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Winning Eleven 11/Pro Evo Soccer 7

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by navtheman, 1 March 2007.

  1. navtheman

    navtheman Non-League

    29 December 2005

    does any one know if winning eleven 11/pes 7 is coming out on the ps2, or is it going to be exclusive on the PS3????
  2. ThomasGOAL

    ThomasGOAL Retired Footballer

    15 March 2003
    PS2 too for sure
  3. JayM

    JayM International

    17 April 2004
    North Yorkshire
    Konami won't adandon the PS2 for awhile, it is still selling lots of units.
  4. Fishboy

    Fishboy PES6 Devotee :-p

    25 March 2005
    Hiding at the Valley
    \o/ yay! I thought that PES6 was the last on the old PS2. \\:o/
  5. jimis

    jimis Greek WE Maniac

    7 September 2004
    Oh come o Guys, we will se a lot of new WEstuff for our Old PS2, sony and konami are not crazy, they wont give us again same graphics, same gameplay( with a few new moves, same pitches,same shit kits, same old stadiums.....) the same procedure as every year......!:applause: Only a new Name WE11, WE11 jleague, WE LE, WE FE, PES7...and so on!!!! And we will Pay again and again for the same every Year!
  6. embraceuk1

    embraceuk1 Original Member Since 2001

    30 December 2001
    Indiana USA (Scottish)
    Nottingham Forest
    This will be the last game where they use the PS2 for the development and port it to the PS3 and Xbox 360 again.
    So there will deffinitly be 4 PS2 versions of the same game again.
    The PS2 versions will also be the best again.
  7. The Probe

    The Probe Guest

    Winning Eleven 11 is specially developed for PS3...It's what the lead programmer said. In result, it will be a blast.
  8. petersmith5

    petersmith5 Conference

    7 September 2006
    there will be a "next gen" version of winning eleven 11/Pes7, it will be developed for PS3, The 360 version will be identical apart from the online aspect and there will be ps2 versions for some time to come.....old seabass said these things last year just before pro evo 6 came out.....you can bet that the PS3 and 360 versions will be superb.
  9. besides

    besides ntahs

    27 June 2005
    i think we11 is out on august..on ps3
    pro evo7....october here in europe...ps3..360..psp...pc..etc..
  10. IceMan_Bergkamp

    IceMan_Bergkamp Total Football

    9 December 2002
    London, Toronto
    I'll wait for ThomasGoal to confirm releases! He's more of a fiend than i am! :)
  11. besides

    besides ntahs

    27 June 2005
  12. bontot

    bontot Conference

    30 January 2007
    Even if that's happened, I wish there's still come a PC version.\\:o/
  13. embraceuk1

    embraceuk1 Original Member Since 2001

    30 December 2001
    Indiana USA (Scottish)
    Nottingham Forest
    They also said the Xbox 360 version was developed exclusively but Konami never lie to us do they.

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