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  1. wiseman01

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    29 July 2007
    Wiseman's 3-4-1-2 Formation


    (click to enlarge)

    Player Roles:


    Team Strategy-
    Back Line (B)
    Offside Trap (B)

    Marking - 2 opposition players marked as explained below.

    Attacking Arrow set-up:


    (click to enlarge)

    Defensive Arrow set-up:


    (click to enlarge)


    After another frustrating run of form at a recent Pro Evo 'sesh' I decided to investigate even further methods, tactics, hints and tips for my play, and concluded that really, a formation can win or lose me a match. SO, I began experimenting for the perfect formation, one would eventually suit all my needs.

    These are the philosophies behind my set-up:

    * I want to get loads of men forward for supporting attacks, making it easier to score and pass.

    * I know wing-play is effective in Pro Evo 6 so that should be a large factor.

    * I like to be able to boss the midfield, and especially love midfielders who bully the opposition like terriers in the middle of the park.

    * I don't like to waste too many players on defence. I want to have the minimum defenders without becoming exposed which would be catastrophic.

    The Explanation of Roles


    A three-man defence. One centre-back effectively dictates the defensive system, sweeping up loose ends and can play offsides if possible. He also keeps one eye on one of the strikers, as he loosely picks up the least offensive man in the opposition strikeforce (Set to 'Normal' man-mark), assuming you are faced with two CFs in the opposition.
    If the opposition plays with a CF and SS instead, then your centre-back marks the CF, and the defensive midfielder marks the SS as explained later.

    The other two provide immediate stoppers to the opposition cut-backs and wing-play, and also provide some width in the first stages of offensive play. These two side-backs can also man-mark wingers if necessary.


    First lets look at the two defensive midfielders. Ideally, one of these is a centre-back who can also play in defensive midfield (e.g. Ledley King). This more defensive player stays in the back pocket of the main striking threat (Set this man to 'Aggressively' man-mark the biggest threat). The other defensive midfielder is there to add bulk to the midfield and help battle for the ball. When you first look at the formation as a whole you may be horrified by the sight of a seemingly exposed and leaky defence, but in-game you'll find these defensive midfielders (especially with one marking a striker) form a back five and even more players come back to support.
    Ahead of these two holding players, a 'Linking' player is used. His role is to be the pivot of attacks. When those two dogged defensive midfielders win the ball back, this man spreads the ball to the wingers, or ahead to the strikers, and adds numbers to the opposition box as he makes late runs. Overall he connects your teams passing.
    Finally you are blessed with width in the form of two wingers. These guys are pushed right to the edge of the pitch to hug the touchline, and you'll be amazed how much width and space they provide. They have freedom, because their defensive priorities and in-field play are already covered by defenders, so they just bomb down the wings.


    A two-man strikeforce split into different roles.

    The secondary striker (SS) makes late, darting runs into the box and often follows up your centre-forward's shots on the keeper. He is also your ball-carrier through the middle as he drives into the box and down to the byline.

    The centre-forward holds up the play and brings others into the mix. He spearheads the attack, so as you bomb down the wings you have your centre-forward leading the line, accompanied by both the secondary striker and attacking playmaker, forming a lethal five-pronged attack.


    ....loooooads of width and space to power into down the flanks.
    ....a compact defence, with many men crowding your penalty box which prevents easy cutbacks, and also makes it hard to break through the middle.
    ....half your team flooding forward in counter-attacking play.

    In Summary

    A compact defence with everyone getting behind the ball which makes it hard for the opponent to score. At the same time, everyone absolutely piles forward on attacks creating lots of width and passing opportunities.

    Give it a go! Feedback much appreciated!
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  2. yoyojuninho

    yoyojuninho what is sunday league?!?

    20 November 2007
    a cool place
    a cool team
    Re: Wiseman's Formation

    Look's good, i'll try it.

    BTW, do you know how can I get the formation of the special teams which you can meet at the end of the season of master league?(I'm talking about pes2008)
    It seems to be the perfect formation, the only thing you can't figure out is the arrow directions of it... konami are bastards...
  3. soulman81

    soulman81 Conference

    23 July 2006
    Re: Wiseman's Formation

    plays nice. felt like I needed to work less hard to score and defend.

    what are the individual def settings like?
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  4. wiseman01

    wiseman01 League 2

    29 July 2007
    Re: Wiseman's Formation

    @yoyojuninho: Sorry, I've stuck with PES6 and haven't a clue about PES 2008 stuff. I should add that this formation is only tried and tested on PES6, and may not be great on PES 2008.

    @soulman81: Cheers for trying it and the feedback. I've edited the original post with an image for the defensive arrows. Nothing unusual really, apart from the man-mark settings which are recommended.
  5. desi_jockey

    desi_jockey Non-League

    9 June 2006
    Re: Wiseman's Formation

    This works an absolute charm on 2008 :DANCE:
    I have been getting a lot more chances and goals per game thanks to this formation!
  6. quaresma1990

    quaresma1990 Non-League

    2 November 2007
    Bosnia & Herzegovina
    Re: Wiseman's Formation

    it works for pes 6 also...very good formation and strategy...
  7. vinC

    vinC pesPRO

    28 July 2006
    RSC Anderlecht
    Re: Wiseman's Formation

    The offense is really good but 3 you need more than 3 defenders when you're playing against a good opponent online imo.
  8. wiseman01

    wiseman01 League 2

    29 July 2007
    Re: Wiseman's Formation

    Update: Player roles added

    Out of interest, have you tried this online and found that about the defence, or are you just suggesting it from looking?

  9. zlac

    zlac League? What league?

    2 February 2007
    I'm about to give it a go, but before I do so, can you clear out just one little bit that confuses me slightly ;-) - when you say least offensive man, you talk about the SS-es and similar (generally, strikers that play deeper in the field, closer to the midfield)? Basically, if you'd play against your own formation, you'd set that central sweeping CB of yours to man-mark player in the position of SS?
  10. wiseman01

    wiseman01 League 2

    29 July 2007
    Sorry, I assumed playing against two CFs:


    With two CFs, bascically the CB marks the least dangereous striker. It's not very important, but it's best if the most dangerous striker is marked very aggressively by the defensive midfielder, whereas the centre-back is just marking the other one loosely, and defends more generally for the team.

    Obviously if the opposition have a split strikeforce i.e.


    ...then the defensive midfielder simply marks the SS, and your CB marks the CF as you would expect, ignoring the 'most dangerous striker' stuff.

    It's all just suggestions really! Up to the player.

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