X-Group 1.4 Revolution - Pes4 XBOX AFP Version

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by gendoikari, 24 July 2005.

  1. gendoikari

    gendoikari Guest

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  2. uksparx

    uksparx Non-League

    2 August 2004
    U got a tutorial in English?

  3. dougiedonut

    dougiedonut Non-League

    30 January 2003
    Guys - can we please get some english instructions on how to apply this patch?? cheers!
  4. anyone know how you use this patch.

  5. its ok i managed to get it. for anyone who wants to know how to use it, you need afsexplorer3.6.

    If you have pro evo on the HD then ftp your files across to your pc. then open up afsexplorer and import the e_text.afs. The on the toolbar select 'Import AFP Patch' and select the languageENG.afp. After that just follow the on screen instructions and do the same with the other files.

    e-text.afs patched with languageENG.afp

    0_text.afs patched with soundREVOLUTION.afp

    0_text.afs patched with graphicREVOLUTION.afp

    and remember to copy over the default.xbe file.

    upload the option file and away you go.

    great patch guys. :D
  6. dougiedonut

    dougiedonut Non-League

    30 January 2003
    Thanks for the instructions - i'll give this a bash tonight
  7. stevechubb76

    stevechubb76 Non-League

    15 February 2005
    ireland. from holland
    have i gotta download all the parts
  8. yes. Then unzip them all together with Winrar.
  9. KOP_007

    KOP_007 Banned

    22 March 2003
    Anyone else got it to work? Game freezes at the beginning.
  10. nerf

    nerf Forming triangles

    10 September 2003
    West Mids, UK
    Aston Villa
    I had/have the same problem, KOP_007. Freezes on the spinning disc screen.
  11. KOP_007

    KOP_007 Banned

    22 March 2003
    Well, I fixed it, don;t know how, jsut ticked a box in the config that I didn't have ticked and it worked.

    However, I do appreciate the effort put in but I just dont like this patch. Kits, flags, music - it's all wrong, I just dont like it.
  12. spaceman

    spaceman League 2

    18 June 2003
    Why is it that in all my games i keep on hearing "you'll never walk alone" weird when it's Utd v Arsenal,,,,,,,
  13. bigd0205

    bigd0205 Non-League

    4 August 2005
    would it work if i used the files mentioned above from the pc game? as i cant ftp and cant find my original game. or even better any one know where i can get the files needed
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  14. rIKmAN

    rIKmAN League 2

    15 June 2003
    Manchester, UK
    I`ve tried importing this patch far too many times...!!!

    When I use AFS Explorer and import the patches, I have to make new afs files that are bigger than the AFS files found in game, and it then freezes upon loading in evoX.

    If I choose to not make them any bigger then half of the stuff in the patch doesn`t get imported as reported in the log as "insufficient space to import..."...and the game still hangs on the evoX loading screen

    Am I missing something?

  15. Wolf_Hook

    Wolf_Hook Conference

    14 May 2005
    It's a shame that X-Group decided to release their latest release as a AFS insertion method as it is causing problems for quite a few people.

    I had the crashing error and just went back to my own patch in the end.

    I don't see what is wrong with releasing the 0_text etc etc in their entirety so you just FTP the files straight over. OK it might be a little longer to download but it makes things so much easier rather patching methods like DKZ blah blah blah.
  16. rIKmAN

    rIKmAN League 2

    15 June 2003
    Manchester, UK
    Tell me about it.
    Has ANYONE got this installed and working?

    it doesn`t help that the install instructions are so poorly translated, there are some options when using AFSExplorer etc where your not sure what to do (rebuild bigger AFS, insert patch keeping same size etc) so there are lots of places to go wrong.

    I have managed to use the option file from this version - whoopee - just wish I could figure out what to do to get it working.

    As I said before I have patched both ways (same size AFS and rebuilding a bigger one) and both crash on the evoX loading screen.
  17. rIKmAN

    rIKmAN League 2

    15 June 2003
    Manchester, UK
  18. edefux

    edefux Guest

    got the same problem. when patching the message not enough space appears. anyone help please
  19. edefux

    edefux Guest

    hehe- got it
  20. KOP_007

    KOP_007 Banned

    22 March 2003
    I got it installed and working, but...and I mean no disrespect...it's not a good patch.

    I instead made my own patch with kits and badges from a PC patch, and put all my own music in etc.

    Got the game exactly how I want it now. Superb.
  21. JayM

    JayM International

    17 April 2004
    North Yorkshire
    I haven't tried the recent versions but the ones I have had trouble with collars, 3D models, transparencies and colour loss in kits.

    Plus it had X-Group logos everywhere that are very unrealistic.

    I've been modding the .afs that came with this and updated a lot of it with my own stuff.
  22. rIKmAN

    rIKmAN League 2

    15 June 2003
    Manchester, UK
    Do any of the PC patches with kits and balls/boots etc etc need converting to work on the xbox version of the game rather than the PC?

    I have both but I prefer it on the xbox, bit faster and not as "clean cut" as the PC version.

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