What new teams are there in PES5?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Stasman, 22 August 2005.

  1. Stasman

    Stasman League 2

    17 May 2003
    Hey guys, i know this may have been asked before (please don't bite my head off about it) but does anyone have any official info about which new teams will feature in PES5, and which ones have gone (i hear Egypt have been removed from the national team roster).
  2. Stasman

    Stasman League 2

    17 May 2003
    I'm guessing no-one has any info then...
  3. Jamezinho

    Jamezinho Golden Boot Winner

    10 June 2003
    Ipswich, England
    Ipswich Town F.C.
    Venezuela will replace Jamaica.
    Ivory Coast will replace Egypt.

    As far as clubs go there should be all the teams for the 2005-06 season, ie Sunderland, West Ham and Wigan in the Premiership, Celta Vigo, Alaves and Cadiz in La Liga etc..... And also theres rumours of 3 scandinavian club teams.
  4. russellclow

    russellclow Conference

    23 September 2004

    This is the OFFICIAL WORD from Konami - sent to me via email (I work for a large gaming site, with a good contact list ;))

  5. Stasman

    Stasman League 2

    17 May 2003
    Alright, cheers for the info guys, i was hoping Konami could include maybe a few more European teams or something, but nevermind aye :)
  6. titi henry

    titi henry Conference

    15 August 2005
    kanker ea
  7. ClassicD

    ClassicD Galáctico

    11 November 2001
    If you are coming from WE9 the new licensed teams will be:

    Celtic (Scotland)
    FC København (Denmark)
    Djurgarden (Sweden)
    Rosenborg (Norway)

    Official source - http://www.konami.com/gs/newsarticle.php?id=368

    If you are coming from PES4, the new licensed teams are:

    Arsenal (England)
    Chelsea (England)
    Celtic (Scotland)
    Rangers (Scotland)
    Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine)
    Galatasaray SK (Turkey)
    FC Porto (Portugal)
    FC København (Denmark)
    Djurgarden (Sweden)
    Rosenborg (Norway)

    New teams that are making an appearance that are not licensed are:

    Santos (Brasil)
    Sao Paulo (Brasil)
    Shahktar Donetsk (Ukraine)
    Fenerbahce (Turkey)
  8. Ruudaldo

    Ruudaldo Guest

    ive heard tht the entire German league was goin to be licensed are these rumours untrue
  9. Stasman

    Stasman League 2

    17 May 2003
    Nice stuff mate, was what i was looking for. Am i right in believing the rumours that the Bundesliga and Ligue 1 are fully licensed this time round as well?

  10. Pakigol

    Pakigol Guest

    I heard that bundes liga will be licensied but not ligue 1...
  11. JimJoeC

    JimJoeC Custom User Title

    26 June 2002
    Southampton, England
    Saints get in for the first time ever then we got fucking relegated so we are not there now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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