what type do you all use on controller settings?

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by MrSmokey, 16 May 2005.

  1. MrSmokey

    MrSmokey Guest

    hi all,
    whats the best type do you use for passing? in we8le..
    i use the 3rd one but ive tried all and still the passing seems strange,
    like if im pushing upleft to pass to the player there sometimes the pass goes totally in the wrong direction and it seems like i dont have control as to where the pass is going..
    me and my freind play ML both on the same team and he complains of the same prob too, like pushing to one player and it just goes the totally to the wrong player..thing is its happend lots now and we lose some goals because say' keane is running into the D ..im on the wing so ill try to give him the ball by pushing his way but it just goes to ruud in the box so u cant hit the thunder bolt with keano..
    so suppose im asking what do you think the most manual settings are for passing?
  2. drunkenmonkey

    drunkenmonkey Catfish

    6 December 2004
    Blackpool F.C
    i just use a microsoft sidewinder. don't need to use any tricks really, i only use afew step overs
  3. Shrike

    Shrike Deadball Master

    30 November 2003
    My own PS2
    i am not satisfied with passing system in WE8LE too. In WE8 i can almostly pass to my wished target (just with X button), but in WE8LE too much wrong passes in absolutely wrong direction.

    Anyone knows how to change this kinda 'auto-targeting' pass?

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