Wouldnt this be An Improvement For PES 6 PC

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by bumfucker100, 5 August 2006.

  1. bumfucker100

    bumfucker100 Conference

    26 April 2004
    2 Things really if they have inculded all the info that is in the mag article then great but 2 things id like to see would be much longer replays as now when you score a goal from a beautiful move you only really get to see the strikers finish rather than the lovely throughball or whatever anyone agree??, oh and the second ask for me would be graphics that really take advantage of high end pc´s i understand this is difficult if its a direct port from a console however itd be great if was developed with a top pc´s power in mind any more suggestions fire waya!

    thx guys and gals
  2. pheel

    pheel Non-League

    8 November 2003
    Hong Kong
    agree with the replay. and in-game: hate the fact that as soon as the ball is out of play you can't use the replay. very anoying...
  3. marukomu

    marukomu Ecchi otoko

    26 November 2005
    Okayama, Japan
    Man Utd, Stockport County
    i'd like all the cut scenes taken out unless it's for something important.
    Also when there is a substitution, why does the game pause until the names disappear?
  4. pheel

    pheel Non-League

    8 November 2003
    Hong Kong
    better to let people to choose to have it turned off via an option similar to the game entry scene option.

    what's important in the game depends on one's point of view sometimes. ;)
  5. memnon

    memnon Non-League

    9 August 2004
    I would like to see every cpu player on the pitch including the users players have there own independent intelligence.How good would that be if the players looked for space, time their runs into the box, look to stay onside. Also more individual skills added to beat player instead of having to pass your way past a defence most of the time. One final thing, scrap the shit music and put something better in
  6. mr.FiC

    mr.FiC Non-League

    20 August 2005
    Porting a game from the 360 to a pc is even simpler than from PS2.The only question is - will Konami be commercial bastards and make the more-than-cool high def graphics exclusive for the 360 or the pc players are finally going to use the power of their pc to play the PES 6 with decent graphics?
  7. crayon

    crayon Yamato Gaijin

    23 October 2004
    Hokkaido Japan
    Liverpool FC
    Agree with memnon - the lobby music in pes5 pc is absolutely tragic! The worse lift/elevator music ever.

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