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Yet another pes6 problem

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by scarface1999, 26 October 2006.

  1. scarface1999

    scarface1999 League 2

    6 August 2006
    after i installed it and when i run it a window pops up and the message
    "A required security module can not be activated.
    This program can not be executed (7000)." is shown.

    any1 knows whats up?
  2. mgc1971

    mgc1971 League 1

    30 November 2004
    Same problem here...I've bought the game this morning and havent been abe to play it because of th damn secorom protection that doesn't allow my original game to be played...shame on Konami ....I dont pay for this s**t....btw, their hot line is a bloody joke
  3. kdjac

    kdjac League 2

    3 May 2004
    awww poor guys :(

    Turn off your Virtual discs like Alcohol and Daemon tools before trying to play.

    Odd i have Alcohol and Daemon but when using the original CD it doesnt give me an error.

  4. mgc1971

    mgc1971 League 1

    30 November 2004
    kdjac, this is really weird as I dont have Daemon Tools installed on my PC and I guess my Cd is as origibnal as yours - as a matter of fact I paid 32 € for it this morning-.Unbelievable, I bought this game to support Konami and now I have to wait for a pirate group to crack it so I can play using their No DVD crack.This sucks
  5. chrismodd

    chrismodd League 2

    21 June 2004
    Oh well... it should come up in no time dude.. what about trying to make an image of your DVD and use daemon tools to mount it and run from there?

    at least that way you don't have to wait for no-dvd exe
  6. Schumipes5

    Schumipes5 Guest

    Download Antiblah ,and from the directory of the downloaded files choose EN-ON and then EN-OFF,it will work fine.
  7. Superhobb

    Superhobb Non-League

    4 August 2004
    Newcastle, AC Milan
    didnt work.. have the same problem. any more ideas? please help
  8. Mat250000

    Mat250000 League 1

    28 November 2005
    I got a way.But i aint sure if i should post how to get it goin or not.I aint accusing you of downloading it on a torrent or nothing but i know some people have.Perhaps i could send a private message with details
  9. hellequin

    hellequin Guest

    I've just got my PES 6 from play.com this morning. Getting exactly the same error message. No explanation for it, tried reinstalling to different drives. I registered online with my code before playing, i don't know if this has anything to do with it. Konami don't appear to have a helpline, just a cheatline. I'm furious. I pay for my copy and can't play because of security i don't understand despite having a disk in my machine that konami i assume produced.

    If anyone knows someone i could phone that would be brilliant or has had the same problem and fixed it. I'm downloading windows updates i'm hoping that might help.
  10. hellequin

    hellequin Guest

    No that hasn't helped.

    This is ridiculous, Konami have no support at all, what can i do?
  11. nokmond

    nokmond Conference

    24 August 2005
    i had the same problem. Use cracked nodvd exe it works a treat.
  12. hellequin

    hellequin Guest


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