Who can recommend a super sound after goal for English version of PES2009?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by ferdinand216, 24 July 2009.

  1. ferdinand216

    ferdinand216 League 2

    4 June 2009
    My own team
    I look through the page over over again ,I cant find anynews about the super sound and I also asksd gigimarulla for help,he said that he only find a one which was Germany version.SO I turn to all of you,if you know anynews about the super sound ,please tell you ,thanks in advance!!!
  2. diego_m10

    diego_m10 Guest

    well i actually i am editing the bassic sound effect file.... maybe tonigh i can upload a file.... this one is bassed in argentinian sound but i can take some sounds from FIFA09.... stay tunned...

    maybe tonight i can so something
  3. ferdinand216

    ferdinand216 League 2

    4 June 2009
    My own team
    Thanks anyway,mate!If you have the news ,tell me please!:APPLAUD:
  4. Patros46

    Patros46 League 2

    1 November 2007
    Where did you find this file?
  5. diego_m10

    diego_m10 Guest

    in cv08.img

    a friend discovered with program konami uses... i dowloaded... and now i ccan create the bin from cero... so.. we can do anything... icant tell you witch program is.. we are scared that if we tell it.. maybe konami changes to anotr program and we wont be able to edit this bin files.....

    i will upload once i finish first trial..

    anyway... as a proof you can download the MENU sound i changed.... so you can see i tell the true..

    and let me thank ninuzzu.. i just couldnĀ“t do it without him!!!
  6. goldorakiller

    goldorakiller French PES Editor

    26 November 2006
    France (79)
    tell me by PM please !

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