wrong heights and weights in pes 2013

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  1. Thefootballing

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    15 July 2004
    Arsenal "the gunners"
    There are some wrong sets of heights and weights that should be fixed in pes 2013?
    Who can i send this feedback to?

    The wrong stats are the following:

    - Carlos Tevez reported as 170 while he is 173 (5'8'')

    http://www.mcfc.co.uk/Players/Strikers/Carlos-Tevez (5 feet 8 inches = 173 centimeters)


    Same height of Aguero reported as 175 in the game

    - A. Song portrayed as 182x76 when he is 185x76




    - Theo Walcott reported as 170x68 while he is 176x68



    - Nedum Onuoha portrayed as 183x89 while he is 188x78



    - Chicharito reported as 172x62 while he is 175x70





    - Jefferson Montero reported ad 169x64 while he is 173x70



    - Isaac Vorsah reported as 192x85 while he is 192x91

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  2. goalgerd

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    great shout,the person responsible for pes stats should be shot with his own balls of shit!! this has being going on for more than 10 years from konami and it really should be sorted by now with the internet handy
  3. Baxter

    Baxter International

    23 August 2011
    Are these PES 2013 measures? If yes, what about Albrighton? In PES 2012 he was 188x80 while he's 175x67.
  4. Thefootballing

    Thefootballing League 2

    15 July 2004
    Arsenal "the gunners"
    I reported the players i noticed but i' m sure there are much more. Official measurment are not respected by konami, maybe they take a very old measurment from the teenage years of a player and mantain that for years.

    official sites of united and city say chicharito is 175, tevez 173 and so.
    for example is pretty ridicolous that chicharito is reported as 62 since he is 175 and pretty stocky nowdays. maybe he was 62 kg back in 2009?
    walcott was 170 when he was 16 or 17, now he is 175-6

    how can i send this feedback to konami?

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