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  1. jankoller

    jankoller Non-League

    5 June 2003
    I need to stress that this is not my experience. I am still waiting for the WE9. The following review is written by an editor of Hong Kong Game Magazine. I will try to translate the review as follows:

    "WE9 is worth playing because:

    (1) Santos and Sao Paolo has been added in the section of teams. For the national side, Ivory Coast is alo added. I anticipate that more teams will be added in the following series.

    (2) The game is more realistic than before. I choose "Chelsea" to play. The moves are betting than previous series. Dribbing is good and not difficult to control.

    (3) For the Japan challenge mode, I was choosen to play against Hong Kong. I found that Hong Kong is not bad. Although the shooting accurancy is so low but the dribbing and defence is quite good (I choose the mode of extreme difficulty)."
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  2. PLF

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    2 August 2004
    Thanks for this bit of info dude even though I find the thread title quite misleading as when you read that you expect a more in depth review and also it's all in cappz so kinda askin for attention for something not that big of a deal but nonetheless.. thank you for the info man.

    take care
  3. filthydani

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  4. Tom

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    12 December 2001
    Sorry, this "review" isn't of any use at all. Pretty misleading title.

    Thread closed.
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