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Wired dribble bug?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Es88, 11 May 2009.

  1. Es88

    Es88 League 2

    2 December 2006
    M. Tel Aviv
    I'm with Konami patch 1.2, and i played the game with 2 diffrent patches, and i noticed something strange.
    it's seems like when a player dribble with the ball for a secound it's look like hes very fast(with out running) or doing a very fast steps it's look unusual, and then it's go back to normal. it happen offten, not all the time. didn't notice if it's a specific players.
    someone know what i'm talking about?

    even if you run fast, for a secound he become super-fast, and then it's go back for normal.
    Last edited: 11 May 2009
  2. zlac

    zlac League? What league?

    2 February 2007
    Yup, it happens from time to time (1.2, EvoPatch)

    Also, sometimes the ball moves super-fast for a very short amount of time, almost like there's teleporting and the camera (wide, ball) jerks sideways very rapidly - I've noticed that a few times in crowded situations anywhere on the pitch, when somebody makes a clearance (usually a header)

    Bugs or just temporary glitches in animations? :)
  3. Es88

    Es88 League 2

    2 December 2006
    M. Tel Aviv
    thx god, i thoght it's only me :\
    btw, before i installed evo-patch, i played with other patch that didn't includ koanmi patch 1.2, and i think it might be the problem..
    but all the patches now are with atlest 1.2, and i checked the game with other patch, and it's not only in evo-patch.
    i don't know what about you, but it's driving me crazy when it happen :|
    any solutions?
    Last edited: 12 May 2009
  4. rag74

    rag74 Non-League

    3 August 2005
    Thanks God!?!?!

    I can only say thanks God I haven´t sold my old PS2 when i bought my PS3! At least i´m still playing a decent version of WE!
  5. Es88

    Es88 League 2

    2 December 2006
    M. Tel Aviv
    i didn't mean to be so dramtic.. = |
  6. Es88

    Es88 League 2

    2 December 2006
    M. Tel Aviv
    it's wired that only 2 guys have this problem, mayB it's something else, there is lot's of people that using 1.2 patch or evo-patch..
  7. Es88

    Es88 League 2

    2 December 2006
    M. Tel Aviv
    someone have idea what could it be? gfx problems? memory?

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