Bring Back 2 vs 2 Mode in PES 2017 !

Hi PES Fans !

There are a lot of players accross the world that want a season coop Mode 2 vs 2 in PES 2017. We want that game mode back because we think that it represents a part of the future of football games and e-Sports.

2 vs 2 Mode was included in PES 2011. This mode is in FIFA 16 under the name "Season Coop" and a lot of players are playing it.

We want a 2 vs 2 online mode in PES 2017 because we think it's important for the players and for the future of the franchise.

We are a football tribe.

Thank you very much for your support !
So they port the PS3 as to sell even less?

And push people to EA?
Until 14/07/16 add to the list below. If you have time and wish. Material will be brought to KONAMI.

We apologize for any imperfections considering our English!

Online. Manual. Control. And "small" other.
1. Online. Game Room for manual players

2. Online. Match Time: 20, 25, 30 minutes

3. Online. Camera: "Fans," "Atop"

4. Online. Game speed: 0, -1, -2

5. Manual. Options: Personal User Data:
Receiving the ball: manual (player (under the cursor) is fully under the control of the human, without pressing R1+R2) / automatic (player (under the cursor) is under the control of the AI)
Control response: manual (the action pass/shot performed after a key is pressed simultaneously filling power metal bar scale) / automatic (the action pass/shot performed when AI will be convenient)

6. Online. 2vs2 mode

7. Other. Advanced training mode. Many players play the game, but not in football. Note "Pro Evolution Soccer 5, The Official Guide by Piggyback", training program European top clubs

8. Other. Several folders save replays

9. Online. Hide icon change tactics opponent (D-Pad)

10. Online. Hide the cursor on opening a player (manually)

11. Online. Hide the height adjustment of the defensive line (D-Pad)

12. Other. Remove the overall skill player

13. Other. Reduce skills players

14. Online. "Online Community" mode

15. The Game Plan. More than 3 slots for saving tactics

16. Control. Shot head/foot after a press various buttons (after a cross/high pass)
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