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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by pm2, 29 June 2008.

  1. pm2

    pm2 Non-League

    27 November 2006
    So what do you want to see in the next version of PES? Here's some of my ideas. First let me stress that I like to play as a fixed player rather than switching, just my preferred style. You may have different ideas depending on how you like to play.

    1) Slow down the pace of the game. I know this may be different if you switch your players, but the computer opposition is all about running up and down the field. I'd like to see more play between the back 4, the DF and the keeper as you see in real play. Also more long balls played forward by the CBs.
    2) Along that same line, more interplay in the midfield. This is where every game is won and lost and it seems like often times you can just play around midfield. More passing between the midfielders and a little more time on the ball. It feels like the defense is too intent on closing down in the midfield, which is good but this doesn't happen all the time.
    3) Better keeper skills. I know we can change keeper stats, but the keeper needs to have better positional awareness.
    4) Freekicks need to be harder to make. It seems they were impossibly hard in PES 5 and 6 , and have now become far too easy, 1 or 2 made per game is too high even from the best takers in the world.
    5) Fix the bug on throw-ins where if the player throwing in doesn't hit the target the ball just goes past and no one from his team goes to get the ball until the other team retrieves it. I know this can be avoided with "switched" play but is quite frustrating to give up so many corner kicks because of this.
    6) More consistent officiating. How many times has the ball been harshly tackled away without a call only to have us get called for the very same tackle seconds later. Be consistent, if it's a foul it's a foul.
    7) Along those lines, more yellow cards. I can go 5 or 6 games without a single card even though the tackles warrant them, don't go crazy but try to be more consistent.
    8) Perhaps my biggest change would be to try and maintain the formation shape. Too often I see guys playing totally out of position and no one covers for them. I don't mind if my CB makes an occasional run forward as long as someone from midfield covers for him, this almost never happens. I know there is a star for this, but you can't give it to every player. This leaves gaps all the time on the flanks.

    So there are some of my ideas, what are yours?
  2. Trance_Allstar

    Trance_Allstar I love lamp

    18 March 2006

    1. Analog everything. After playing FIFA, I just can't go back to assisted passes, throughballs etc. I've had a taste of the good stuff and this aspect will probably prevent me from playing PES altogether.Besides there's nothing like playing a perfect throughball past 3 defenders and having aimed it and weighted it yourself. Gives you a fuzzy feeling inside.

    2. More control. I don't like having just the powerbar to determine both the desired height and power of my shots. That means that if I want to shoot a high shot I need to use more power, and if I want to put the ball very low in the far corner the players doesn't use the full power he has available. Also the concept of more power = more height, atleast to the degree they have it today, is lame and outdated. Time to give us height and power separately, it's the age of analog sticks and analog bumpers so they can sort of out, if ISS98 on the Nintendo 64 could, they can.

    3. Freekicks need more sidecurl. I don't know why they changed this from PES5, but there it was quite accurate the amount of curl you could get. Not it feels so stiff and boring, and the curl is usually just too little.
    Again, the developers have chosen more topspin than sidespin for the freekicks, limiting the sidecurl. But with more control, they could find out a way to let you choose the spin you want separately, so that you can choose the way you desire to strike the ball yourself.

    4. Rework the physics system. Another thing FIFA etc has on PES is the accuracy of deflections and such. The ball doesn't pass through bodyparts almost at all in FIFA, and you can do really sweet goals if you goalkeeper jumps out to block a shot, you can sort of just barely hit the underside of his outstretched leg and the ball will deflect very accurately.
  3. mnchster

    mnchster Idiot.

    28 April 2007
    I have one idea:

    Be able to stop your player from going to get the ball if it is going out for your throw-in or goalkick etc. Your players ends up touching it thus meaning it will be the oppositions ball.
  4. pm2

    pm2 Non-League

    27 November 2006
    ^ Oh god yes. That happens all the time. Ball going out on other team, there goes my teammate to knock it out those last 2 feet to give up a corner. Well done mate!
  5. *aLe

    *aLe International

    30 August 2005
    Sure. GKs are pathetic in PES2008. At least in PES6 they had acceptable motions, in PES2008 they lack even proper motion. Not to talk about their deflections. Ridicolous. We need more consistent GKs, that are a lot more aware of their position and that do proper saves, not just rebound the ball like a flipper and where it goes, it goes.

    Well, Rivaldo could. Pirlo can. But I agree Kallstrom can't. What were they on when they set that?
    Anyway, I want the PES5 free kicks back. I remember having been a FK specialist in PES5 (my mates would have rather let me go undisturbed towards the goal than conceding me a FK in the 16-25 metres range) but you had to have some skill to score them, in PES2008 they're way too easy, both the human and the cpu score way too often.

    That "stupid" referee character has got to be removed. I can't see why Ito just keeps booking people and Pedrotti lets all the CPU players go away with it even if they tackled a man down in a harsh way and then books the humans anytime he can. I agree with you: if it's a foul, it's a foul.

    Then, there are a couple of things more that I'd like to see:

    - Smarter players. You mentioned the covering issue when a DF makes a run forward, but I also point this out: you actually can't rely on any teammate that is doing a run forward. They would always end up in offside or just nowhere near the ball. Time to sort it!!

    - Better motion: we're in 2008, guys. The motions of the players can be improved a lot. Never heard talking about motion capture? Please hire some talented player and let him show you how a ball has to be kicked, or saved.

    - More atmosphere. When you play a match in PES2008 you barely can say there's some crowd attending. In FIFA08 you feel "merged" with the crowd, it gives you the impression you are at the stadium.I love it.

    - A deeper edit mode. I know this is the last concern of mine, but I'd really like to have full control on the teams. More kit layers, more space to import badges, and them youy can say "goddbye" to licensing and concentrate upon building a good gameplay.

    Then, there are the "impossible" wishes:
    - A larger DB (as I said before even without being licensed) with at least a "FIFA" group with teams from all around the world (Suwon and Gamba, Sao Paulo and Victory.. There are a lot that can be worth playing with!!) and some lower division teams.

    - Of course a larger DB leads to an improved ML system. I'd like to start from D3 with D3 players (such as Ivarov and company are), and then have to climb up until I reach the title. And well, a deeper managerial mode. A game called PC Calcio comes to mind: you started from a lower division and had to build up the stadium, sell stuff to the fans, hire your staff, deal with sponsors and so on, but I know it's too early to ask this to Konami even if it has been domne 10 years ago. One step at a time.

    For now, I'd just be happy with better motion, smarter players and a better "stadium effect" that makes you feel you're there. This is even too much to ask from Konami this year.
  6. malec

    malec Conference

    10 November 2007
    new running styles
    new animations
    new tricks, inside stepover and outside stepover, why they just cant take a motion capture from c ronaldo and his tricks and other players...
    better performance
    edit mode with abilities to add more balls and boots with no limit !!!
  7. sienkiewicz

    sienkiewicz AglioEoliO - PesBrasil

    24 April 2004
    Sao Paulo
    S.C.Corinthians Paulista
    I´m just asking things Konami itself has created, so I dont think it´s impossible...

    1)5 Editable Boots with free layer coloring and 4 fixed boots - from PES4/WE8

    2) At least the same number of stadiums of pes6.

    3) PES Shop and the option to buy itens... The tradition from ps1 versions is going to trash? :(

    4) Fantasista feature in Master League. Fifa´s "Be a Pro" is a copy from Konami Fantasista and a lot of Winning eleven Fans are trying FIFA just because of it.
  8. TurkMania™

    TurkMania™ League 2

    24 June 2008
    1. Better Keepers at first. That's the first thing need to be fixed!

    2. The online gameplay must be the same as offline gameplay.

    3. The long awaiting referee blows by throw ins, corners, goal kicks, freekicks, etc. it's annoying.

    4. The defenders need to be better alert.

    5. The tap ins & cut backs. at least not so easily.

    6. Ridiculous happenings after corners kicks. Need more control.

    7. Slidings from behind, direckt a red card.
  9. thommohawk

    thommohawk Conference

    3 September 2006
    Totally agree with the person above me. Also thing's which in my opinion should be fixed or added:

    1 - Increase the tempo/pace of the game, PES2008 was way too slow...however this is a highly subjective topic depending on many things such as preference aswell as footballing culture of the various leagues of the world.

    2 - So having said that, perhaps it would be best to harken back to the ISS Pro Evolution days where the game had a pace/tempo slider which one could manipulate to personal taste....however this time it should go from one extreme to the other at min and max levels difference.

    3 - Master League format to return to how it was almost exactly as in PES2, with the ability to poach a player from another club on a free bosman transfer during the season with the switch to occur at the start of the transfer window - I have no idea why this was changed and taken out at all because it just killed any strategic depth that it had.

    Also add real money instead of transfer points. If FIFA can do it PES can.

    4 - Doubtful but MUCH improved commentary. If FIFA and MODDERS can do it or hack it, then it proves it can be done.
    Last edited: 29 June 2008
  10. loco

    loco NINJA

    12 December 2002
    Get the pace (not speed) of the game right. like in real life when a GK is just dribbling the ball clamly looking for a teammate who is way up in the oppositon half without the oposition strikers constanly pressuring him when the game has just started, for example.

    Bring back the fair play, where the opposition gave you the ball back if you took the ball out of the pitch because of an injured player.

    Add more sub-divisions for position sides: Instead of having the classic right/left/both it would be better to have it FM style: right/centre/left. This should also apply to every position individually, so now we could have a right ST/SS or a player who only plays as a left CMF (like you could do in PES 6), or a player who can play all over a given postion area, for example. That way, you could also have a player that is a DMF/ RSMF/LSB for example (this cannot be achieved in current PES formats as it will requiere the player to have "both" on his favorite side an be a DMF/Both SMF/and Both SB).

    -Position apptitude: Have different types---green, orange and red like normal stats so that there are players that are better playing certain positions.

    For e.g.


    LSMF *
    CMF *
    LSB *

    Del Piero

    CSS *
    AMF *
    LSMF *


    DMF *


    -Bring back home and Away kit combination and if possible insert a third or special kit also (CL, UEFA, etc)

    -Real time: instead of having the option day/afternoon/ night, it would be better to have a range of time say 12 noon to 9pm, in this way the shadows in the stadiums would change and the light of the day would also change if I start playing a match at 5pm (daylight) after halftime I would be playing the match at sunset, and a few minutes later at night. A similar thing should happen with weather, where all of the sudden in a match (ML/League mode) it would start to rain for example.

    -Special ability apptitude: Have different types---green, orange and red like normal stats so that there are players that are better in a given special ability and perform it more often than others.

    For e.g.


    Dribble *
    Running out *
    Side player *
    Striker *
    1vs1 shooter *

    Running out *
    Playmaker *
    1vs1 shooter *
    Direct play *
    Outside *


    Striker *
    Post player *
    Tactcal Dribble *
    Outside *
    One touch play *

    (These are just examples, no real stats for the individuals whatsoever)

    etc, etc

    -Different sized pitches according to the real life stadium ( Nou Camp large pitch, for example) .

    -Fix player opposite foot accuracy and frequency A.I.

    The weak foot accuracy and frequency stats have never worked right since their introduction in the WE series. I've seen Rivaldo kick the ball like a thousand times with his right foot in the game. Even if you edit both stats to 1 the player will still kick the ball with his opposite foot a lot of times.

    Another thing Konami keeps doing(just like normal stats not being lower than 50) is setting the weakest foot accuracy at 3, so I don't really see the point in having a 1 to 8 scale... I would rather this sorted out correctly and have them in normal stat range (from 0 to 99) so even greater realism is achieved.

    Add more special abilities like Good tactical understanding (an alternative abilities for players who aren´t playmakers but have great tactical understanding ala Cocu or Makelele for example), Great substitute (some who makes a better impact playing off the bench), etc. GK Running out (Buffon), GK long throw (Gomes from PSV)

    Players with opposite foot accuray from 5 to 8 (normal to excellent) should have a default preferred foot for fk's, corners and pk's: Right / Left / Both (switches foot automatically depending on the angle). Like Forlan or Wesley Sneijder who switch foot depending on the the side of the pitch or the angle they're kicking from; Nicolas Olivera (Uruguay) who plays with his left but kicks penalties with his right foot; Maldini who switch foot when making long feed fk's, etc.

    So for e.g.

    Opposite foot accuracy-8
    Opposite foot frequency-8
    FK foot-Both
    CK foot-Right
    PK foot-Left

    Opposite foot accuracy-8
    Opposite foot frequency-7
    FK foot-Both
    CK foot-Both
    PK foot-Right

    Opposite foot accuracy-8
    Opposite foot frequency-7
    FK foot-Both
    CK foot-Both
    PK foot-Both

    In addition to this, implement a ingame switch foot button for dead ball situations (Press R2 and the player will switch foot)

    -Fix the god damn keeper animations, make the right. Also include long pants for keepers.

    -PK should be like normal freekicks (using the power bar, adding curve or power, high or low) That would be more realistic than the current penalty kick system that's been going on in the WE series for some years now....players should also take runs before they kick like in real life (Short runs: Di Natale/Figo; Long runs: van Nistelrooy).

    Additionally I would take away the Pk special ability a have a PK ability in the 0-99 abilities. That would be far more realistic and we could have bad penalty kick takers like Martin Palermo for example.

    -Different types/colors of wristbands. High tape on socks (Gallas)

    -Ankle socks (Kallon, Cristiano Ronaldo)

    -CPU controlled teams never use the switch side strategy, this should be fixed

    -Team management options:Assigning what players do in defensive and offensive FK situations like in CM: stay inside/outside the box, stay in midfield, stay in the left post, stay in the right post, etc.

    More player animations:

    What about including van Persie´s weird Dribbling style or having more penalty and free kick animations? The should all be more life like
    Last edited: 30 June 2008
  11. Trance_Allstar

    Trance_Allstar I love lamp

    18 March 2006

    This I don't actually agree with.

    What I would much rather see is depth of gameplay enough to let you yourself decide what tempo you want to play at.

    By that I mean that PES2008 was at a certain tempo partly because what the pass strenght was set at, for example. But introduce pass powerbars like UEFA/FIFA and we can ourselves decide if we want to put pace behind out passes or if we want to lazily pass it around the back 4 while looking for a good opportunity.

    Also, make the analog stick move the player faster the more you tilt it forward. That way you can let your players just lazily jog, rather than having Ronaldo always moving like he is hyped up on coke just because he has a high dribble speed and agility stat.

    PES doesn't need another tweak/change, it needs nuance and depth. That way everyone will be happy, since I thought PES2008 was way too fast in general.

    Same with the long balls in PES, which were pathetically strong and low in trajectory. If they would add power and trajectory control separately, every single possibility between heaven and earth would be possible in terms of longballs.

    Obviously just my opinion, but I have been straying to FIFA recently so maybe not an unpredictable one. :)
    Last edited: 30 June 2008
  12. Lami

    Lami Niche Football Staff

    28 May 2007
    Man Utd, Vecchia Signora
    That is one longass post loco. Good read though.
  13. loco

    loco NINJA

    12 December 2002
    :LOL: Thanks Lami
  14. loco

    loco NINJA

    12 December 2002
    and I have some more hehe...

    I really do think Next Gen PES/WE should be pushed to its limits, both console and PC.
    I mean check out other sport games like Top Spin 3 (Tennis)from 2k sports. Pes 2009 or Pes 2010 should combine that quality in both gameplay and graphis:


    I would also like for Pes 2009 or 2010:

    Subs warming up on the sidelines, coaches walking and worrying, talking to players, shouting, other are more clam and sit down during all match.

    -Special Abilities

    Subdivide the direct play ability in direct pass and direct shoot

    -Players sweating gradually, spitting

    -Bring Back Moving hair like it should be, like ponytails in WE7

    -Add 2 new appearence stats: a hair growth and beard growth stat (from 1 to 5)for cup, tournament and ML modes. The stats will use the player's default look as a starting point and depending o the value, the beard and the hair will grow up until a certain degree and then go back to it's default appearence.

    Like Gattuso for e.g.- Hair growth ratio:3/ Beard growth ratio:2. Gattuso's Default looks will be a somewhat medium wavy hair and a clean cut beard/moustache (as usual)but then as a few games go by his hair will grow into a little longer look and his beard will also grow but a little. A game after he will still have that hair look, but surprise now he has shaved his beard! (default beard). It is only one game after that his hair returns to it's default value (got a haircut!). Other player's C.Metzelder, Ljungberg or van Nistelrooy will not let their hair grow further from their deafult appearence but allow their beards to grow more (All Hair growth ratio:1/beard growth ratio:3. Others like Kaka will always be clean shaven, bald players like Cygan will never grow hair, etc,etc

    -Implement some off season "abilities" in ML for certain players like gain weight/out of shape/more injury prone (Ronaldo), etc
  15. Nick Cave

    Nick Cave Wrexham fan for my sins...

    10 July 2004
    Non football league waste land...
    Wrexham AFC
    Top of the list... Don't make my eyes bleed and give people seizures..
    then spend more than three weeks on it and put back all the crap you have been taking out of it for the last few incarnations.
  16. santiago

    santiago 360 lover

    25 April 2006
  17. *aLe

    *aLe International

    30 August 2005
    You know that Seabass would rather kill the whole of his staff instead of paying for the rights of a real song to be played in the intro, don't you?

    Anyway I used to like those computer graphics intros, they were class and I still can see the cracker of the czech player in the PES4 opening movie (well, I just tried to make a custom one that still runs on my WE9)

    Anyway, I thought about it and well, it all comes down to FREEDOM. Once we're let free to chose how actually we want to play, it'll be the perfect game.
    I mean, everyone imagines how deep or powerful a long pass is going to be, when he is about to make it. But then the game just messes up the length or the strength (or even the DIRECTION) of your effort and your wonderful idea ends up being a lost ball.

    If we were able (of course with a bit of practice) to put the ball how and where we want, without being "enforced" to follow the CPU ideas (well, if the CPU decides that the ball has to go there, it HAS to go there even if you don't want to), we'd be talking about the perfect game.

    So please Konami, don't try to "correct" our efforts. Even if a long ball seems odd or senseless, just let us play it the way we mean: you never can tell that there's someone running for it.

    Of course, before adding this to the game the IA has to be refined a lot. If I play the perfect pass and no one runs for it, it's just a wasted ball.
    Last edited: 30 June 2008
  18. jonestm

    jonestm Guest

    The defensive AI, and positional awareness in general.
    Lots of other stuff, but those two things bug me to the point of not being able to bear playing the game.

    edit: Long range goals are far too easy to achieve.
    This probably bugs me even more than the AI.
    I must have blocked out the thought of them to keep my sanity, but thinking about flaws triggered a vivid flashback.
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  19. broken wings

    broken wings **p3smania**

    9 October 2007
    Italy - Florence
    ACF Fiorentina

    Yeah, you're right, my friend!

    And what about the gameplay? PES2008 is so irrealisitic, i mean, when i play it i don't have the feeling to play a football game.

    I remember when i played the ISS and the PES series (until PES6). That was football!
  20. Azza17

    Azza17 Non-League

    24 January 2008
    You know that Seabass would rather kill the whole of his staff instead of paying for the rights of a real song to be played in the intro, don't you?

    That was the real song for WE2002 IIRC.
  21. *aLe

    *aLe International

    30 August 2005
    I know. In PES5 they also used "Club foot" by Kasabian for the intro.. But now they look like LOSING licenses rather than acquiring new ones, so I can't see new licenses being added this year, and this includes also the tracklist unfortunately.
  22. wan_d7

    wan_d7 League 1

    9 June 2007
    KONAMI = bunch of people who know how to program,but didn't know what is football ^^
  23. jaisonbass1457

    jaisonbass1457 League 2

    13 August 2006
    that would be EA.
  24. wan_d7

    wan_d7 League 1

    9 June 2007
    if that's EA,i can't imagine what is koMAMI anymore ^^
  25. skurt

    skurt Conference

    17 December 2007
    I think KONAMI should cooperate with Sport Interactive and their Football Manager.
    I want a super Master League, just like a manager game, but letting me playing the games. The tactics, stats and transfers sucks in PES08, and PES6 too, but in FM they are great.
    I think KONAMI also should make it more editor friendly for the players, like FIFA08.
    I added like all stadiums in England to coca cola championship, chants and kits with no problem, just with an editor.
    I needed no AFS, GGS or kitserver, who took me hours to figure out. (In PES08 its so fookin retarded i must replace excisting ones, blaaa).
    KONAMI should make space for more teams and players, or just give the editor the chance to add as many as they want.
    Then I dont care about licensed teams, the fans can just create them and release in a pack. The EVO patch and all the editors form PES6 is king.

    Edit.. I mean.. If KONAMI developed the game as if they had all the license for PL, Cola Championship, CL and so on they can keep on change name like Ultra League, Pepsi Championship, div una and so on. Just make it simple for the editors to create rest of the game, I have no problem with that, just as long as they keep putting money on the gameplay, not license.
    And make it not like PES08, where editing is very hard and sometimes impossible.

    About gameplay then... I wasnt too excited about the PES08 gameplay. Its still better then FIFA08 PC though, even with jerky running movements and stuff.
    Last edited: 1 July 2008
  26. C1BHA

    C1BHA Non-League

    24 May 2005
    1. When we move up the difficulty levels, don't just have the computer cheat to give the impression that the game is harder. e.g. I have to work extra hard to get my player into a position when a simple tap of the shoot button should send the ball into the goal but on the higher levels, voila, he blasts it over the bar from INSIDE the 6 yard box. Ridiculous. Or I'm running next to a compterised opponent, I haven't touched ANY of the tackling/pressing buttons and 5 times out of 10, he falls over and gets a free kick! I want to decide if I'm going to trip him over or crunch into him with a fierce tackle, I don't expect the AI to do it for me.
    2. When I skillfully dribble the ball around the goalkeeper and roll the ball into the unguarded net, don't let the idiot commentator say something ludicrous about me being lucky to score when I put the ball straight down the middle!
    3. Don't make stupid announcements like "what a great finish" when I convert a penalty! Now, I'm not a computer programmer, but surely, when the player takes a penalty, the commentary can be set up to respond accordingly?
    4. For goodness sake sort out the online problems. For me the game remains totally unplayable online which is a massive pity as I could avoid the cheating AI if I was playing against a real person. I love playing against my son and my friends but they're not always available.
    5. In Master League, why are 3 or 4 of my players exhausted after the first 2 games of the season? Sometimes it's the goalkeeper!! Yes, I know I have to make changes but this is a bit daft too.
    6. Any chance of introducing handball?
    Sorry to sound like I'm just moaning. I do actually love the game and it's still better than FIFA. However, I do download all new FIFA demos whenever they come out because PES definitely isn't everything I want it to be (yet). I do hope KONAMI listen to these constructive suggestions as I've bought every version of the game since PES2.
  27. rivaldinho

    rivaldinho League 1

    9 September 2003
    Real Madrid
    I wish they would stop making my defenders auto clear the ball out for corners when i want to put it out for a throw, and auto sliding in the box with players i'm not controlling.
    Also why did they mess with the computers ability to take free kicks they have probably a 80-90% chance of scoring them now even players with poor free kick ability.
    Why stop me from being able to head free kicks off the line when i move a player on the line header is disabled.
    Make the dive only available in the oppositions half because you can use it to cheat by doing it in your own area to backpass to the goalkeeper.
    Fix the long pass, why are all long passes driven you can't float them over the defence or add curl. They should use a system like iss 64 for me that game had the best long passes in any footy game i've played.
    Improve the goalkeepers.
    Use an improved version of pes manager or j-league winning eleven 2007 master league.
  28. Homerox

    Homerox Premiership

    20 May 2006
    Wisla Kraków - Hertha BSC
    - More leagues, more teams.
    - More flexibility to use all teams with all things, play ML with chants of team, each slot of chants, flags to each team.

    Check offside, sometimes one player is in good position but other player in other place and no taking part of the game but offside and then referee say offside, when shouldnt.
  29. Svenaldo

    Svenaldo Non-League

    1. all the above
    2. I need way more stats:
    - In Master League I want to see how many games the player has played how many goals he shoot in his career, for how much money he was transfered ....etc etc I want to follow the career of a player
    Look at a games like NBA2K8.
    Thats perfect.

    And please let me choose the jersey in league mode.....that can't be so complex
  30. JamalJohnson

    JamalJohnson Banned

    26 July 2008
    -Bring back pes 5 with better graphics and without the stupid fouls
    -Change teams during Master league
    -The ability to add more leagues (just put League D,E,F,etc. and we could just edit them!)at least 5 please :-D
    Last edited: 1 August 2008

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