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What resolution you play pes10 demo?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Es88, 18 September 2009.

  1. Es88

    Es88 League 2

    2 December 2006
    M. Tel Aviv
    c2d 6320 1.8GHZ, asus p5b, 4GB, Hd4770, Toshiba Lcd 42.

    i tryed to play the game on 1280X720 16:9, becouse of the 16:9,
    i c it in the best shape on this TV.
    the game work smooth and good, with no fps drops or something,
    but i just notice that it's hell slower in a compare to 1024*768
    4:3, and it's really change the game.
    there is no fps drops in higher resuliton, but the movement of the players, running, turnning a side is much slower, in compare to low resoltuions.
    so it's just becouse of this computer that not strong enogth? or maby it's the demo?
    cuz if i had drops, or the game is not smooth, i would understand, but the game run smoothly, just slower, maby a little delay even.

    in the specifications (settings), he write "bad" near the CPU.
    ram, gpu, vram, he write good.
    the game require 2.0GHZ, while i have 1.8Ghz, i need to feel such effect becouse of this?
    Last edited: 18 September 2009

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