Xbox 360 controller issue (PC): LT + RT

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by DrJambo, 17 October 2008.

  1. DrJambo

    DrJambo Non-League

    5 November 2007
    If set to manual control, LT and RB can be used to increase your attacking stance. This works fine. However, LT + RT are supposed to modify your team to be more defensive, but for whatever reason this combination of buttons pressed together just doesn't work on the xbox 360 controller for windows....

    Both LT and RT each work individually so there's nothing wrong with the controller per sé. But when I try to combine the two to reduce my attacking level, nothing happens.

    Can anyone advise? Is it just a problem with the xbox controller?

    Many thanks in advance

  2. Schmari

    Schmari League 2

    16 February 2006
    U have to set the controller option to "Xinput" with the settings.exe ;)

    Apart from that, this is a normal behaviour because the LT/RT is an axis.
    It is the same as if you were trying to steer a car left and right at the same time...
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  3. DrJambo

    DrJambo Non-League

    5 November 2007
    Yep, tried that myself and it worked. Thanks for replying anyhow! :)
  4. tecnoguy

    tecnoguy We Won It Five Times

    7 March 2005
    N Ireland
    I myself have set controller to "xinput" but it still won't let me move my defence levels but the demo did?? I have org game but use no dvd exe??
    I know I shouldnt mention no dvd but evo patch etc have these options
  5. sienkiewicz

    sienkiewicz AglioEoliO - PesBrasil

    24 April 2004
    Sao Paulo
    S.C.Corinthians Paulista
    Thanks Schmari, it worked here
    but then you can´t play against other human offline, I think
  6. Luckz

    Luckz League 2

    31 March 2004
    Bonn, Germany
    Uh, without Xinput it worked fine for me this weekend in 1on1 matches with a friend who used a non-xbox controller, so we could not use xinput (I think it's not per-controller, is it?). However you first have to hold down LT and then press RT as many times as you want to decrease your level by a notch.
  7. jamiee

    jamiee League 1

    23 November 2008
    on the pitch
    Has somebody found a solution to this issue.....i wanna play a friend who has an non xbox controller
  8. Energia

    Energia Premiership

    22 December 2003
    If you don't want use Xinput in setting.exe, you can install xbcd drivers...
  9. Jazek

    Jazek League 2

    15 September 2005
    I assume you mean per 360 controller? Well I just got two in the mail the other day and can use both with Xinput at the same time with no problems.

    On that note, let me say that it blows the dual shock away for responsiveness.

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