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What are your 3 favourite Xbox 360 releases?

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by El Diego, 11 April 2007.

  1. El Diego

    El Diego Guest

    Well guys, the 360 has been available for over a year now and there has been many releases but what 3 games have you enjoyed and why?

    Mine have been:

    1. Project Gotham Racing 3: First game I bought/played and still love it today. It's so good, can't wait for 4 (and I don't even like racing games usually!)

    2. UEFA Champions League 2006/07: A proper next-gen footy title! It plays like a dream but does have a few faults admittidly. Can't wait for FIFA 08!

    3. Call of Duty II: The second game I bought and played it for hours every night. Maybe COD3 should be here instead but I haven't played that as much (although the online experience is second-to-none!).

    Games that also deserve credit:

    Gears Of War
    Viva Pinata
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  2. FlawlessCowboy

    FlawlessCowboy Stunted

    5 July 2004
    Coventry, UK
    Re: What are your 3 favourite Xbox 360 releases so far?

    Gears of War
    Pro Evolution Soccer 6
    Rainbow Six
  3. El Diego

    El Diego Guest

    Re: What are your 3 favourite Xbox 360 releases so far?

    Is Rainbow Six worth buying then? The demo didn't impress me at all.
  4. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    1. Gears Of War (blew me away, had to finish it as soon as I started it)
    2. UEFA CL (the best football game released to date)
    3. Viva Piñata (original gameplay, great idea)

    I was tempted to put Rainbow Six Vegas in, as it is a GREAT game (really great, and yet another game that I had to finish as soon as I'd finished the first few missions - superb), but I didn't think it was fair to have two FPS games. Guitar Hero II would get a mention, but I still play it on the PS2 and don't see the need to pay £60 again just to play the same game with better graphics. :)
    Last edited: 11 April 2007
  5. djdoc

    djdoc Guest

    PGR 3 - First game for 360 and it is fab even now!!
    UEFA/FIFA 07 - Good Footie from EA
    GRAW - Had lots of fun doing the Single Player and a good laugh during Multiplayer.

  6. JayM

    JayM International

    17 April 2004
    North Yorkshire
    Crackdown and Gears of War would be my top two, I can't think of a third.
  7. rockykabir

    rockykabir hello

    30 March 2003
    London -> New York -> San Francisco
    Liverpool FC
    Rainbow Six - I'm tempted to say this is my favourite FPS ever ;)
    Gears of War had a brilliant first time experience....didn't play it much afterwards. I'll therefore say Table Tennis for its addictiveness ;)
  8. TikTikTikTikTik

    TikTikTikTikTik *****

    7 August 2004
    Well ive got 5 games so far:

    Dead Rising

    Out of those its easily
    Dead Rising

    .....and i guess.....

    FEAR (just because pes and fifa arent good enough)

    Hopefully mass effect and forza 2 can displace a couple next month. Will prbably get gears of war when it comes down in price as im not that bothered about playing it at full price.
  9. festa

    festa League 2

    19 August 2003
    Rainbow 6 Vegas
    Splinter Cell Double Agent
    Call of Duty 3
  10. Coopz

    Coopz Retired Footballer

    27 April 2002
    Rainbow 6 vegas and i may join rockykabir in what he says :)
    PES/FIFA/CL multiplayer all enjoyable only making the top because its footy, although single player is awful for all 3
    Call Of Duty 3 scraping the barrel here really, i have alot of games which i have completed GRAW 1&2, Splinter Cell, GOW, Smackdown, Test Drive, PGR, Table Tennis and more but i like COD3 a bit more than some of these, it was a toss up between this and Saints Row
  11. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    Coopz and I must be genetically reversed, because he loves PES/FIFA/CL online and hates offline, and I hate online (laggy and full of idiots, I love UEFA but online it's up to two seconds before your player reacts to your button presses) and love offline... It's so weird how two people can play the same game and have total opposite opinions...
    Last edited: 11 April 2007
  12. APX


    8 July 2005
    Suomi Finland
    1. NHL 07
    2. Rainbow 6 Vegas
    3. Crackdown
  13. Coopz

    Coopz Retired Footballer

    27 April 2002
    Im right though, your wrong ;)

    what would the world be like without opinions :)
  14. Carl

    Carl Ban Master Staff

    27 December 2001
    West Ham United FC
    Living in TG's blinkered world, ;)

    My favourite 3 games, hmmm,

    PGR3 is number 1, love it, tis great, cant wait for 4, just hope it has a better online set up.

    Trying to think of what else I have played alot off, and there isnt anything I have put the amount of hours in that anyone else seems to on here, during the World Cup, I did enjoy the official game, but I know it's 'old' FIFA, but I did enjoy it at the time. Table Tennis was something I never thought I would enjoy, but I did, it's Live set-up is great, and the gameplay is simple and very tight, a great game and I played quite abit of it as well. Fight Night also impressed.

    However, I have just got myself a HDTV, and about to rediscover alot of games, I havent played much of Gears yet, nor Rainbow. I stuck Crackdown in the other night, and my eyes nearly melted seeing the difference between it on SD and HD, so cant wait to try my other games out again. Crackdown is a fun game, I love the fact I can jump up buildings and from one to another, tis novel and a great blast. CODII did blow me away when I first played it, the whole bullets whizzing past my head and around me, your comrades and allies fighting with you and dying around you.
    Last edited: 11 April 2007
  15. jimis

    jimis Greek WE Maniac

    7 September 2004

    2)Ghost recon Advanced warfighter:applause:

    3) Lost Planet!!!!!
  16. embraceuk1

    embraceuk1 Original Member Since 2001

    30 December 2001
    Indiana USA (Scottish)
    Nottingham Forest
    Come on guys the best game is easily.

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    The rest are all too close to call.
  17. jogi

    jogi Little Thoughts

    4 August 2003
    1. Gears of War


    2. Crackdown
    3. Rainbow Six: Vegas

    Gears is head and shoulders above the rest. I just love playing it online, I've had countless sessions of 10+ hours of non stop Gears. Although I can see someone not liking it much if you don't know anyone that plays it. It's a game that should be played with friends, too bad it doesn't have a party online system like Halo.
  18. El Diego

    El Diego Guest

    I thought Cackdown was pants.
  19. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    Oblivion and Crackdown didn't really appeal to me... I'm not into oldé worldé games, nor superhero games.

    Well no, that's a bit of a lie, I played Oblivion solidly for a week or two, but then I thought it was all too samey, you run around, slash a guy, close a gate, slash a guy, slash a woman...

    But you could say that about any game I suppose.
  20. pepe montoto

    pepe montoto League 1

    8 August 2004
    Boca Juniors
    I'm still waiting for my favorites to show up. They might be PES7, Forza 2 and GTA IV in the near future. I really hope so. I sold all my 360 games but Fight Night, UEFA CL, TDU and Oblivion which in my opinion is the best one so far.
  21. andish2001

    andish2001 Championship

    1 May 2005
    1. UEFA CL
    2. GOW
    3. Oblivion
  22. El Diego

    El Diego Guest

    I was gonna say, what about PGR:3 or GRAW? You drive, turn a corner, take over another car, crash etc or you hide behind a truck, pop-out, shoot guy in head, duck back down, run to next meeting point etc.

    You seem offended by games that don't have special agents or football content dear friend! :lol: ;)
  23. ash

    ash DeMinistrator

    21 March 2004
    Man Utd
    Gears of War
    Virtua Tennis 3
    GR:AW 1

    I don't own the first two, but have played them and loved it. Just saving to get them and for exams to end. And GR:AW, first time I have played a tactical shooter, and I love it!
  24. DagsJT

    DagsJT Retired Footballer

    29 November 2005
    Rainbow 6 Vegas
  25. Vlad19

    Vlad19 football manager

    5 January 2006
    What he said.

    My list would be:
    1. Gears of War, for reasons heretofore explained.
    2. Saints Row, my first experience of the 360 and mighty good fun.
    3. NBA 2K7, extremely unintuitive, but once you adjust sliders and whatnot it becomes extremely realistic and loads of fun to play.
  26. nad2dare

    nad2dare League 1

    13 January 2005
    United Kingdom
    Have had my 360 for over a year played most of the games available on the sytem here is my top 3 360 games:

    1)Smackdown Vs Raw 2006 - best wrestling game ever release on a xbox/microsoft system, as the raw & wrestlemania games on the orignal xbox were crap.

    2) Gears of War - Did what Halo did for the original xbox, amazing single player mode (although short) even better online, amazing 2nd generation game for the 360, it's my favorite 360 shooting game , prefer this over the boring GRAW games any day.

    3) Elder Scrolls 4 Obilvion - Best looking 360 out, although some people might say GOW has better graphics, but in GOW the game graphics are mainly set in the dark, while in oblivion you can marving in both day & night enviroments. Like this game as this game is huge & you can litterally live in the game you do the side quest & was the game that i brought with my 360.
  27. El Diego

    El Diego Guest

    Good list there Nad2dare - Smackdown is great fun!

    I adored Oblivion - I might have to get that back from my brother, real deep game.

    GOW was absolute class, bit gutted I didn't put it in my top 3 now. Played it every night until I completed it and the Co-Op mode is brilliant. :)
  28. matherto

    matherto 12 Times

    13 October 2004
    St. Helens, Merseyside.
    Manchester United
    from when I had it

    1. PGR3 - loved that game to bits, graphics, arcade handling, cars, the lot

    2. R6: V - I don't think I've ever played a 'cooler' game, the thought that everything in that game could actually happen is something to think about, graphics were excellent, Vegas is a perfect setting, etc etc

    3. gonna have to be Gears, I do miss playing online, but only when with friends, because I had some fantastic games with people I knew online, couldn't be arsed going through the campaign again though, and the cover system annoyed me

    honourable mention = FIFA, excellent graphics and a decent change to PES

    speaking of PES - the 360 version is trully one of the worst games I've played in recent times

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