WE9LE Keeps Freezing At Formation Screen

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Klaparen, 6 July 2017.

  1. Klaparen

    Klaparen Non-League

    6 July 2017
    Installed WE6LE using that English version torrent online but haven't been able to play a match yet. It keeps freezing on Windows 7 when you get to the select formation/match start screen. I tried installing the 2016/17 patch but that didn't help either, the .exe from that just fails to run.

    Tried running the game with antivirus off and in compatibility mode, would appreciate any help.
  2. MadbaLL

    MadbaLL Interista per sempre!

    11 February 2008
    "Curva Nord"
    Inter Milan
    it's a kitserver issue, low internal memory for kitserver 5.

    only solution is to remove all unnecessary stuff from kitserver.
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  3. Klaparen

    Klaparen Non-League

    6 July 2017
    Hmmm really? My laptop's got 4 gigs of ram I was assuming that was enough. Is there any guide to figuring out what the best stuff to remove from kitserver would be? I basically just wanna keep the player faces and the kits, grass texture would be nice but don't really care about stuff like ads or balls or stadiums.
  4. Elja

    Elja How's it guys?

    11 October 2015
    It freezes only on the first match for 2-3 minutes cause the game loads all the stuffs from the kitserver i think, it will be normal from the second match you play and so on.
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  5. spektarm

    spektarm Premier League

    6 October 2006
    Manchester United
    I was experiencing the same thing, it was a pain in the ass, to be honest.

    So after days and days of tinkering, I found out that this wasn't caused by Kitserver loading all necessary files (this usually takes seconds on modern computers). The problem is Windows Defender, and possibly another antivirus software, so you need to go to the Windows Defender settings and add the whole WE9LE folder to the exclusions list, maybe even the .exe file to the exe exclusions below that. Do the same for the antivirus.

    To avoid crashes, be sure to use Kingsley's wonderful mods and tools from this thread:

    Look at the PES 5 / WE9LE section and the Extras section. You can use 1.0 which includes only the Reserved Memory Fix which would sort out the crashes, you can also use the other ones which offer higher internal resolutions, weather effects improvements, some changes to the ball physics and gameplay as well! Make sure if you're using v2.0 and above of his .exe file (i.e. including the internal resolution changes) that you select the proper graphics setting in the settings.exe - so Low for Full HD (1920x1080) internal, Medium for Super HD, High for Ultra HD. You said you have a laptop, so I assume it doesn't support 4K, which means you have to use Low (which isn't low quality by any means btw, it's more than enough for a laptop screen at 1080p).

    If you have stuttering and/or vsync problems, let me know and I can explain how I have fixed mine. :)
  6. Klaparen

    Klaparen Non-League

    6 July 2017
    Thanks, I got the original download version working by reducing the size of the Kitserver but really can't get the 2016/17 patched version working or the WE9LEK 16-17 - IntRes + ResMem Fix 1GB - English.exe file. Both the exe from the patch and the IntRes fix crash right at the startup by saying that the exe has stopped working. I can start the 2016 patch by using the default .exe file included with the game download but that one then again stops working at the formation screen with the 2016 patch.

    I did add the WE9LE folder to the exclusion list for WIndows Defender. The freeze seems to also happen if I remove the Kitserver folder from the 2016 patch completely.
  7. Solid750

    Solid750 VW MK4 Enthusiast

    13 July 2017
    Boston Celtics, Juventus
    I have this exact problem and sometimes before the kick off. The goal is to be patient and give it some time for the game to load.

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