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Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by Alberto Tomba, 28 September 2005.

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  1. It has to be said we as Winning eleven players have many options this year. All of them I think offering VERY different gameplay.

    My breakdown:

    WE9: Game plays EXACTLY as it should be in real life (my opinion of course). The focus is on the ball and the shooting of the ball on goal along with gaining and maintaining proper possession of the ball. Nothing more. Very honest gameplay.

    PES5: Focuses more on defending and less on shooting. Less fouls making it a less strategic game.
    ***For me PES5 does not seem to have the improvemnets that WE9 had over WE8 the way it should over PES4***

    WE9(PSP) Gameplay nearly flawless. Ball physics seems to be better and control of the ball as well.
    ***I regard WE9:UE my hands down favorite. NOT because of the portablity but because of the way the game feels once you've gotten used to it. It's an amazing acheivement to have such rivaling gameplay between a handheld and console. The graphics might be less sharp, the lighting duller and the amount of editing and stadiums might be missing,but Konami has CRAFTED the gameplay so well to the PSP controls that I can not look back***

    ...and so, there you have it. Soley my opinion,but that's why we have em' in the first place. If I am to stear anyone toward one version, it'd be at the PSP vers. of WE9. It's flatout the BEST game for the PSP and makes the system worth owning. If you are a fan of editing (which we all are) the PSP vers. reminds what a good PLAYING game this is and that's something that's forgotten about with all the hooplah over kit and stadium editing. To be honest, this is a welcome change.

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  2. eddy edwards

    eddy edwards Premiership

    2 September 2003
    So does PES5 feel more 'arcadey' than we9 as that is how I felt the differences were between pes4 and we8.
  3. George Weah

    George Weah Conference

    7 February 2005
    i played to pes5 and i think this chapter of pes is better than pes4, moreover if we think about the differecnes beetween we8 and pes4:great differences, the ball was very fast as the shoot and the players movement. in this pes5 is true that the defense is better and there are less possibilities to take a gol, but the ball is not so faster as in the older chapter, and the gameplay is more complete then pes4, also the ai is more effective on the ground. however, this pes5 is not so perfect, because the ball is a little too fast, as the players movement:this characteristic comes very evident with palyers like ronaldinho, shevchenko, very fast players that can dribble out 4-5 people without being stopped: this is very difficult in we9, more more difficult than pes5. VOTE 8,5-9 (if we think that we9 is near 10... :D)
  4. jiwa

    jiwa The BEautiful Game

    31 May 2005

    I'm still waiting for final ver PES5 to come out before deciding. But I have a feeling PES5 will be ruined by watering down the gamepaly and boosting of gamespeed. Although the fact the defences wont play so deep, which is overdone in WE9 may force me to give it a look.

    Traditionally I buy all the games We/PES/WEI, and I always have enjoyed the I or FE or LE iterations the best. Just like this year WE8:LE was a wonderfully balanced game.

  5. George Weah

    George Weah Conference

    7 February 2005
    yes you are right i think that the final edition and some other releases of we9 will be perfect.... i'm waitning we9 j-league in november... :D
  6. Put it this way. In WE9 I feel I have a freedom with the ball in PES5 I feel we don't. Thus PES5 feels a little scripted in my book. WE9 really feels natural,but somehow PES5 doesn't. the ball doesn't seem to jump around as much(which is what i like a miss when compared to WE9). there's really an unpredictability to WE9 that isn't there with PES5.

    There are some arguements that PES5 is not a final build,but honestly te Fifa demo was pretty much the fifa fnal when we look at fifa 2006.
  7. ClassicD

    ClassicD Galáctico

    11 November 2001
    Can't compare the PSP version as I don't have it, but my hands are already struggling to adapt to playing that system as I just got it and I'm not sure I'd prefer that over a joypad and bigger screen, if given the choice.

    WE9 I felt was just too, I dunno. I play mostly single player until I'm able to play online so I can only go by that, I felt WE9 was far too defensively-orientated, every single team defends with most of their side in their own box. While I can see what they tried to do with the passing, in that you need to be facing the player to get a more accurate pass, it was overdone and sideways passing was not particularly easy when at times it should have been. PES5 seems to have fixed that, and the 'problem' of defenses sitting everyone behind the ball.

    0-0 and 1-0 were familiar scores in WE9, I've only played three games of PES5 and the scores were 3-2, 1-0 and 3-3. Whether this is a good or bad thing, I don't think I'll be able to judge fully until I've had some multiplayer with it, but for single-player it's a marked improvement. AI teams now try and win games, rather than 'not lose' by sitting everyone back and rarely venturing forward.

    And as a side note, I am disappointed they removed the need to hold in :r2: to do the sidestep in both WE9 and PES5, it would seem purely because the PSP has only two shoulder buttons. I'm also far from convinced about the use of :r2: to receive passes, I remember on PSOne when there was no guff like that and it was down to the player's technique/stats on how well he controlled the ball. Given that the PSP doesn't have :r2:, I'm interested to see how that plays as 'trapping' the ball won't be possible using that control.
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  8. Oli_GHG

    Oli_GHG Guest

    I cant say anything about PES5 yet, but seen as it is said to be similar to WE9 i can say this. IMO WE8:LE is the best game in the series. It was perfectly balanced in every way.
  9. johan

    johan Guest

    This is nothing new to me. Winning Eleven series were always better than PES ones. I`m talking about Japanese versions and FE or International ones that support 6 languages like WE7IJ did. WE7 was better than PES3, WE8 was better than PES4 so WE9 is better than PES5. Alberto T. is right. WE always had better ball psychics.. it felt a bit heavier and had more life to itself while in PES series the ball is always really light and the gameplay is always faster which takes away the realism. I am just now enjoying the hell out of my WE9 copy.
  10. ash

    ash DeMinistrator

    21 March 2004
    Man Utd
    Well two games played so far on PES5, England vs NI and Rangers vs Celtic in 58, me being the former team. Score was 2-0 and 0-1 respectively. The 2nd game going to extra time.

    I can't say yet, I played @ 50hz, maybe 60hz will be slightly different. It is definately faster, and less fouls :) I like that, fouls in WE9 are sooo annoying.
    I'm not sure which one I will be playing yet, will stick to WE9 now, until I can play online :)
  11. Dar

    Dar Part Timer Staff

    21 February 2003
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