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Worst Pro-ev ever!

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by CurtisTiger, 1 December 2005.

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  1. CurtisTiger

    CurtisTiger Guest

    Upon playing this game i have encountered many obvious flaws, these being too many to mention but include the awry passing that blights the movement between players, the "through ball" which quite frankly isnt worth a toss as you're better off doing a strong pass instead to attempt throughality! Also the throw ins which leaves little room for error as you're pressed on the ball whenever attempt is taken especially on-line when you get the pause icon staring up at you! Bring back pro-ev 4 any day for a more complete game which is still going to be playable long after we finish talking about this abomination of a "quality football game"!
  2. bones1971

    bones1971 Guest

    Wow, this game is taking a lot of hits. I loved PES 4. I guess what I like most about 5 is improved animations and untucked shirts. It's a little harder to score also.
  3. jonneymendoza

    jonneymendoza Legend

    1 January 2004
    omg anothe post about dis shit, y complain here? we diddnt make the game
  4. dalessandro

    dalessandro League 2

    8 October 2004
    I'm gettin' tired to be compelled to defend this beautiful game, so I'll summarize :
    PES5 best football game ever
    PES4 shit

    EDIT : and what I saw after havin' send the message is that every complaint I see on this forum regards the PC version as always. Yep, PES PC gamers don't blame the game, but blame yourself not to play on PS2 you crétin des alpes anglo-saxons
    Last edited: 2 December 2005
  5. Grumpygit

    Grumpygit Non-League

    26 November 2005
    PES 5 is NOT an arcade game, as was pes 4 ( or a little more so ). The main thing for me in PES 5 is that you REALLY have to work hard to retain the ball which is EVERYTHING in this game.I can't emphasise how important it is to PASS the ball and keep it, even if it means going backward. I am no expert in this game but I believe it to be the best incarnation of the real thing to date. Even though it can be frustating at times...
  6. nistelrooy

    nistelrooy Conference

    25 January 2003

    perhaps pes5 is just too tough for you
    and you are better off playing a arcadish football game.
  7. gavman_77

    gavman_77 El' Beatle

    29 November 2004

    Or maybe you might be more suited to "dance stage megamix"......you tool!!
  8. elim

    elim Non-League

    13 March 2005
    I'm still surprised by all these comments. Sure, PES5 takes some getting used to, but once you've learnt to be patient with your play, applied your tactics to the opposition (find the space in their formation and plop someone there to do the damage) you'll soon start to enjoy games.

    I'm starting to have some cracking matches now with PES5 and on a five star ML career my created team are currently third in the top division.

    Thing is. I wouldn't even call myself a good PES player and it was only a few weeks ago I was cursing this game to such an extent that actually I stopped playing it for over a week. Since I returned it's been much better so maybe a break is called for?

    I found there was a defining moment where I was playing triangular passes within the oppositions final third and actually thinking to myself "I've cracked this now!"

    I also must say every time I watch a real live match now I’m taken aback by how true-to-life the PES series has become.
  9. maccro

    maccro Guest

    This is definitely the most frustrating game in the series. Beautiful also. Most of the time frustrating. It seems it's more about quick thinking than ever before.
  10. elim

    elim Non-League

    13 March 2005
    3-5-2 B1 is the formation I use.

    Creative player in the hole (middle shotting ability would work well). I use Hakan Yakin/Baumjohann here)

    Three Centre-backs with decent pace/acc and technique (say 75+ for either). (I use Vanden Borre, S. Mendez and Cabrera)

    Two Wing-backs with high stamina and everything else a winger needs (They'll be doing a lot of running). (I use Bresciano and Kroupi - who isn't a wing-back but does a sterling job)

    Two Defensive midfielders with good technique and passing.(I use Mascherano and Sissoko)

    Huge sod up front (he'll hold up the ball and bring Yakin and his partner into play). (I use Caracciolo and/or Ching)

    Nippy lad up front (Good speed and technique) - I use Quincy.

    Hardly global stars, but with the right formation and application they run like a well oiled engine :)

    Remember. Low balls in the box are a goal poachers dream.
  11. RuneEdge

    RuneEdge Silent Assassin

    1 October 2003
    Turn around, I'm right behind you...
    Manchester United

    Well said, mate. If you have the right formation for your set of players, it can work like you said "a well oiled engine".

    People have this habit of having a favourite formation that they think will work with every team. Which obviously isnt possible.
    Instead, you need to look at your set of players and build a new formation around them that complements and makes the most of their abilities. I've beaten quite a few players online on PES5 when the other guy was clearly the better player technically (was a better dribbler, better at taking players on and better at finishing).

    I see the thread starter as one of those people who think Pro Evo is all about picking your team, your starting XI and jumping straight into the game. PES5 is miles better than the previous games cuz it rewards players with a better technical mind rather than the most gifted players. Which is how it is in real life as Real Madrid and the CL winning FC Porto proved.
  12. Strangely I too had such a moment, I really struggled scoring goals and would always get beat and sometimes heavily online, then in one game I was loosing 3 - 0 with 10 minutes left everything just fell into place, I suddenly new how to keep the ball, how to shoot and defend, I came back to win 4 - 3.

    You have to work to get space to shoot, do this oustide the box with a decent player and you can score some amazing goals, then defending, dont makle it your goal to get the ball of the attacker, just try to stop him passing it into the box to his players, kind of like marking the gap between the player and who he is most likely to pass to.

    The only thing I think seems too hard is scoring headers from crosses, but I am confident over time I can work this out as only yesterday I had never scored direct from a corner with a header, I now nearly score every time by using about 1/3 power and hitting R2 straight away to control the forward the ball is going to
  13. PuTo_PiMeNtAs

    PuTo_PiMeNtAs Non-League

    28 September 2003
    PES5 is the best pro evo soccer ever!!! PES5 ROCCKKKSSSS!!!!!
  14. sonywewe

    sonywewe Guest

    How about getting the OFFICIAL GUIDE BOOK? you will be shocked at how complicated this game is and you will realize you actually dont know shit about it
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