Why is there no spectators at league games!!!??

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by killercam, 10 August 2005.

  1. killercam

    killercam Shady

    18 December 2003
    Hi i'm playing through a league season with Arsenal in the English League. Can someone pleae tell me why there is hardly any spectators at the matches because they lack in atmosphere and it's starting to annoy me. The premiership is renowned for it's atmosphere and would I like it to be realistic as possible. I played against Man Utd the other day, we were both top of the table with equal points and the stadium was bloody half empty, how dumb is that.

    Is there a way to make the stadium full in every match or am I missing something, My version is not in English so maybe you can as I can't read Japanese. or can't you modify this.

    Your help would be most appreciated - Thanks in advance. PS sorry if there another thread on this.
  2. Bingham67

    Bingham67 Champions League

    17 July 2005
    glazer arrived :mryellow: no man utd fans turn up its realistic ? na seriously dont have a clue m8 dont have the game unfortunately i have to wait for pro 5 in october :(
    Last edited: 10 August 2005
  3. cowden_harley

    cowden_harley MOANING PRICK

    3 October 2003
    Central Park
    Cowdenbeath FC
    This appears to be an effort to reduce slowdowns in the game. If you watch a replay during your games or after a goal, you will notice its full. I have to say its the only thing that pisses me off about WE9 the rest is fantastic.
  4. Sulph

    Sulph Goodbye...

    28 September 2003
    Yep, and its not only league, its all games.
  5. killercam

    killercam Shady

    18 December 2003
    I hope they rectify this by the time pes 5 comes out - this has really pissed me off, but I suppose i'm just being picky, fantastic game anyway Thanks for you help
  6. Sulph

    Sulph Goodbye...

    28 September 2003
    There were no slowdowns on PC versions yes, so that should be no problem.
  7. jan110

    jan110 Conference

    6 March 2003
    this is so dumb, i was thinking it is because i patched the game or something... so this is actually a thing konami intentionally came up with??
  8. Natbuc

    Natbuc Non-League

    3 November 2002
    Yeah it's intentional to cut the slow-down while using the wide camera. To be honest, you don't notice it after a while.
  9. manutd12

    manutd12 Guest

    you think they'll remove it for the pc versions?
  10. JayM

    JayM International

    17 April 2004
    North Yorkshire
    PC and Xbox hopefully. :)
  11. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    Well the crowd did play a part in increased lag for both online pes4 pc and xbox so unless they totally fixed the lag then it may be the same for pes5 too.
  12. beatswiss

    beatswiss Guest

    It's not because of preventing slowdowns. The amount of spectators depends on how well you play in the league matches. The better you play, the more spectactors there will be in the next macht, as realistic as it gets. So I assume you play crap, that's why nobody wants to see your matches. Try to improve... Better off with some training sessions...

    Greets :dwarf:
  13. P-dogg

    P-dogg Waiting for the postman..

    9 August 2004
    No, its a slowdown thing. The crowd only react to your results in League's or cups. If you select a friendly, and then play you'll notice NO crowd. Every friendly normally has a full capacity in this game. Very poor Konami.

    Pisses me off becuase I still get the slowdown in crowded penalty areas.

    Must be something to do with the fact that ALL the AI players love to be defending and ALL in the box at the same time. EVERYTIME.
  14. Pere Ubu

    Pere Ubu Championship

    29 October 2002
    Yeah, but you're talking about 2 different things here.

    The no-crowd thing doesn't happen on Broadcasting Cam, they're all there. But even then, in League Mode, the stadium is half empty for all of your first season.

    I'm Barcelona, I've won my last three matches 4-0, 3-1 and 5-1, the next match is at the Nou Camp against Real Madrid... and there are about 10,000 people there. Pathetic.
  15. dnavajoc

    dnavajoc Non-League

    2 August 2005
    That´s really disappointing...playing premier is crap...far urealistic with no audience...

    I have to play calcio because that's the only place where we cannot see the public...
  16. Ronaldinho88

    Ronaldinho88 Showman

    4 August 2005
    It's not results. I started a league with Barca and won the first 7 games, in which I played Real Madrid, Deportivo, Sevilla, Real Betis, Atletico, Bilbao and Levante. Imagine the attendaces at the Camp Nou after that in real life 8)
  17. cigol

    cigol League 1

    14 August 2003
    WE9 isn't real life though, it's arcadey in it's execution really, so don't expect things like that to be reflected in the game. It does appear to be a slowdown issue, and I don't really care myself to be honest - I never notice them anyway.
  18. Ronaldinho88

    Ronaldinho88 Showman

    4 August 2005
    But in friendlies with full crowd on TV cam there's no slowdown.
  19. cigol

    cigol League 1

    14 August 2003
    Well then I don't know what to say, except that zoomed in gives more FPS than zoomed out?
  20. Ronaldinho88

    Ronaldinho88 Showman

    4 August 2005
  21. cigol

    cigol League 1

    14 August 2003
    Frames Per Second, higher number of frames the smoother the gameplay and the less slowdown (simplistically speaking).
  22. killercam

    killercam Shady

    18 December 2003
    I'm top of the table you doughnut playing well scoring 30 goals in 13 matches.
  23. beatswiss

    beatswiss Guest

    What was that? You call me doughnut? [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hah you fool! So you are at the top of the table.... Everybody applause please :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
  24. killercam

    killercam Shady

    18 December 2003
    Please don't come back to evo web until you've stopped reading posts wrongly and making yourself look stupid.

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