to prepare materials for PES 2017. We will mention all those innovations and improvements that fans want to see in the near future! Therefore I would like to ask you to remark on the following items:
- What kind of innovations would you like to see in the series;
- What improvements from the previous parts of the series would you like to see in the game again;
- What features from the other sport simulators(not only from footsims) would you like to see;
- What weaknesses which ruin the impression of the game from year to year you would like to eliminate once and for all.

I look forward to your response and lively discussion. This topic is actively discussed on all Russian PES portals. Soon I will create a similar topic at,,, and other!

We plan to gather all the information from all the forums in September. Then we’ll process, sort and send it to the developers in the form of an article. We look forward to your support and help!

Best regards from Russia!
This article has been sent to the game developers.

Dear developers!
We have analyzed the gameplay of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 presented during the E3 event. The material presented here contains numerous opinions and reviews on the game coming from people who have already tried the game out. Based on these, we have prepared the list down below, where drawbacks of the current game version are pointed out.
This material has been made up with joint efforts of the biggest Pro Evolution Soccer Russian fan communities, i. e.:
and the others.

Gameplay drawbacks:
- the goalkeepers are too slow to react, it takes them too long to fall while trying to reach a low ball, their movements seem inert;
- the players tend to 'slide' on the pitch, as if they're weightless;
- goalkeepers manage to fixate the ball even after the strongest of shots, it doesn't feel natural;
- the ball is too easy to receive and control after pretty difficult passes;
- sometimes the shots and passes are too strong and don't quite match the animation of the player;
- the shots need more of a 'bite', not strength;
- the players tend to just stop moving, as if they are reloading, especially after collisions;
- the control the R2 shots are overscripted;
- long passes look unnatural;
- the animation for interceptions is too 'screaming', it also needs more variations;
- sometimes players are unexplainably passive, they rather play struggling for the ball than actually struggle for it; they also would just stare at the ball rolling right near them, not even trying to stretch a leg to take it into their possession;
- two powerbars during set pieces;
- the ball is 'glued' to the players' stronger foot;
- the players are too fussy, the change of direction happens too abruptly, and so are the animations;
- players keep talking to someone with no apparent reason; hints during free kicks and corners cannot be hidden;
- the cut-scene actions don't continue the episode before them;
- freezes in the transitions between the game episodes;
- fatigue doesn't affect players' abilities;
- during the set pieces the referee keeps his arm up longer than it's actually needed;
- sometimes players just 'stick' to each other;
- players keep moving in the wrong direction, as if something forces them;
- the game doesn't feel tight, too much free space;
- the legs movement animations don't match the body position and the player's speed, more balance is required;
- the camera attached to a player or the ball needs to be fixed;
- no coherence between the defenders and the goalkeeper;
- no fouls commited while tussling for a header;
- goalkeepers are too timid (in one-on-one situations, for instance);
- the set piece system is overscripted;
- the net physics needs mastering;
- the hand ball foul is missing, so are some others; the fair play isn't full;
- the player is only starting to move towards the ball when the powerbar is already at full.

Thank you very much for viewing this material! We hope the feedback will be useful and that the improvements in the game process won't take long to come. However, we do realize everything cannot be changed by the time PES 2016 is released, but these ideas might come in handy for the future games or for possible official PES 2016 patches.
Contact us to let us know of press releases and other newsworthy items
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