we9 - master league players turn into muppets

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by wozbacca, 25 August 2005.

  1. wozbacca

    wozbacca Non-League

    30 May 2004
    after like 2 or games, all the players seem to forget how to pass, move, dribble, shoot...

    for some reason they seem to act like complete idiots.. its not that they're tired or anything the green bar is still 90% full...

    anyone else experienced it?
  2. BK_83

    BK_83 World Class

    7 June 2003
    maybe they were new and team work werent good... i experienced it sometimes... i could be wrong
  3. Pakigol

    Pakigol Guest

    motivation too...

    I just finished my 1st season in Division 2 in fixed mode with Sao Paulo

    the 4 first matches, my team played very well, attacking a lot and even managed to score without my help... but after that, they really showed a lack of motivation that make me wish there was a fighting mode to be abble to kick their butts... I've even been kicked from the 1st leg of the cup, and got 2 draws and 2 losses in the league...

    then, in the 3 last matchs, my players started to play like gods, especially the only one player I could buy during transfert, Okubo from Majorca (7 goals in the 3 last matches)

    I finally got the 2nd place...
  4. cigol

    cigol League 1

    14 August 2003
    I've noticed this too, it is likely just more GAME BALANCING which to me equates to CHEATING on behalf of the AI.
  5. Interista

    Interista Il Capitano

    19 August 2003
    FC Internazionale
    Its not cheating, it happened in the previous game also, dont know what exactly this is, but i think its because you play yr player alot ? or maybe its because of consistency or sumthin, am sure its nothing realted to a bug or cheating.
  6. Pakigol

    Pakigol Guest

    by always playing in fixed mode, I noticed that lot of things make changing player's motivation... Home & Away matches, rain, derby, cup matches, teams position in the league, and of course, motivation of the opponent (sometimes I beat in home match great teams 3-0, then make a 1-1 at the weakest team of the league...), just like real game... so I don't see that like cheating...

    IMO that's why this mode is so interesting :o
  7. Pere Ubu

    Pere Ubu Championship

    29 October 2002
    Well it's "cheating" in the sense that it's computer manipulation of your team, yeah. But in real life form goes up and down, and other teams come and sometimes play well, sometimes badly, so I think it's fairly good. It doesn't ruin the game or anything.
  8. wozbacca

    wozbacca Non-League

    30 May 2004
    its not restricted to one player... the whole team.

    i was playing with inter, and after the 3rd game, everyone was running very slowly, and miscontrolling the ball, poor first touches, tame pathetic shots etc...

    i instantly quit and played an exhibition game and the difference was amazing... i cant understand why it messes up, after only 3 games... its mad.

    also, what is the beige bar under the green condition bar in formation settings? anyone know?
  9. Joe

    Joe International

    9 August 2004
    i think the beige bar is the Fatigue level
  10. Funny

    Funny Guest

    branyik you are quite right, as you play with your team they get tired and you must do a good management of your player´s and team´s health and phisical status and as they play more games they get even more tired and losing fitness capabilities. And in this game it´s good to do substitutions it helps alot.
  11. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    I had this in PES4 alot, which resulted in me changing half my team everytime the transfer window opened.

    I guess it is just random.

    Btw pakigol, playing in fixed mode, do your team also play good unlike my team when I play that just walk up the pitch and into the CPU player and have 1 shot per half. Are they good? And also, what level do you play on, 6 I take it?
  12. RuneEdge

    RuneEdge Silent Assassin

    1 October 2003
    Manchester United
    Are you lot sure its got nothing to do with fatigue? I have this problem and it seems to me that its because players are tired.
  13. jiwa

    jiwa The BEautiful Game

    31 May 2005

    I think this thing has been there since WE7I, if i'm not mistaken. Only this time it's a probably more pronounced.

    In the course of an ML season, I notice your form will definitely have its up and downs. Your team will experience bad patches of form, no matter what your player stats are. Some games you'll not be able to win, no matter what(missed shots, saves). Also when you change the team a lot (as you're forced to), it messes up the teamwork rating between players. OTher times, your team will be palyiung great and above themselves.

    As mentioned in the posts above, sometimes you'll beat Great sides in WEFA or CUP mode, then lose or draw to a lowly team in the league. (somewhat reflective of real football isn't it).

    Has anyone noticed and understood the teamwork diagram at the formation screen. I certainly haven't fully understood it yet but I think it must play a part somehow; why else would they be providing so much detail on the passes made between players in the post match stats screen. When there is a working combination and we buy new players/or bring in fringe players to play in a particular position, everything gets screwed up. Can't all be eye-candy can it? Maybe your teamwork is designed to build over a coupleof seasons without overhauling your squad every season like most of us do.

  14. Observer_

    Observer_ Conference

    23 August 2004
    It happens to me more frequentely in Away matches. As some of you already said, the AI is trying to add more difficulty/reality by simulating the way your players perform under pressure. Sometimes it even happens though my players are in a perfect conditioning/fatigue level and teamwork is a match made in heaven.

    It only frustrates me when I think it is too much. You know, when Pele, in a perfect condition, can't stop a the ball EVERYTIME he receives it or Henry can't jump to head the ball in and the goal is compeletly empty. Comon, give me a break!!

    The teamwork is a puzzle. But I noticed it gets much better after around 7 or 8 matches with your new team. I was complaining about that in a previous thread, I tried to improve my teamwork by long training sessions to my team. It never worked. After 7 or 8 matches, suddenly I found out the team work is shooting high.

    Is there a way to constantly check your team work, not to mention defense, offense, ect?

    The way I do it, is to save my team, leave the master league, and start a friendly match. Then I can see the diagram that illustrates the offense, Defense, Teamwork, ect!
    Last edited: 1 September 2005
  15. jiwa

    jiwa The BEautiful Game

    31 May 2005
    The teamwork diagram I was refering to is within the formations screen.(not sure about exactly which option this but it's there) I think if you slect individual (e.g when you want to set arrows and such), you can use R2 to toggle the formation screen to a teamwork screen.

    Now there are coloured lines between players on the field. Has anybody understood this, and how does it translate in-game.

  16. Observer_

    Observer_ Conference

    23 August 2004
    I never understood those lines. but I think, still in this screen, if you press traingle, you get a number that indicates hoe much cooperation you get between players. It changes depending on different players in different positions.

    I never used this, nor find it useful.
  17. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    Maybe between those lines, the higher the number the more chances the pass has of getting to/from them.

    I will just mention this here instead of making a new thread, does anyone agree the form should work as follows:

    Every player starts on green arrows, and depending on the next match, lets say he gets a 4 rating, then he ends up on blue form, or if he gets motm and an 8 he should be on red, or if your keeper concedes about 3 goals he is on blue, anything over 3 means gray. like 6 is average so he stays on green, 7 is good so yellow, 8 superb so red. Then 5 gets blue and 4 and below gets gray.

    Obviously this means if you win eveyr match their form is always going to be good, but isn't this realistic?. It ain't like Chelsea win 4-0 against Man UTD for example, while Drogba scores 3, then the next game he has blue form while the Man UTD keeper has yellow, no sense in this is there?.

    I also think players on green form should play by there stats, what I mean is, if someone has 95 speed and green form, he runs like he has 60, while red form makes him run like he has 95 speed.

    Green should just be his stats, maybe yellow increases by 10 and red by 20, blue decrease by 10 and gray 20. Yet again the way it is now is just 100% random, and shit.

    I think this would be better instead of the 100% randomness it currently is.
  18. Nameless

    Nameless Guest

    No offense, but it's normal for Henry not able to head in the ball...
    I had had see him scoring some really great goal but never any header...
    So IMHO, you should use someone who is great in header as your example, Terry, Cahill, Borgeti........
    just a thought....
  19. winston

    winston Champions League

    7 August 2005
    I think it's pretty much as you would think it is.

    As you scroll through your player list, every player has a line drawn to every other player, the colour of which represents how much of an "understanding" there is between these each players. You can also press a button (might be :triangle: ) which changes the coloured line to a number which gives a numerical representation (from 1-100) of the same thing. The higher the number, the better the teamwork will be between those two players, so more chance of passes, one-twos, through balls coming off.

    So, if you have a left winger and a striker with high teamwork rating with each other, the better the chance of buidling successful moves down that wing between these players.

    Not sure how it works defensively, whether CB's will be better at covering each other when under attack, or does it just mean they will pass better to each other.

    I'm also not sure how the game decides which players have good understanding with each other. What I mean is, if you decided to create a new team from scratch and wanted to make two players have very good teamwork between each other, is it just a case of putting both of their teamwork stats high? But if you make their teamwork stat high, does that mean their teamwork will be generally better with every other player in the team? It would be nice to be able to specifiy which players you want to have high teamwork with each other, like a great striking partnership or CB partnership.

    I haven't donw much proper checking but I suspect that you find that when your passes sometimes don't go to the man you want to, it may be because the teamwork between the two players is low. Sometimes I have a guy in my team and it's really hard to get my guys to pass the ball to him, even though the pass is on. Possibly a teamwork thing.
    Last edited: 2 September 2005
  20. studeep

    studeep ManUnited academy

    29 June 2005
    Manchester United
  21. damashee

    damashee Guest

    The reason this is happening is because youre not training your players between EVERY game. If you dont they will act sluggish and unresponsive.
  22. kingpug

    kingpug Guest

    I just started a ML with Chelsea on 6 stars, went a fixed cursor for the first half against Liverpool and the AI on my team was so bad I was almost crying, soon as I took over I dominated, but surprise surprise couldn't score.

    Second game I play Bolton, and the usual bullshit comes, tbh this has been the worst I have seen, I don't want to carry it on because I am pissed beyond belief, fucking disgrace really!

    So I put it back onto the fixed cursor and not even a minute later the same old shit, my player has the ball INSIDE THE BOX, but instead of clearing he passes, which funnily enough happens to be DIRECTLY at Diouf's feet, unbelievable is an under-statement.

    Anyway I have full respect for that Pakigol guy who managed a whole season playing in fixed mode, how you managed to do it I will never know.
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  23. jiwa

    jiwa The BEautiful Game

    31 May 2005
    YOu may be on to something here. I think its from the post game match details menu. You can see the names/number of passes made between the selected palyer and other teamates players.

    Could it be if certain pair of palyers have a higher understanding, that passes tend to go to those players when there is a choice of receivers?

    Never observed this before. Maybe true, maybe not.

  24. drekkard

    drekkard International

    23 March 2005
    Barça, Arsenal, Ajax
    I disagree completely with this thread. My players have never turned into muppets in master league. Instead, they turn into headless chickens or pathetic monkeys, depending on the opponent.

    This game is a complete and ridiculous scripted mess in single player. Not worthy at all and a complete disgrace to the series, that in single player mode is sinking deeper with every installment.

    I agree human vs human matches are amazing, but I already had fun with PES 2. I think they need to create a new engine. It's pathetic to observe the movements of your players in the radar and see how defenders tend to go away from the rivals, and it's pathetic to confirm every day that deflections are oriented straight to the feet of a player. The day the ball direction is really free and we can move our players freely and regain control and do all kinds of passes, then we will we just when we were before this we9 that all my friends are beginning to ignore only 3 weeks after being bought, only expecting to come out of the shelves when friends meet for a "human tournament", that is the only possible use of this big lie and overrated game.

    PS: I love football so much and computers so much that i will continue playing this game on multiplayer, of course. But I hope Fifa will become a pretty devent opponent in one or two years, so konami will loose some more users and then they will ask themselves why.

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