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Discussion in 'FIFA World Cup 2010' started by ALBICELESTE2010, 14 May 2010.

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    15 February 2006
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    Very funny how we are suppossed to be classless, bitter, cheats, etc, but the thread with the most "happy to see your face gone" posts is ours!

    First of all, as i've said in the game thread, congratulations to the Germans, which beat us fair and square. They proved to know how to take advantage of playing with the lead better than anyone else (against England and us). Too many tactical mistakes, which I thought would be addressed for this game, since it was against a much more challenging opposition than the previous games, were ignored.

    Can't put the blame for this on anyone other than our country as a whole. Diego, instead of employing a system, really put the more publicly well-liked players (minus Heinze) ahead of anyone else, and went down gunning with a team that tactically had no chance of winning. Most of the guys I've discussed the game with, thought he put the right players and they just didn't play well and could handle the early goal. As always, it's not everything black or white and there may be some truth to it, but I thought Mascherano as a single holding midfielder against the whole batch of Germans was crazy.

    Final score will say we were outclassed, and its the truth. Still I thought we had a chance to equalize (probably undeserved cause the first half should have been 2 or 3 - 0) in the start of the second half during our only brief spell of ball domination.

    Also, I much rather loose trying to make up the goal deficit than the mediocre substitutions other coaches made (like Dunga against Holland, which I though were his biggest mistakes in his 4 very successfull years as coach).

    Can't really be too depressed about this, since our young players like Pastore and Di María are world class, and Messi, Tevez and Higuaín are still young. We just need a coach that knows how to NOT play them all together at the same time and put the best suited for each game and balance the rest of the team.
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    25 March 2007
    Tevez a scumbag cheater a great example who try to do anything every match to gain something.
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    2 August 2004
    That's Heinze not Tevez.
  4. FCH

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    14 December 2003
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    Yesus, stop this rubbish about cheater, did you really think only aregntinas have cheater ? what about Marco Marin its the biggest cheater that football ever have
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    25 July 2005
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    nice write up PLF
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    9 January 2002
    Maradona needs his chucks kicked anyway for leaving out Zanetti, Cambiasso and even Gabriel Milito.

    And was Samuel injured for the rest of the tournie or something? Why wasn't he playing?

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    i want to remind our first match - özil and cacau got yellow cards for diving - which is also cheating...
    yesterdays match was almost fair all the time. the only bad thing was the yellow card for müller which was a joke in my opinion...
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    9 January 2002
    Was it? I thought the ref was serious too.


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    5 September 2006
    I've heard that they've offered Maradona a new contract. :CONF:
  10. PLF

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    2 August 2004
    Really!!? Wow... :LOL:

    And where has our friend Albi disappeared to?! :/

    ALBICELESTE2010 Champions League

    13 July 2006
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    In hiding amigo. ;)

    Well what the game showed is and was apparent to those who have been following Argentina over the last two years that we have a fool in charge of the team.

    We were all hoping against hope that somehow we might muddle through but anyone watching the game against Mexico saw how lucky we were.

    Midfield is where games are won and lost we had none. He decided to play 2 wingers as central midfielders. di Maria was unhappy and we never saw his best. Messi had to drop back as did Tevez to pick up the ball negating their threat.

    Mascherano had to defend all by himself and still kept Ozil in his pocket for 70 minutes.

    He played players out of position. Otamendi is a centreback not rightback. Heinze is too slow.

    When he took off Otamendi and replaced him with Pastore it sums him up as a coach. He played Pastore on the left wing and left a huge hole down the right flank from which 2 more goals sprang.

    Our fullbacks were also overloaded with ease due to the absent midfield. Most Argentina fans before the game were hoping he might realize that we needed Pastore/ Bolatti in there to balance it with di Maria replacing Tevez on the left.

    But no chance. Let's not forget Argentina travelled to Munich in March and in a very competitive friendly won 1-0 with relative ease restricting Germany to 1 chance with a 4-4-1-1.

    Since then Loew has analyzed and prepared with a huge team of assistants and analysts. Maradona has no idea what the words mean.

    Tactics ? Hey Leo no one told me where to play not even that ***** Bilardo. Do what you like. Angelito you're a midfielder okay. Pipita run around the box and see if you can score.

    Tactics he probably thinks are breath fresheners.

    I'm sick of him and the way he has managed to preside over a 6-1 loss to Bolivia, 1-3 home reverse at home to Brazil with such great luminaries in defence such as Papa and Seba Dominguez not to mention getting beaten 4-0 by what is a well organized German side but by no means a side packed full of stars aside say from Ozil. Schweinsteiger and Muller.

    However they did the basics well defending and attacking as a unit and playing players in their correct positions.

    What is sad is that this team has some of the best young players in the world at the moment. He has managed to neutralize one of the best players in the world in Messi and made the others look like fools.

    The other sad thing is Spain played beautiful posession football the so called tiki taka. We were playing like this in 2006 with Roman as the general and yet at the end of that QF looked like a pub team. And yet we have the players to play like that now.

    And he shows all the signs of ruining this generation. Players like Banega were not even called and I pity the likes of Jara and co who probably won't get called over his favourites.

    His ego is such he seems impervious to criticism. Pekerman had the decency to resign yet when some 10000 fools turn up to welcome the team home not a peep whereas when Pekerman was similarly greeted he commented' what has he done to deserve this welcome ?'.

    He is an arch hypocrite. Prattles on about communism yet wears two Rolex watches and so on.

    It's complicated by the fact that Kirchner want's him as a prop to her election campaign next year. She has Grondona's balls in her hand as the government helped the AFA out financially.

    And perhaps the arch mafioso Grondona wants Diego because of the media he attracts and the consequent money. A Copa in Argentina with him rings the cash registers and that's all he seems interested in.

    If you think your football association is badly run it has nothing on the AFA. It's a body riddled with corruption and inability to move forward or act in a professional manner.

    All the talent that has emerged recently is inspite not despite of the AFA.

    You look at Brazil appointing a no nonsense coach in Mauricy Ramalho as they look for the hexa in 2014 while we are stuck with this clown.

    How many more indignities must Argentina fans suffer ? You look at how Bielsa coached Chile and how Tata Martino with limited resources fashioned Paraguay into a solid side and gravely troubled Spain in the quarter final.

    Martino was hanging around waiting for the Argentina job and indeed several AFA members wanted him but have been overruled.

    We need someone like him to completely overhaul the defence and bring in the young talent like Munoz, Forlin, Galeano and Ansaldi in and meld it with a creative midfield and strikeforce.

    Instead no doubt we will get the same hangar ons. People like Heinze who I could outrun with ease.

    There is a cancer within Argentinian football and it can be traced back to Grondona:

    There will be no sucess with him in charge of the AFA. It would be nice to see recently retired players like Redondo or in future Zanetti be appointed to an elected AFA board.

    And no sucess with this buffon and clown as manager of Argentina. The greatest player ever but surely one of the worst ever managers.

    And Ret Kid mind your language.

    We could descend into childishness here but you would do well to remember the antics of certain players like Klinsmann , the hacking of the Hungarians in 1954 and something nasty like this before you resort to your pathetic comments:

    YouTube - Schumacher collision with Battiston 82

    Argentina as an international force will not exist until a new coach is appointed by which time most of these young players will be 25-7 post 2014.
  12. PLF

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    2 August 2004
    Well said and great to have you back.

    It's amazing that they still think Diego is the man for the job! :LOL: As if somehow he went and silenced his critics in the World Cup lol... if anything those of us who doubted him before were given a thousand more reasons to do so and the few who backed him are probably regretting it right now. It's an absolute JOKE that this 'clown' (I quite agree) is being allowed to continue! Must be corruption indeed... and that's sad because Argentina has SO much talent at its disposal and it's being completely misused.

    ALBICELESTE2010 Champions League

    13 July 2006
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    The thing is eighty percent of people polled before he was made coach did not want him. The same percentage do not want him reappointed.

    Yet some of the players have come out in support of him more fool them.

    Grondona said he guided us to fifth which is a great performance. Eh ? I did not see a 5th-8th placed playoff unless I'm mistaken.

    And now the great Diego is saying 'I did not make any mistakes in the quarter final'. A serious case of self denial and delusion.

    It's all about the money. Argentina will still attract huge crowds what with Messi in tow and have a huge fanbase across the globe so what does it matter the fortunes of the seleccion on the pitch.

    It's a disgrace another 1380 days of misery to endure. I really do hope it does go tits up in the Copa. It's hard to say as a supporter but in the long run if it forces the clown and his mates (not proper technical staff his mates) out then it's the best thing in the long term.

    This clown for instance ignored one of the best midfielders in La Liga in Banega , whose idea of changing things up against Germany was to switch di Maria and Maxi from left to right midfield and vice versa and who thinks defending with 5 players 3 of whom don't understand the meaning of the word and not have attacking fullbacks is okay.

    No wonder even Veron fell out with him.So did another senior player in Samuel. This is the reason the petty Maradona did not pick them in that quarterfinal.

    Veron recommended a change for the game from Mexico and Diego could not brook advice. We had no midfield.

    A basic tenet of the game was ignored. Win the midfield and you win most football matches.

    Would you give the keys of a Ferrari F40 to a novice driver ? Only a shambolic organization like the AFA would give such an important job in the world game to a person who could not even coach Mandiyu and Racing .

    Shame on them, shame on Maradona and shame on those who still stick up for the fool.

    We will win nothing , nada, zip with him in charge. GUARANTEED.

    ALBICELESTE2010 Champions League

    13 July 2006
    Argentina & Watford
    Looks like Maradona is set to be forced out by Grondona . :APPLAUD:

    Grondona is insisting on changes to his assistants. Diego has said any changes will mean he will not sign.


    Next stop getting Grondona out and the AFA reformed into a professional body.

    Maradona No More Coach Of Argentina

    Diego Maradona's meeting with the AFA on Monday has spelled the end of his reign as coach of Argentina, according to reports.

    Maradona put forward the conditions under which he would stay on to president Julio Grondona during yesterday's meeting and it now looks likely there will be no renewal for the iconic coach.

    It was made clear during the meeting that if any of Maradona's staff were removed from the set-up, el Diego would step aside; Grondona did not respond favourably to this idea claim South American sources.

    The AFA reportedly intend to disband the staff roster and Maradona did not just reject the idea, he also wanted to augment the group further by adding Oscar Ruggeri.

    Grondona has made no official comment as yet but Argentine newspaper Olé has confirmed the end of an era in today's edition.

    A further meeting held today by Grondona with an Executive Committee will shed some light on the situation, however unless something unexpected forms during the meeting, Maradona's terms will not be met.
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    He should of taken the high road instead of grasping at straws with the betraying and everyone no I`ve got morals and principle lol
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    30 December 2002
    "Argentina v England - Wednesday, February 9th 2011 Friendly"

    Anyone know where this is happening ?

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