Which is better on LCD.. 50hz PAL or 60hz NTSC?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Oli, 13 October 2006.

  1. Oli

    Oli Gooner

    1 September 2002
    When it asks you at the beginning of the game, which one is best to use?
  2. Dar

    Dar Part Timer Staff

    21 February 2003
    Depends on how good your LCD tv is. If it's got a bit of a shoddy refresh rate then you could get ghosting and slight blurring (on either of the settings). If it's a decent LCD tv then it shouldn't matter which you choose, it should handle both equally as well.
  3. mnemoniak

    mnemoniak Non-League

    21 March 2003
    Here is a quote from wikipedia :

    'LCD displays

    Much of the discussion of refresh rate does not apply to LCD monitors. This is because while a phosphor on a CRT will begin to dim as soon as the electron beam passes it, LCD cells open to pass a continuous stream of light, and do not dim until instructed to produce a darker color. Pertaining to LCDs, see also response time.'
  4. Dar

    Dar Part Timer Staff

    21 February 2003
    My mistake, it should be "response" time, if you want to get pedantic. ;)

    Well played sir.

    Still, the quicker the better for the response time Noted. :)
  5. Jimmy G-Force

    Jimmy G-Force Resident PES Fanman

    13 April 2003
    Middlesbrough F.C.
    Hi fellas,

    Juat a quick question, and hopefully someone will be able to answer it as its doing my head in. :0(

    Just bought a 42" Plasma, HD ready T.V. especially for WE10/Pro Evo, but I'm devastated about the quality, the games are all blurry and its as if the TV cant handle the framerate, and its for worse than my 32'' LCD.

    Please dont tell me I've wasted a grand on nothing ?

    The Xbox 360 games are awesome, but the PS2 WE10 is dreadful, and no matter what I do, whichever pciture setting I choose its always the same.

    The cut screens look wicked, but the gameplay sucks ?

    Any ideas as it has very good pixel quality ?

    Want to hang myself. :0(

    Any advice or reasons for behind this is very welcome fella's.

    Jimmy .....
  6. only1ronaldo

    only1ronaldo My Season My Style

    4 August 2005
    Real Madrid
    you should have "game mode" in your TV options , turn it on it helps a lot!
  7. Jimmy G-Force

    Jimmy G-Force Resident PES Fanman

    13 April 2003
    Middlesbrough F.C.
    I'm certain I dont mate, been pissing around with it for ages, thanks for the advice though.
  8. mnemoniak

    mnemoniak Non-League

    21 March 2003
    How is your PS2 connected to your TV ?

    A component cable (YUV stuff) is sell for the PS2, quality, for sure,
    take a look here :http://www.mod-chip.com/en/ps2_component_cable.php
    or elsewhere, perhaps less expanssive..
  9. chrismodd

    chrismodd League 2

    21 June 2004
    Put it this way, your ps2 outputs low resolution graphics

    your hdtv is high resolutionm so basically its like trying to play pc games at low resolutionm e.g.640x480 (while your lcd tv has a higher native resolution e.g. 1280x1024) - it'll stretch.
  10. ash

    ash DeMinistrator

    21 March 2004
    Man Utd
    Use a component cable, and sort out your picture settings on your plasma, make sure it is not in Dynamic mode, it should be in Cinema or Normal mode.
  11. Mumpleaser

    Mumpleaser Championship

    6 May 2003
    Stockholm & Bristol
    I have a 40inch Samsung LCD tv and to be honest, the first time I turned on my PS2 I was shocked by how crap the picture was. I have now fiddled around a bit and the picture is better, but the PS2's output is to blame. The pixels are all huge because they are so few. PS3/XBox360 have high resolution outputs and the picture then will be very good.

    It's the same with a normal tv signal, it won't be really good until we get HDTV.

    I watched the intro film to Kingdom Hearts 2 the other day and that is (almost) hi-res and that was amazing. So don't give up hope yet!
  12. ruban07

    ruban07 Non-League

    17 July 2003
    I've just bought an Acoustic Solutions 32" tv (LCD32NK750HD) from Argos but am gutted about how pixely Pro Evo 6 on it.I've bought component cables and that's improved it, but its still too pixely. For those with similar sized tv's, can pro evo be played on LCD's properly? i.e. should i return this one and get a different LCD or should i resort to buying a new CRT? A swift response would be greatly appreciated as I'll have to give the tv back this weekend.

    Thanks in advance
  13. Dazza.

    Dazza. League 1

    2 April 2002
    Norwich City
    I have a 40" samsung it has no shadow on either 50 or 60 on mine but i have found the game runs that little bit more quick on 50hz. I also don't play it in wide screen or 16.9 version as i find the graphics are more blocky. but it maybe just me who thinks this.
  14. benny

    benny Non-League

    20 September 2003
    Looks great on my 42" HDTV using a component cable, looks terrible with the old scart lead.
  15. Pro Ram

    Pro Ram Conference

    19 January 2005
    I have 42 plasma (Panasonic) and its working great with the PS2!
    Use component (must) and play in 60Hz.
    play with the tv settings and youll be suprized how good it looks.
    I hope your tv is a decent one though...
    Last edited: 22 January 2007
  16. Mauras

    Mauras Premiership

    7 October 2002
    I've got a good "old" 36" Phillips Pixel Plus (normal TV, not LCD) that cost me a buck couple years ago and I'm still amazed to see they my tv still has better image than any LCD or plasma I've seen reproducing PS2 games.
  17. Joe

    Joe International

    9 August 2004

    I have same problem as you, I got this tv yesterday,

    went to play my ps2 with pes6 (using a rgb cable) and it was awfull,

    so is the answer a PS2 Component Cable?
  18. zortex

    zortex League 2

    13 August 2003
    I have LG 42" Plasma TV.I set it to 60Hz. and I am satisfied with the picture performance.
    Large LCD's can have some problems especially with the fast moving objects' display.It happens.In the company I work we watch the football games from a 50" LCD and the picture quality is lower than my plasma.
    Connection type is very important in LCD's as far as I know..
    Use a component cable and do not forget to set up your PS2's connection type and screen type (16:9 or 4:3)

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