WE9 J-League?

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by morecoffeeman, 10 October 2005.

  1. morecoffeeman

    morecoffeeman Gooner

    24 September 2004
    North London
    Arsenal FC
    Any news on WE9 J-League AC? Will they do one this year? :(
  2. Golden Go@l

    Golden Go@l League 1

    19 February 2005

    Yes. Konami is releasing WE9 J-League on November 17, 2005. Lik-Sang.com and Play-Asia.com already have it listed for $64.90. Do a Google search to find out more details. :)
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  3. johan

    johan Guest

    Jumbo, are you gettin` this one aswell ?
  4. Nysp

    Nysp Guest

    Won't be more interesting if they put J-League and K-League on Wenning Eleven 9 before?
    You know, we've La Liga, Serie A and Eredivisie officials, how about the two asian leagues and the MLS on WE9 Internacional? They could think about to the next, WE10 ... oh yeah, and the others official leagues too ...

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