Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by gabs1878, 27 November 2006.

  1. gabs1878

    gabs1878 Non-League

    19 October 2006
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  2. damianpadden

    damianpadden Banned

    7 October 2003
    you will need to be carefull with some graphics cards as the game may say it supports them but infact you get really poor performance. Only way i can get the game to run is through the no dvd crack otherwise its runs like a pig. As for recommendations, i use ATI 9200 512mb and it runs sweet.


    cya online for some thrashing.
  3. mikemurray

    mikemurray Non-League

    20 April 2006
    Dus havin a cracked version affect then...interesting

    I had a cracked pes5 and game was sort of playable but jus too slow 4 it 2 b relly good so perhaps if i buy a legit version will b mor smooth
  4. footyfan

    footyfan Pornaddict!

    13 December 2002
    ATI x800 are a good price £100 or less these day for the performance.
  5. nokmond

    nokmond Conference

    24 August 2005
    nvidia 6800 for around £100. Max out everything and 11111 on lod mixer.
  6. footyfan

    footyfan Pornaddict!

    13 December 2002
    the 6800, isnt quite as good as the ati x800 series, you put AA and AF on a 6800 and it struggles, on an x800 it handles it very well, wouldnt base you choice just based on PES, as its not a demanding game, look at other games you want to play as well, then make your choice.
  7. xinzhitan14

    xinzhitan14 Retired Kit Maker

    30 April 2006
    The Outback - Australia!
    go go go gunners!
    why dont you get a X1600XT or a 7600GT. the price drop will be here soon once the Geforce 8 series fully releases (currently 8800GTX and GTS are out).

    i play PES5/PES6 on a 6600GT with 8x AA and 16x AF, high detail @ 1280x990, lodmixer 11111. though i have my 6600gt @ 570/1140.
  8. dg32

    dg32 League 1

    4 January 2006
    United States
    Mexico, Arsenal
    I have an ATI RADEON 9550 256 AGP card and it works perfectly fine.
  9. Evil Ash

    Evil Ash Guest

    I've got a x1650pro 256mb, seems to run great on mine, paid under £90 for it.
  10. jimis

    jimis Greek WE Maniac

    7 September 2004
    I have an Nvidia Gforce 5200Fx and it works Fine, also i have the Nvidia Gforce 6600GT loadmixer everything on best resolution, works perfekt! but only with the NoCD Crack, otherwise stuttering with both cards!!!
  11. alexlive

    alexlive League 2

    9 August 2004
    iam thinking on buying this card ; thus it work fine with max settings and lod mixer etc..?
  12. WhiteShadow

    WhiteShadow Non-League

    21 June 2006
    That card will not not be smooth with LOD mixer on highest setting, AA, AF and in game settings to max. I recommend the radeon x800 or x1800 series.
  13. footyfan

    footyfan Pornaddict!

    13 December 2002
    AA and AF dont work in pes, you may have them set on in your control pannel, but pes dosent use them.

    the 9550 isnt worth getting, the X10 ATI series, should be a minimum purchase now, any card below that isnt gonna run new games coming out in the next 12months.

    Think ahead it will save you money in the long run, i work at pc world and we had and x1650pro in agp and PCIe for £109, great card for the price.
  14. TeePeeJay

    TeePeeJay League 2

  15. Gareth G

    Gareth G Guest

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