What monitor for PES?

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  1. goalan

    goalan Non-League

    22 August 2006
    My crt monitor died yesterday. Have since then played on my samsung syncmaster 226 bw. I think its from 2007 or something like that. It was "the shit" back then, atleast in its segment. But its just awful! Gosthing/Blurred when the camera sweeps fast from left to right, right to left. The playes kinda get out of focus, and dont comeback to focus until someone recieved the pass and the fast camera motion stops. Its just unplayable.

    So what monitor should one buy? A used crt would be best option, maybe?
  2. ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue

    ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue Banned

    9 October 2010
    im on a new lcd led full backlight benq vw2420h
    no cheap tn panel but still good response no ghosting/tearing/input lag
    its 8 ms grey to grey
    i play shooters since ut99 so i can say that the response is good enuff
    good all around screen, its an 24 inch
  3. Saaj

    Saaj Non-League

    19 October 2010
    South Africa
    i am using a samsung syncmaster BX2450...its a 24" full HD LED backlit LCD and it has a 2ms gtg response time....

    well, i actually got it cheap here in SA coz it was on launch promotion...it was actually way cheaper than wot i paid for my 22" widescreen LCD.....imagine that.

    if the sole purpose of you replacing the monitor is just for PES, then yes..a used CRT is your cheapest option.
  4. goalan

    goalan Non-League

    22 August 2006
    The wierd thing is my syncmaster 226 bw also has a response time of 2ms. Or gtg response time maybe is not the same as jut response time?

    Well the cheap crt is not because of the price. Im "scared" to buy a new lcd for PES after seing how awful it looks on the lcd i have now. So my fear is i will buy something expensive and still will be dissapointed because it looked better with a CRT.
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  5. ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue

    ImpossibleYesbutitsTrue Banned

    9 October 2010
    try to not buy a tn panel, it looks awful and hurt your eyes
    some even have headache
    imo not good choice after a crt

    i tried a few monitors coz my old lg died and the tn ones were awful, all sent back

    a good screen can have 8-12 ms
    its not just bout the ms
    some use badly written overdrive to reach 2-5 ms so u get input lag etc.
  6. hlinskin

    hlinskin Conference

    6 May 2008
    Whatever you do, avoid the LG W2753v. I bought one of these with high expectations. Was absolutely terrible for PES2011 (and PES6). Black ghosting around all movement. Had to RMA it for a refund. Was the same over HDMI and DVI. It was the same on PS3 with PES2011 (demo). I tried all the settings possible.

    My Samsung T220HD has none of these problems, it looks great.

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