** WE9 Masterleage: good and bads.

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by yusuke86, 8 August 2005.

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  1. yusuke86

    yusuke86 Guest

    Started masterleague and to be honest, i sort of regret using 6*'s because its so different from WE8. Yes, it's a good thing that AI's are now MUCH smarter and better as a team but there are lots of bugs and unusual things that happen.

    I started using Barcelona and I couldn't manage to win much but tie. There are 2 bugs I found in this game that really is annoying.

    1. I don't know how to explain it by words but sometimes when the CPU passes a long cross and you manage to select ANOTHER player ( your team ) to move and get the ball, ( and the CPU cannot reach the ball ) you are unable to get the ball NO MATTER what you do. ( So imagine the ball is in front of you, but it WILL NOT let you get it no matter what, the CPU will come and get the ball then the game continues ) now, thats really fucked up.

    2. The games are seriously biased. ( That is not ALL the games, but some games.. so-called "Destined by the CPU" ) lol.. no matter how weak the team is, you will not be able to SCORE no matter what and at the END of losstime, the CPU randomly crosses the ball and the opponent will do whatever to score you.
    now, that was what happened before in WE8 and thats fine. But what annoys me is when I tried to repeat this 4 times ( because i was testing out the same match ) you still lose. ( I will not be able to WIN, but you can tie. I was pretty pissed off, and also wanted to try, so I kept on passing the ball in the back )

    anyways, the game IS fun.. but these are really annoying
  2. yusuke86

    yusuke86 Guest

    damn, im starting to lose interest of this.. serious pathetic game play
  3. Tom

    Tom Administratør Staff

    12 December 2001
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