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Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by nyrang2, 23 April 2006.

  1. nyrang2

    nyrang2 Non-League

    5 August 2004
    First, thanks to my basic knowledge of katakana, here's the translation of the first screen options, just to make things a little bit easier for starters:

    Master league
    Nippon challenge
    International challenge
    Random selection match

    After entering random selection match, the upper option lets you choose a whole zone/championship for random picking; the lower one lets you select up to 4 specific teams.

    As for licensed teams, Italian fans may be disappointed by the fact that in Serie A there's a team missing: Cagliari has been replaced by a fictional team, with a kitsch purple+green shirt, and such players as Morino and Caruso in attack, and Amato and Bonomi as goalkeepers.
    I have no idea why Cagliari was left out, and I haven't see anything similar in the other leagues...
  2. ssking

    ssking :)

    6 May 2005
    Forca Barca
    tnx :)
  3. Andreas

    Andreas Moderator

    2 August 2003
    Good work man ;)
  4. :: JJ ::

    :: JJ :: Guest

    Cagliari weren't licenced in PES5, even though they were licenced in WE9. Greedy bastards.
  5. jumbo

    jumbo Premiership

    30 May 2003
    WE Heaven
    could someone tell me how to load the edited names from WE9?

    i can find the option but it doesn't do anything.
  6. Ronaldo 7

    Ronaldo 7 Guest

    i have a request nyrang2 .. can you give as the translition for the master league menu cause its compleatle diffrent and i cant figure it out by my self


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