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Discussion in 'FIFA World Cup 2010' started by oNeberlin, 15 May 2010.

  1. Lami

    Lami Niche Football

    28 May 2007
    Man Utd, Juve
    Congrats to yous.

    But I'm still wondering why you didn't play this same style vs Spain and pressure them.

    Anyway, good luck next time, and keep playing positive attracting football.
  2. zerofun

    zerofun Championship

    28 October 2006
    that Löw's tactics since 2006 aren't the solution to win a title

    and your answer is exactly what I mean, critizing the german team is nearly become a sort of blasphemy

    yes cool we have seen young and fast players with much spirit and they can play counter-football, yes but that was all of it
    it works when you have space, but where are the skills in ball possession? when there is no space at all? how can you put pressure to a closed and disciplined team with many experience? where is dribbling? I mean the last 3 competitions have shown that they have really big difficulties to face teams that have determination and concentration

    this is okay if you want to hear: Yes Germany played a fantastic World Cup/Euro but....

    If you want to see them raise a trophy as all german people want I think this could be never enough, in my opinion it has to be done much more on "what can I make by my own to score goals" than "how can I make profit of the other team's mistakes"
  3. S-NipE

    S-NipE World Cup Winner

    17 May 2008
    German NT

    Definitely right. I couldn't listen to this ***** commenting the match in ARD, when kept praising Özil for his outstanding game tonight(WTF?!) and saying how wonderful everything was tonight. No, it was not, there were a lot of minor or major mistakes during the game and surely some players were very ineffective against Uruguay. A bit more of truth would not hurt.
  4. zeemeister

    zeemeister foxy engine

    8 September 2006
    Cape Town, South Africa
    Well saidn counter attacking football alone can't win you a major tournament, you need consistent individual skill be it a striker, midfielder, defender or keeper and you need a little luck.
    Germany performed against teams that played open attacking football but struggled when they were taken on man for man like the Ghana and Spain matches.
  5. omer

    omer ......

    25 February 2007
    Frankfurt am Main
    Fenerbahçe SK
    why do u hate özil so much? he was one of the best players during this wc.. if u ask me who was the best german player.. he was the best german player on the field i watched all games that germany played and i have to say this guy is the next zidane he is a great playmaker for his age he can read the game very well and his killer passes are also great.
  6. zerofun

    zerofun Championship

    28 October 2006
    thank you snipe, thank you
    I thought i was the only one in germany to think that way

    I think total respect to what Löw has done with this young team and whith the limited choice he had by pickin up the right guys from the bundesliga.
    if you compare it to the results he got, than it is maximum respect if you only look at the catastrophies of Serie A or premier league

    but to win a competition and finally that's all the german want to, because "only" a good figure in the world cup doesn't automatically make the bundesliga more attractive and probably the players will return to their usual habits in the championship like poldi and klose who don't score, müller in his wrong position, ballack no comment etc.

    to make this they have to step to a next level and i really don't know if the khediras, the özils and boatengs are really ready for this next level

    PS: I agree with you Özil was a damn ectoplasm after the group stage [​IMG]
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  7. The_Special_One

    The_Special_One I like Unicorns

    17 August 2007
    Estoril | Knicks
  8. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    Ozil WAS crap tonight and definitely not Germany's best player throughout tournament. He shouldn't be nominated for Golden Ball but he is but whatever it's not like he's gonna get it. He has no chance.

    Muller for one, and even younger, was much better and more effective.

    Friedrich was also better, Bastian of course (though not great game tonight), etc.
  9. S-NipE

    S-NipE World Cup Winner

    17 May 2008
    German NT
    I do not hate him. I just don't like the way he acts, he dives, he dribbles and how harmless he was during this tournament, especially in the knock-out part. If he was the best player, where have he been against England? Against Argentina? Against Spain? The only really dominating factor in this team over all games was Bastian Schweinsteiger playing on world-class level. Özil had maybe three or four good moments in the whole tournament, that is ridiculous for someone claiming to be the offensive leader in the midfield. And his "killer passes" came either much too late and weren't killers any more or did not come, he could have made so much more during this last matches, but he clearly failed.

    If Özil would have been the best German player, our team could have had the chance to watch the knock-out rounds at home. There is no way to say, he was even one of the best three in the team, which were Schweinsteiger, Müller and Friedrich. And I also think Klose played ways better then Özil. He finished the WC like his season at Werder. Few good moments, but mostly not dangerous enough to break up the defence of the opponent.

    And this is the point. I am sure Löw got the maximum out of the team, but we must accept that Spain WAS better and we played too shy against them. I don't think Khedira, Özil, Boateng and all the other young players are already that far, you stated it absolutely right, the are not yet ready for matches on that level. I hope, they'll learn, but now I cannot see a chance to speak about this level level while mentioning their names.
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  10. stranxk

    stranxk Matrix Team

    13 January 2010
    Veracruz, México
    i missed marko marin, what do you think about him?
  11. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    Barely played. Came on in one match.

    Maybe he could've started instead of Trochowski (who I thought didn't do bad) for match vs. Spain but him and Kroos were ahead of him in Low's preferences it seems.
  12. FCH

    FCH In Dubio Pro Alemania

    14 December 2003
    1.FC Köln/Celtic/St.Pauli
    yesus, stop this guy i hate divers and cheaters, if he doesn´t change his style he will lost all fans. i talking with fans from werder bremen last match against cologne in bundesliga and they all say the same. its a cheater. it will be better for us if kuranyi go to the squad as marin
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  13. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
  14. FCH

    FCH In Dubio Pro Alemania

    14 December 2003
    1.FC Köln/Celtic/St.Pauli
    Who is Ballack ? ;)
  15. we7god

    we7god Kreisklassen-Profi

    15 August 2003
    Germany - Soester Börde
    FC Schalke 04
    eeeehm... nope... defintely not !!!

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