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Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by kms53, 2 August 2005.

  1. kms53

    kms53 Guest

    Can anyone be so kind as to post some screenshots of some of the major players?
    Thx in advance
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  2. Tom

    Tom Administratør Staff

    12 December 2001
    I edited the title so we could use this thread for some sort of "official" WE9 stats thread here.

    So please put all your findings (pics?) and questions into this one, thanks!
  3. Derfil

    Derfil Big Boss

    6 July 2004
    A.C. Milan
    Nice WORK Sir Admin :D SMAAAAART :D

    ok .. Can I have these players stats ..


    that will do it for me ;)
  4. kms53

    kms53 Guest

    we will just have to wait until someone who gets hold of the game sees this thread
  5. Derfil

    Derfil Big Boss

    6 July 2004
    A.C. Milan
    Sheva :(
  6. Loddar81

    Loddar81 Guest

    Podolski stats? (Cologne / Germany)
  7. spoon71

    spoon71 been there done that

    10 November 2003
    and of coz ROBINHO stats.
    (he MUST be in the game somewere)
  8. miska

    miska Guest

    Guess this is the right place to ask stupid questions.

    So, can someone check if Roma Eremenko is in Udinese. And maybe even post his (and maybe even Alex Eremenko from Lecce) stats.
  9. helveg

    helveg Non-League

    3 August 2003
    REQUEST: Polish stars ;) stats please


  10. Tuscany

    Tuscany Non-League

    12 September 2004
    I would also like to see if Zlatan has improved :)
  11. Interista

    Interista Il Capitano

    19 August 2003
    FC Internazionale
    lol i think this thread should be closed until someone gets hold of the game or it will get filled up!
  12. koolaje

    koolaje Liverpool FC for Life

    12 June 2002
    Liverpool FC
    I wonder why they want those stats .. its only stats and not going to do any good knowing them ...
  13. Loddar81

    Loddar81 Guest

    If you dont care, why do you even bother visiting the "stats-thread" ?
    I know we can change them anyway, but if u play tourneys for example u play with the default stats. Therefore some people might be interested if the stats have improved especially for lesser known players.

  14. RuneEdge

    RuneEdge Silent Assassin

    1 October 2003
    Manchester United
    You could say the same thing about all other videos. :roll:
  15. BumperMan

    BumperMan Champions League

    20 June 2005
    North America
    Legia Warsaw
    This is perfect. ALL stat questions and topics should be put HERE!
  16. ashkan

    ashkan Non-League

    2 August 2005
    how many national teams are there?
    are the asian teams in the nippon challenge playable?
  17. Interista

    Interista Il Capitano

    19 August 2003
    FC Internazionale
    Not confirmed yet, though most likely COM playebale only.
  18. filthydani

    filthydani Guest

    Etos states
  19. reddevil

    reddevil Guest

    But if your are in a WE League among 20 other teams, and your teams are made of any kind of player (not the default teams), then you would be interested in some player stats...
  20. CR7

    CR7 Guest

    Any United stats please? Rooney, Ronaldo, Ferdinand, Fletcher, Park,Heinze?

    Baptista, Essien and Gilardino would be great too.
  21. WE7

    WE7 Guest

    martins speed sure 99 :P just guessin
    adriano shot pow 99 tec 99 acc 99 :P lool a guess tooo
  22. Golden Go@l

    Golden Go@l League 1

    19 February 2005
    C. Ronaldo and Fabregas
  23. Pirat_Black187

    Pirat_Black187 Non-League

    2 August 2005
    Henry stats please :)
  24. Stringer Bell

    Stringer Bell Banned

    12 February 2005
    We should be asking people to show us players stats like Yildrim, Nicolas Marin, Sable and etc......there is no point in asking for Sheva, Kaka', Gilardino, Ibrahimovic and etc....we now Konami are going to make them good....we shouild ask about all the underrated players!
  25. Riot89

    Riot89 Guest

    Stats for Zaccardo (Palermo), Kaebi (Iran), Keseru (Nantes), Vanden Borre (Anderlecht), Manuel Fernandes (Benfica), Simao please.
  26. SuperConCon

    SuperConCon Guest

    lol thsi is funny.. only questions no stats hahaha
  27. Derfil

    Derfil Big Boss

    6 July 2004
    A.C. Milan
    :-s no did get the game :-s
  28. kms53

    kms53 Guest

    just seems like one person.. he posted up deco and gerrard
  29. kms53

    kms53 Guest

    i believe this is the wrong thread to ask this.. this is only for player's stats

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