ZIDANE possibly coming back to France NT. team.

Discussion in 'Football' started by diggi, 31 March 2005.

  1. diggi

    diggi Guest

    At SOCCERGAMING forums there`s a guy I think he`s from France that says he watched news or something that said Zidane might come back to play for the national team once again and other defenders that retired (Thuram). As you can see France is doing horrible so Zidane would be a great asset to the team.

    This also might be Aprils fools day.. so stay tuned.
  2. Yogui

    Yogui Premiership

    3 February 2004
    Arsenal FC
    nope, this won't happen for sure.

    Zidane has been called back a few times and he's already said that he wouldn't change his mind about the national team.
    But it's true, Domenech (the french coach) has asked for help to the retired players. And it seems that Zidane has said that if came back, he would do it for a very important game, like Irlande vs France. But it's just an ambiguous talk I guess.

    Even if he came back, it wouldn't change anything on my opinion. One player just isn't enough to make a team play better.

    So stay tuned...
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  3. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    Thuram and Zidane would be great and all I could ask for.

    Thuram is still amazing defender and not like Desailly who was old and crap. Thuram is still one of best defenders in world and Zidane well no need to say anything there.

    now if this ***** coach started calling up Pires and Silvestre and playing Giuly in first team everything would be good.

    and No... Marlet doesn't deserve to be in NT even if Govou and 4 other strikers got injured. There are at least 12 other French strikers better than him.
  4. chelsea_fan

    chelsea_fan EPL LEAGUE

    3 December 2004
    chelsea fc
    they dont have a playmaker, R.Pires is the anwer!
    PLF ur right man, this coach is an *****.
  5. Yogui

    Yogui Premiership

    3 February 2004
    Arsenal FC
    It's true, Pires deserve to be part of the team, at least more than Meriem, Pedretti, Mavuba...
    I think Domenech should also give Micoud a chance, he's just a great midfielder, and that's our biggest lack in the national team, appart from Vieira, the other players that domenech calls, are not experienced ones.
    Thuram shouldn't have quit that fast, he was supposed to represent the old generation so that the new players can adapt more easily.

    I don't agree with you PLF in the case of Silvestre, i think he's made too many mistakes during the euro and other games he's played. He has to show more.

    I hope that a solution is found, IMO france deserves a good national team, and shouldn't be always making draws against medium level teams.
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  6. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    I don't want Silvestre to be in 1st team but I think he's a descent option to have at left-back even as backup.

    I do want Thuram to be in there and Zidane though. Thuram quit way too fast and he still has a few good years ahead of him, still very solid good speed and strong and could provide the experience that is missing among the team now with Viera and flop Barthez being only solutions.

    I'd like to see France team call up players like Malbranque, Bernard when they play good and NOT only when they get bought by big clubs like Man Utd. (Ex. Saha)

    Malbranque was amazing before his injury and 2 years ago was easily one of the best players in EPL yet he NEVER got that call-up which was strange and tepmted him to go even play for Belgium. Olivier Bernard was another example, he proved to be a good consistent player for Newcastle for 2-3 seasons but again NO sign of call up while Givet was ahead of them.

    There is also the ones like Frank Quedrue and Laurent Robert who have some quality but I'm not going to argue that those two should DEFINTELY play for France because they have been inconsistent and I could understand if they don't want them there but Malbranque and Bernard really deserved some NT playing time one year ago and were ignored.

    But anyways thankfully France has so much talent, not calling up some players and many retiring still won't hurt them as much IF the coach AT LEAST uses what he has the RIGHT way but he doesn't.

    He plays a right-footed CB in William Gallas as LB.
    He doesn't call up Pires who is the most needed player now that Zidane has retired and clearly in a class of his own even though if he's past his peak he still has 2-3 good years left in him which we should use not let him rot.

    Also Giuly is clearly one of France's best players now and should be in 1st team when he's fit and ready.

    And while GK is not main problem , for past 3 years I believe Gregory Coupet is better than Barthez now and should've been #1 for a few years now but I certainly hope Barthez is gone now after the Israel match and Coupet given a chance.

    I haven't seen Mickael Landreau much this year as I haven't gotten any Nantes matches but he was also a descent keeper.

    Anywyas the problem of this team isn't ONE thing right now its a lot of stuff but i've mentioned many of them and the coach is an *****. He uses astrology to pick teams and play players. He thinks all defenders who are Leos for example are BAD defenders lol. this guy's a real ***** I thought even before I see this article but now I think he's a big fool who unfortunately might embarass the whole nation by failing to qualify for WC and the bad thing is if he DOES qualify he won't get sacked so either way France is doomed just by appointing this fool who looks like Jim's dad from American Pie by the way ;)


    One final note: France National team should NOT I repeat should NOT have Average players. That means no room for players like Steve Marlet who no disrespect doesn't SUCK but he's very average. You don't get picked for national team by being average while someone like Malbranque shines in front of the world for Fulham in Premier League and doesn't get noticed.

    Marlet is a descent forward when consistent but not even good enough for Marseille 1st team in my opinion as I prefer Bamogo and Luyindula though a little bit of height could be needed but then again for a tall man he's not that good at heading either.

    Anyways he's 30 and since he's not even better than other striking options i dont see why he should be in the team whether Govou gets injured or not. There are many better choices.
  7. Revan

    Revan out the window

    8 August 2003
    Madeira, Portugal.
    FC Porto
    coach is ,I believe is the main problem with france.
    He doesn't get the right players and he can't make the players he call play decently!
    It won't be Zidane alone solving the problems... Even thought he is fantastic! not at is peak right now but still great!
  8. Yogui

    Yogui Premiership

    3 February 2004
    Arsenal FC
    If only Blanc had been coach instead of him, maybe we wouldn't have had those problems, and for sure, Zidane and the others retired would still be playing for France.
  9. Glavisted

    Glavisted Guest

    I don't think so, I believes Zidane won't change his position, but maybe Lilian Thuram can back.
  10. crayon

    crayon Yamato Gaijin

    23 October 2004
    Hokkaido Japan
    Liverpool FC
    I've heard the coach has been consulting the stars (if thats the right phrase) before games and thats why Pires was dropped recently. Clearly out of his tree. All seemed well just a few short years ago. A shame to see what has happened.
  11. Joystick

    Joystick Deep like Titanic

    10 August 2004
    The Arse
    Do you think Deschamps would do better? He's done a good job @ Monaco but he maybe a bit young. Could be a breath of fresh air? Plus he must know a lot of the players personally.

    Is Essien french? He's an awesome player.
  12. ThomasGOAL

    ThomasGOAL Retired Footballer

    15 March 2003
    Essien from Ghana play for Ghana

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