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Where can i find Ronaldo (the phenomenal, Brazillian)???

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by monalisa, 31 October 2009.

  1. monalisa

    monalisa Banned

    18 September 2009
    i really want to buy him to play in ML.

    i found an Argentinian boy name Veron. He look exactly like Juan S. Veron only he ages around 15-20 years old and next to his name say NEW .... what does that mean??
  2. Daylin

    Daylin Pes omnia vincit

    31 October 2009
    Guess the real Ronaldo ( no not fròm Real, i mean THE real ;) ) isn`t in Pes2010.

    About Veron, they made a younger version of him i think. Be smart and buy him. It could be a great talent :)
  3. Lord Fernando

    Lord Fernando League 2

    19 September 2005
    he is in pes 2010 (just bought on my master league!!!), he is locked on a fake name : ROMEYDA
  4. eKOe

    eKOe Banned

    20 October 2009
    I th9ink you're talking about the Portuguese Ronaldo, there has never been a phenomenal Brazillian, anyway he plays for Real Madrid ;) enjoy
  5. Lord Fernando

    Lord Fernando League 2

    19 September 2005
    He is actually the phenomenal brazilian who wins the world cup 1994 at age 18 with brazil, his name is RONALDO (Luís Nazário de Lima Ronaldo) born September 22, 1976. He is one of the greatest footballer of all times no doubt.

    In pes2009 as in pes2010 his fake name is ROMEYDA,on the masterleague hidden players.


    he is THE PHENOMENAL :

    Supercopa Libertadores Top Scorer: 1993-94
    Campeonato Mineiro Top Scorer: 1993-94
    Campeonato Mineiro Team of The Year: 1994
    Eredivisie Top Scorer: 1994-95
    La Liga Top Scorer: 1996-97
    European Golden Boot: 1996-97
    Don Balón Award La Liga Foreign Player of the Year: 1996-97
    Copa América Final Most Valuable Player: 1997
    Copa América Most Valuable Player: 1997
    Confederations Cup All-Star Team: 1997
    Cup Winners Cup Final Most Valuable Player: 1997
    Cup Winners Cup Top Goal Scorer: 1996-1997
    IFFHS World's Top Goal Scorer of the Year: 1997
    UEFA Most Valuable Player: 1997-98
    Serie A Player of the Year: 1997-98
    Serie A Foreign Player of the Year: 1997-98
    UEFA Best Forward: 1997-98
    Bravo Award : 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998
    FIFA World Cup Golden Ball: 1998
    UEFA Cup Final Most Valuable Player: 1998
    Copa América Top Scorer: 1999
    Copa América All-Star Team: 1997, 1999
    FIFA World Player of the Year: 1996, 1997, 2002
    Ballon D'or: 1997, 2002
    Onze d'Or: 1997, 2002
    FIFA World Cup Silver Ball: 2002
    FIFA 100
    FIFA World Cup All-Star Team: 1998, 2002
    FIFA World Cup Final Most Valuable Player: 2002
    FIFA World Cup Top Scorer: 2002
    Intercontinental Cup Most Valuable Player: 2002
    UEFA Team of The Year: 2002
    Laureus Comeback of the Year: 2002
    Strogaldo De Legendary Award 2002
    BBC Sports Personality of the Year Overseas Personality: 2002
    La Liga South American Player of the Year: 1996-97, 2002-03
    La Liga Top Scorer: 2003-04
    Golden Foot: 2006
    Brazilian National Hall of Fame inducated: Class of 2006
    Serie A Player of the Decate: 1997-2007
    France Football Magazine : Starting in 11 of all time: 2007
    FIFA World Cup All-Time Scoring Leader
    Campeonato Paulista Best Player: 2009
    Last edited: 1 November 2009
  6. monalisa

    monalisa Banned

    18 September 2009
    Does Romeyda has the appearance of real Ronaldo??

    i don't think so ... cause i've check other classic player they all don't have real face. However i found Veron and Andrino who have real face but they just come from the youth team.
  7. Lord Fernando

    Lord Fernando League 2

    19 September 2005
    no he has not appearance of the real ronaldo and he is 33 years old!

  8. Tottimas

    Tottimas Champions League

    30 January 2007
    Beograd, Srbija
    Crvena Zvezda
    Players that play for national teams but not for club teams (like Veron and Adriano) does not appear in ML at the start of the game, but they appear as young players lather on.
  9. monalisa

    monalisa Banned

    18 September 2009
    after i've played for 2-3 seasons i found a lot of rebirth version of old player .. even reibery
  10. sattan_hussein

    sattan_hussein Championship

    6 December 2004
    Ryo de Janeiro
    It does look like him, and Ronaldo is 33 of age.
  11. monalisa

    monalisa Banned

    18 September 2009
    no that does not look like him..

    i don't understand why they don't make the real face for those legendary player ..

    by the way Valencia manutd does not have real face too
  12. Edmundo 22

    Edmundo 22 League 1

    11 November 2003
    yeah there is only 1 Ronaldo! (still kicking ass with Corinthians)..

    portuguese player will always be Cristiano not Ronaldo.. there will always be only 1 Ronaldo! :)
  13. monalisa

    monalisa Banned

    18 September 2009
    Cristiano Ronaldo still has a long way to go to prove that he's a number one. yes ..He's still young but if he want to improve himself to be a great player he should pass to his teammates more .. hahaha
  14. Rafik

    Rafik French Player

    28 September 2007
    For me too, he's only one Ronaldo, one of the best player of world !

  15. klashman69

    klashman69 Fight the Power!

    28 November 2007
    I Travel.
    He's more worried about his hair cut and his image than he is playing football.
  16. eKOe

    eKOe Banned

    20 October 2009
  17. _lippe_

    _lippe_ Non-League

    11 April 2009
    São Paulo Futebol Clube
    what is cristiano ronaldo compared to Ronaldo Nazário?
    Just a promising young player...
    Cristiano has a lot to learn...
  18. Lord Fernando

    Lord Fernando League 2

    19 September 2005
    this is a little hard knowing that he was one of the best scorer but also one of the best passer for manchester united, 48 goals and 33 passes the season he wins the ballon d'or. I don't think brazilian ronaldo has done so much passes!

    but cristiano will never get to the real ronaldo at his age he was already a 2 world cup winner and a best scorer!
  19. Anasie10

    Anasie10 Montpellier HSC Fan

    3 September 2008
    Montpellier HSC
    xD :P

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