Xbox 360 editing options?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Pahars, 3 October 2008.

  1. Pahars

    Pahars Conference

    9 October 2004
    Has anyone seen/heard any of the editing options on 360?

    If we have to wait for the new 'dashboard', does anyone know when this update will actually happen?

    Like many others I'm hoping to be able to import files but I can't find any definite answers on this.

    Ta very much
  2. SaintScott

    SaintScott League 1

    17 December 2002
    Southampton, finally.
    Just to give you an answer, no, I don't think anyone knows.

    But I think it's unlikely lazy ol' Konami will have gone to the trouble of allowing picture imports in the current iteration of the dashboard, and they may well not even know it's being replaced, never mind code PES2009 to allow for that. The key is whether there's a usable connection from the PES2009 software to a shared file location, and I seriously doubt it.

    On the bright side, one of the YouTube edit mode videos shows that the sponsor editor is now the same as the logo/badge editor was in later PS2 versions of PES, and the whole shirt front can be an in-game created image, so there's ample opportunity to create sponsors, team badges and logos in there.

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